• Memories Of The Yarra Ranges

    The flute like song of the olive backed oriole I fancy I hear
    On the tall gums of Sherbrooke in the Spring of the year
    The cockatoos call and the nesting birds sing
    Oh to be in the Yarra Ranges in the prime of the Spring... more »

  • Memories Of Toots

    In his day a famed Gaelic Footballer a legend around him did grow
    A hero for Cork and for Millstreet but that was a long time ago
    One of the best forwards in Ireland when he was in his glorious prime
    He is at rest with life's departed we all become victims of time.... more »

  • Memories Of Toots Kelleher

    In Gaelic Football for Cork and Millstreet Toots Kelleher did play
    One of Ireland's best forwards when in his prime day
    One never found to be wanting when put to the test
    For Club and for County he always performed at his best... more »

  • Memories Of True Love

    She was nineteen and he was twenty by the bluebell patch they lay
    On the rank grass by the river on a sunny Summer's day
    And the wild birds chirped and whistled on the bushes and the trees
    On a near to perfect sunday with the slightest freshening breeze.... more »

  • Memories Of What Was

    It has been some time three decades of years since my hair was dark brown
    When i was younger, fitter and healthier near distant Millstreet Town
    Till the wanderlust got into me on a bleak December day
    I left the old fields i did love for places far away... more »

  • Memories Of What Was In Me

    I was born and raised in Claraghatlea to Millstreet Town near
    In distance thousands of sky miles north of here
    Where to many today mine would be a stranger's face
    Most migrants become strangers in their first home-place... more »

  • Memories Of Wonthaggi

    Since the last time I see old Wonthaggi many weeks and months have gone by
    Above the scrub by Powlett River the lark sang in the sunny sky
    The country side by the old coal Town I do see when I visualize
    And on the bracken clad hill of Baxter's land I see the roos box at sunrise... more »

  • Memories Remain

    I have not been to my first home-place for twenty nine years
    And for the what used to be i have shed my last tears
    But on my flights of fancy the Claramore rill
    Babbles towards Claraghatlea down the fields by the hill... more »

  • Memory Of The Robins Nest

    Mental pictures of things of Nature through life one recall
    I once found a bird's nest in ivy growing on stone wall
    The nest of a robin and his faithful wife
    A memory to carry and to cherish for life.... more »

  • Memory To Us

    Memory to us most important in truth it can be said
    Without this great gift we would be of the living dead
    Without a past or a present and a blank future ahead
    Even the thought of memory lost is a thought of dread... more »

  • Men Are Cruel To All Living Things

    Men are cruel to all living things such as poultry, dogs, sheep and cattle
    And men do shoot to kill at their own kind for to prove themselves in battle
    And though i should not be the one to talk since i am a meat eater
    I do not own a fire-arm or i am not a wife beater.... more »

  • Men Die And Kill For

    Men die for flag and Country and because of religious and racial and cultural differences wish on each other ill
    And because of love and money and territorial disputes are willing for to kill,
    Women too commit murders but compared to males it is known female murderers are few
    These are old statistics relevant to today and in this there is nothing new... more »

  • Men Have Not Learned

    Men have not learned from war history war today is waged Worldwide
    For God and Flag and Country far too many people have died
    Far too many wars already waged in the twenty first century
    A Human World that's free of conflict i may never live to see... more »

  • Men Like Old Davy

    For one in his early eighties he does look fit and well
    And though stories of a life of material success he does not have to tell
    He will not die wealthy a known millionaire
    But men like old Davy have always been rare... more »

  • Men Like You Are Rare

    By life you have been battered and you are on the floor
    But you are not a quitter you rise and fight some more
    You've fought the hardest battles it's uphill all the way
    And like the great survivor you'll fight another day.... more »

  • Men Of War

    They stifle the grass and they stifle the flowers
    The weeds that grow rank in the warm Spring showers
    Reminds me of the war men who for war create their foe
    They don't give the flower of peace a chance to grow... more »

  • Men Who Abuse Women

    Men who abuse women a blight on mankind
    And though aggressive males are not hard to find
    Most males to the female sex respect only pay
    And kind things of women only ever do say... more »

  • Mental Prisoners Of Our Past

    Years ago of religion i did set myself free
    The teachers in school did beat god out of me
    Even to this very day i struggle to understand
    How so called religious church going people could have been so cruel in Ireland... more »

  • Mentally It Does Seem

    Mentally it does seem we are built differently
    What's enjoyable to you may not be so to me
    We are all individuals would you not agree?
    And the life of the party we all cannot be... more »

  • Mentally Painful

    The truth can be mentally painful when to some it is told
    But the one who speaks the truth is daring and bold
    For the one who publishes the truth there can be a huge consequence
    Especially when governments see it as a federal offense... more »

  • Merilda

    Her hair is quite gray she looks withered and old
    But the story of her life it ought to be told
    And she is one who was not born to win
    But the one to cast the stone should be one free of sin.... more »

  • Merri River

    In the flat coastal countryside home to pale eyed crow
    The old Merri River crawls dark, deep and slow
    The inspiration of the writers of song, story and rhyme
    It was old very old back in the dreaming time... more »

  • Message In A Bottle

    The magpie larks in the mid morning calling
    And sun and wind promise a balmy day
    And old Fred with his blue heeler out walking
    The shingled shore along the sunlit bay.... more »

  • Metromania

    'Tis a cursed addiction metromania as I know all too well
    I have written reams and reams of rhyme that some call doggerel
    The compulsion for to write more it is with me all of the time
    I've been penning almost non stop since I've been in my life's prime... more »

  • Michae Kelleher's Favorite Topic

    Michael Kelleher's favorite topic is always Millstreet
    And his first home-place Claraghatlea where the rivers do meet
    And the rushy fields in view of old Clara Hill
    And the high fields of Claramore the birthplace of the Claramore Rill... more »