• Malcolm's Selfies

    Malcolm Turnbull is into self in quite a big way
    With his expensive mobile phone he takes selfies of himself every day
    Images of him taking selfies often appear
    It is not in Macdonald's that his sort does dine... more »

  • Maldon On A September Night

    The high country dark and peaceful under the stars light
    And the tiny breeding frogs are singing in Maldon tonight
    September in early Spring their main breeding time of year
    In ponds and in drains singing at night them one does hear... more »

  • Maldon Today

    The sun is not shining on Maldon today
    Behind the gray clouds it is hidden away
    But the flute like warbling is pleasant to hear
    Of the magpies who sing every day of the year... more »

  • Mallow Ann

    Her journey in life from Mallow took her far away
    In Richmond in Melbourne by the Yarra she lived her last night and day
    A widow in her nineteies she was married to an Australian man
    Quite a likable person the beautiful Ann... more »

  • Mallow Bill

    He fished in the Blackwater River when his hair was chestnut brown
    Back in the early fifties Bill from Mallow Town
    In nineteen fifty five he arrived by ship in the Port of Melbourne when he was twenty three
    Far south of his old Hometown a new land for to see... more »

  • Mamie O Connor

    A beautiful person this rhyme penned in her honor
    Mamie the wife of the late Eddie O Connor
    She raised a large family of girls and boys that numbered eleven
    If there is a hereafter her soul is in heaven... more »

  • Man About Town

    He is better known as the man about town
    And he does pride himself in his local renown
    Though he is oblivious to or so it does seem
    That many do not hold him in high esteem... more »

  • Man And Bottle

    Just an empty brandy bottle by the door
    An empty bottle standing on the floor
    Last week 'twas worth a carpenter's day's pay
    But now it isn't worth taking away.... more »

  • Man And Pig

    Each evening at twilight just before sundown
    He walks with his black and white boar in the park in the town
    He has had the animal since he was small
    In three years he has grown to be sturdy and tall... more »

  • Man Go Home To Your Family

    Oh you unlucky fellow you talk of your sad life
    And in the pub with your mates you bad mouth your long suffering wife
    She sits at home and waits for you and to you she is true
    But just by listening to you talk of her one cannot say the same of you.... more »

  • Man Of Doggerel

    Just one more man of doggerel
    I write a lot though not that well
    With rhyming words one who loves to play
    I do write new rhymes every day... more »

  • Man The Latent Predator

    Humans were always predators and though that gene we now suppress
    It still remains in all of us in our drive for success
    And though modern man no longer is compelled to kill to eat
    The most of us still predators as the most of us eat meat.... more »

  • Man With An Attitude Problem

    We work with him we have to but we don't call him workmate
    That awful man K Roper the one we love to hate
    The World's greatest whinger he whinges all the time
    And he'd end his days in prison if whinging was a crime.... more »

  • Manchester George

    Some sixty years of time has passed since George was seventeen
    With a few drinks in at the local pub he sings 'God save The Queen'
    Though he left Manchester forevermore fifty six years ago
    And in Victoria far south of there time has become his foe... more »

  • Mandy And Bill

    Bill is in the pub and Mandy his ageing wife
    Sits at home watching t v the story of her life
    That has not changed for her over Seasons of time
    And she is four decades beyond her life's prime... more »

  • Mangan

    Arguably the greatest poet old Ireland has seen
    'Twas he penned the poem known as 'Dark Rosaleen'
    In eighteen forty nine in his mid forties in poverty he died
    Though true genius of him never can be denied... more »

  • Mangan The Poet

    With rich people he never did wine and dine
    On his forty sixth year he died in Dublin in eighteen forty nine
    It is said of consumption and in dire poverty
    That he was Ireland's greatest poet some would agree... more »

  • Manny Pacquiao

    The best pound for pound professional boxer in the World of today
    And even the best ever some venture to say
    His trainer Freddy Roach was right in saying all along
    When he said that to the elite club of boxing Manny Pacquiao belong.... more »

  • Man's Inhumanity

    We have read about New York's Twin Towers and Hiroshima in Japan
    Just for us two examples of man's inhumanity to man
    And of Hitler and his Holocaust one who lives on in illfame
    And of Stalin and of Mao and their awful crimes of shame.... more »

  • Manuel

    Manuel lives near Tecoma Manuel footloose and free
    So many miles from his Homeland by the Mediterranean sea
    But around the hills of Sherbrooke he doesn't seem out of place
    And in Kallista and in Belgrave his is a familiar face.... more »

  • Manuel From Madrid

    Manuel the gray haired balding man from Madrid in Spain
    True to the memory of his deceased wife Elaine
    Though she is dead many years does remain
    Old photos of her he does retain... more »

  • Many

    So many refugees in the World of today
    Millions of them in refugee camps so sad for to say
    The victims of famines and the war dispossessed
    Not everyone with the good life have been blessed... more »

  • Many Are Into Self Promotion

    With a smaller ego some of us would be nicer people at least that's how to me it does seem
    But some say those who do have a small ego do suffer of low self esteem
    Many are into self promotion nowadays it does seem the in thing
    It does seem for to be successful your own praises you have to sing... more »

  • Many Believe

    Many believe when the body ceases to live that the good souls have wings to fly
    To that green paradise of eternal life beyond the Universal sky
    To a Land of eternal happiness to where only the good to can go
    Of the existence of such a World I am not one to know.... more »

  • Many Do Dream Of Fame

    In the Spring of their lives many do dream of fame
    That millions of people would know of them by name
    But few day dreams like all dreams do seldom come true
    Though fame is a thing that so many pursue.... more »