• Michael

    He does not wish to stay in fostering home
    And he does not wish to stay with family
    He'd much prefer the streets and living rough
    Perhaps his way of saying that 'i am free'.... more »

  • Michael Buckley Of Aubane

    He must have been into his eighties of human years a lengthy span
    Michael Buckley of Aubane he was a good man
    In life he performed his good deeds every day
    I only say of him what does seem fair to say... more »

  • Michael Casey

    Michael Casey lived in Tooreenbawn all of his life
    And there he raised his family with Margaret his deceased wife
    It is so sad to learn that from life he has passed away
    That in the old Millstreet cemetery at the West End his last remains now lay... more »

  • Michael Cleary

    Michael Cleary was a man from Murphy's Terrace
    The eldest one of a big family
    The beloved son of Matt and Mrs Cleary
    But he died in his prime and tragically.... more »

  • Michael Corkery

    With the deceased of Millstreet Parish his bones at St Mary's lay
    Michael Corkery our school teacher years ago and far away
    Around Coomlogane and Millstreet Town he will never more be seen
    Though good memories of the man himself will remain evergreen.... more »

  • Michael Davitt

    For ever lasting glory hardship price he paid
    The founder of the Land League the patriot from Straide
    He stood against the Landlords for Ireland's rural poor
    And spent long years behind bars in the prison of Dartmoor.... more »

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson knew of wealth and fame
    And Michael Jackson also knew of shame
    One lauded in song, story and rhyme
    And arguably the greatest entertainer of his time... more »

  • Michael Kelleher

    He has lived in Australia for forty three years quite a good span of time
    He arrived in Victoria in sixty eight six or seven years short of his life's prime
    He worked for a few years with one of his mum's brothers his kind uncle Phil
    A long way south of Claraghatlea by old Clara Hill.... more »

  • Michael Kelleher Will Climb Clara Mountain Again

    On a day that is clear of the gray fogs of rain
    Michael Kelleher will climb Clara Mountain again
    Above the green countryside by Millstreet Town
    Where he often climbed when his hair was light brown... more »

  • Michael Kelleher Will Go Home To Millstreet Again

    A strong love of Claraghatlea he does retain
    Michael Kelleher will go home to Millstreet again
    And walk in the field that he loved as a boy
    Old memories remain to him as a source of joy... more »

  • Michael Kelleher's Golden Days

    In his retirement from laying of heavy pipes he is one who travels far
    In east and south and western Australia from his home in San Remo Victoria by motor car
    With his metal detector in search of precious gold
    It is of men like Michael Kelleher that adventure stories are written of and told... more »

  • Michael Leary

    On the internet I read about the death of Michael Leary his death notice read he died in a tragic way
    He was not old perhaps in his early to mid sixties such sad news brought great sadness to my day
    A good husband and good father to his children in the Leary family none to take his place
    He will be sadly missed by friends and family in Millstreet Town his was a well loved face... more »

  • Michael Lehane

    Michael Lehane in Minor Row in Millstreet first saw light of day
    But his life journey ended in Cardiff in Wales from his first home far away
    Far from the streets where with his boyhood friends he played and he often walked up and down
    His life's journey did take him far from Millstreet his Hometown... more »

  • Michael Looney

    Michael Looney was a former Sacristan in Millstreet he left his Hometown many years ago
    He went to earn his livelihood in Dublin where he had lived for forty years or so
    In Millstreet Parish one who was missed by many he was a really nice person to know
    On his behalf it was a huge decision for him to leave his home in Minor Row... more »

  • Michael Lucey

    In my Schooldays in the fifties he was one I used to know
    A stocky blond haired youngster he died just a few years ago
    He got married and he lived in Millstreet where his children to adults did grow
    Within view of Clara Mountain and near where Finnow waters flow... more »

  • Michael Moss

    Have you ever without reason suddenly burst into tears
    Michael Moss is one like that i know i have known him for a few years
    For his wife Nell and their only child Joe they died ten years ago
    And without seemingly any reason I've seen tears from his eyes flow.... more »

  • Michael O' Connor

    One of the famed Kippagh O Connors of athletics and Gaelic Football
    So many marvelous memories of Michael to recall
    Like that sunny afternoon in early Spring in Pound Hill in Millstreet
    That he won a six mile road race he was so quick on his feet... more »

  • Michael Sullivan

    The quiet man from Rathduane those who knew him will recall
    But the reaper claimed the life of him early the one who will claim the life of us all
    Just short of his sixth decade at rest he forever lay
    If there is a hereafter no need for him to pray.... more »

  • Michel

    He may live far so far from France
    But old Michel can sing and dance
    And he can party on till late
    If there's something to celebrate... more »

  • Michelle Payne's Day

    From a famous horse racing family in Ballarat
    To the beautiful young Michelle Payne one must dip their hat
    The winning jockey of Prince of Penzance in the Melbourne Cup of two thousand and fifteen
    The first Melbourne Cup winning female jockey in her cap of green... more »

  • Michelle's Happiest Day

    The memory her whole lifetime she will save
    She found her God in Tin shed in Belgrave
    Baptized into the Assembly of God
    The higher road towards a better life she trod.... more »

  • Mick Barry

    Mick Barry was a road bowler in his time Ireland's best
    And he was never found wanting when he was put to the test
    The pride of Cork road bowlers and old road bowling fans still recall
    That his scores with Armagh's Danny McPartland were the greatest scores of all,... more »

  • Mick Casey And The Maple Ballroom

    Although a fading memory it remains as a source of joy
    Mick Casey owned the Maple Ballroom when i was a young boy
    As the first Ballroom in Millstreet Town it became known far and wide
    Far beyond the borders of the Duhallow countryside... more »

  • Mick Cashman

    In the Cork County Senior Football Championship Final of 1957 I still recall the day
    The last time I see Mick Cashman for his home club Millstreet Play
    At the Cork Athletic grounds that day the Duhallow men were beat
    The City Club St Finbarrs proved too good for Millstreet.... more »

  • Mick Cooley

    Mick Cooley was a wise and clever fellow
    He never put another person down
    He was a son of Jim Cooley the blacksmith
    Who had a blacksmith forge in Millstreet Town.... more »