• Memories Of Mick Connie O

    An old time story teller from decades ago
    He was quite a character Mick Connie O
    One who had lived through two World wars and had fought the black and tan
    And in his younger years quite a well traveled man... more »

  • Memories Of Millstreet

    On my flights of fancy i walk up and down
    The familiar sidewalks of old Millstreet Town
    A gem by the mountains that is known far and wide
    Beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside... more »

  • Memories Of Millstreet Town

    The road from Duhallow for me not the road to renown
    And worse for me I'd feel like a stranger now in Millstreet Town
    Where the changes keep happening with each passing day
    From the the Town by old Clara I live far away.... more »

  • Memories Of Mushera

    I logged trees by Mushera when the hills wore hats of snow
    And the cold winds of February up the high ground did blow
    Then in my late thirties time becoming my foe
    But that is going back twenty five years ago... more »

  • Memories Of Pad The Master

    He could tell the weather by the sky he was a wise old fellow
    And he'd say tomorrow it will rain the sun has gone down yellow
    And sure enough next day 'twould rain and we'd laud our forecaster
    Who needed radio forecasts in those days when we had 'Pad the Master'.... more »

  • Memories Of Rooks

    Rooks are a gregarious species of crow
    Of their ways a little i did know
    As a younger man before time became my foe
    When i lived in Ireland many years ago... more »

  • Memories Of Rosemary's Fiftieth Birthday Party

    Phil Cronin is a man who is well travelled and half way around the Planet he has flown
    Yet when he talks of Millstreet in Duhallow you always hear him mention the word home
    And though he's raised his children in Australia and he left Ireland many years ago
    He still talks with a strong Duhallow accent an accent that he never will outgrow.... more »

  • Memories Of Rotorua

    On a beech tree in the Parkland pink breasted chaffinch chirps and sings
    Far away in Rotorua City of the thermal springs
    From the boiling lake the gray steam rising and mud pools bubbling night and day.
    Memories of Nature's wonders until death with me will stay.... more »

  • Memories Of South West Gippsland

    The Powlett river crawls it's way through the scrublands
    And by the sandhills bordering the sea
    Where the red wattlebirds call on the coastal banksias
    And in the caravan park magpie lark sings pee wee... more »

  • Memories Of The Allow

    Through fertile fields old Allow meanders down
    Through groves and by hedgerows and on through Kanturk Town
    Through old Duhallow every night and day
    It's waters journey on their sea going way.... more »

  • Memories Of The Chaffinch

    On the last time that i heard the chaffinch sing
    It was in New Zealand's North Island in the Spring
    Since then another ten Springs have gone by
    On looking back the years just seem to fly.... more »

  • Memories Of The Cold Northern Winters

    The mornings were cold I remember the old fields with frost hoary gray
    And the hungry cattle in the farm sheds were bellowing for silage and hay
    And robins, thrushes, sparrows and blackbirds by the back door were pecking crumbs of bread
    Swept out from the kitchen floor by the housewife of them many more hungry days ahead.... more »

  • Memories Of The Corpus Christi Procession In Millstreet Town

    I was not a religious boy and i am not a religious man
    But my memory in time the decades do span
    And often carries me back to where my life's journey began
    To the places and town where i lived my youthful elan... more »

  • Memories Of The Death Of Den Looney

    'Twas mid summer 1958 the smell of hay crop rotting
    And in cut up pasture hungry cow from grass to grass tuft trotting
    And Irish farmer in financial woe his herd facing starvation
    And all in all a tragic year for Europe's poorest Nation.... more »

  • Memories Of The Dippers

    The dark brown river bird with breast white as snow
    The thrush sized dipper a bird i used to know
    Of long before the tick of time became my foe
    Though this is going back in years a few decades ago... more »

  • Memories Of The Glasheen Rill

    Time brings with it changes as some are known to say
    I wonder do young boys catch eels in the Glasheen today
    As I did with my school-friends a long time ago
    Though of eels and their ways little I can claim to know... more »

  • Memories Of The Irish Travelers

    From village to town in their Romany horse drawn vans
    They traveled on the by roads the Irish traveling clans
    People who were not restricted by borders or range
    But the late nineteen fifties to their way of life brought great change... more »

  • Memories Of The Irish Travellers

    The travellers parked their horse drawn vans at the Shannaknock cross when I was a young boy
    And recalling such good memories is a thing I still enjoy
    And though their colorful Romany caravans are no longer to be seen
    Good memories last a life time and we recall what has been.... more »

  • Memories Of The Male Snipe

    Above his breeding territory in the night sky
    with his wings and tail he sends out a warning as to and fro he fly
    To the males of his own kind those living nearby
    The sound that he creates seems like a goat like cry.... more »

  • Memories Of The Millstreet To Rathmore Road

    The night was cold the air it did feel frosty a high perhaps of two or three or four
    And in the pale full moon Clara was quite visible from the roadway from Millstreet to Rathmore
    In a field by the Finnow a hunting fox was barking his voice was echoing to the starry sky
    A creature that is renowned for his cunning with a distinctive wildness in his cry.... more »

  • Memories Of The Past With Me Remain

    The mentors I knew in my boyhood with the dearly departed lay
    But they are alive in my memory and mental pictures of them till death with me will stay
    They left me their great gift of insight the wisdom to them handed down
    By the wise elders of their younger years who lived in and near the Hometown,... more »

  • Memories Of The Powlett

    The skylark the small brown feathered minstrel is carolling in the sky
    His image decreases to a speck as upwards he does fly
    And the wattlebirds are calling on a flowering banksia tree
    Where the ancient Powlett river crawls onwards to the sea... more »

  • Memories Of The Sherbrooke Hills

    The songs of the currawongs I fancy I hear
    In the high woods at Olinda far distant from here
    And the soughing of the wind in the high mountain ash trees
    Of the Sherbrooke hills I have such fond memories.... more »

  • Memories Of The Silver Back Crow

    The voice of a bird that I used to know
    In fancy I hear the loud cawing of the silver back crow
    in the fading twilight on a sycamore tree
    Our past seems to follow us would you not agree?... more »

  • Memories Of The Star Ballroom

    We only have memories of the what used to be
    And in mental images the past comes to me
    OfThe Star Ballroom in Millstreet Town on a Thursday night
    Good old memories remain as a source of delight... more »