• Mick Dodson Australian Of The Year 2009

    For 2009 Mick Dodson is Australian of the year
    Such good news is so really good to hear
    An Aboriginal leader his is a well known and well loved face
    As well as an Australian treasure a treasure of his own Race... more »

  • Mick From Donegal

    I do have my life struggles but compared to Mick from Donegal
    I do not have it that hard my problems seem quite small
    Re-united with his young son and daughter and his long suffering wife
    His addiction to the demon drink did all but ruin his life... more »

  • Mick Keeffe And Patrick Looney

    In Pound Hill or in Church Street they will never more be seen
    But in Millstreet in Duhallow memories of them evergreen
    Mick Keeffe and Patrick Looney they both now rest in peace
    For each of us in some future day from life's cares a release.... more »

  • Mick Kelleher

    He's never been found wanting when put to the test
    At laying pipes Mick Kelleher is Victoria's best
    The drainage contractors of his value do know
    He makes some good pipe layers seem rather slow.... more »

  • Mick Kelleher And Phil Cronin

    Mick Kelleher and Phil Cronin from Millstreet live far away
    And in Victoria in Australia they may spend their final day
    But in their flights of fancy they go back to Millstreet Town
    Where Finnow from foot of Gneeves it babbles it's way down... more »

  • Mick Kelleher From Clara Hill Lives Far Away

    He left old Duhallow before his life's prime
    And he has lived in Australia for four decades of time
    But memories of what was with him does remain
    And in fancy he's back by old Clara again.... more »

  • Mick Kelleher Lives Far

    From his old Homeplace Claraghatlea Mick Kelleher lives far
    If a road to there twenty thousand kilometres by car
    And even far north of here as the crow chooses to fly
    From Victoria to Duhallow many miles of sky.... more »

  • Mick Kelleher Will Never Be An Aussie

    Mick kelleher will never be an Aussie
    He'll always be the man from far away
    He still talks about Millstreet and Clara Mountain
    And the groves and bogs and fields of Claraghatlea.... more »

  • Mick Kelleher Will Visit Millstreet Again

    Nostalgia for his first home place in him remain
    Mick Kelleher will visit Millstreet again
    The love of Claraghatlea in him has not died
    He still refers to it as his countryside... more »

  • Mick Kelleher's Happy Memories

    He came to Melbourne in his late teens at the threshold of his prime
    Forty two years in Australia that does seem a long time
    Mick Kelleher is a young grandfather but time does not stand still
    It has been awhile he will tell you since he last climbed Clara Hill... more »

  • Mick Kelleher's Heart

    He works hard and he has drunk many a beer
    And he has lived in Australia for many a year
    As good a person as one could wish to meet
    But Mick Kelleher's heart it is still in Millstreet.... more »

  • Mick Kissane From Kenmare

    Though living far from Ireland he's still Irish to the core
    And he still talks of Kerry and Kenmare and Inchamore
    And he derive much pleasure knocking Thatcher and the Queen
    And he feels ever faithful to the wearers of the green.... more »

  • Mick Patsy

    Mick Patsy was a man known far and wide
    Through the Muskerry and Duhallow countryside
    In Macroom, Carriganimma, Millstreet and Knocknagree
    And Kanturk, Kiskeam, Cullen and Boherbue.... more »

  • Mick Punk

    We called him Mick Punk he stuck out his tongue
    And he shook his fist at us, we ran away
    It was our way of making childhood fun
    Are children any different today?... more »

  • Mick Sugrue

    In the nineteen fifties in Duhallow when times were quite hard
    On his bicycle door to door salesman Mick Sugrue used to sell meat by the yard
    To the woman who complained to him his meat had too many bones
    His reply was expect this when you buy meat when you buy earth you buy stones... more »

  • Mickey Looney

    When Mickey Looney left his home near Millstreet
    And went to live in New York far away
    There was not much work then around Duhallow
    And things were better in the U.S.A.... more »

  • Mid April In Duhallow

    In the ever green old countryside where Clara hill looks down
    Today the birds are singing in the groves by Millstreet Town
    The fields looking resplendent in their wildflowers of the Spring
    Such joy to the beholder Nature's beauty does bring... more »

  • Mid April In Mushera

    Until mid April on higher parts of Mushera
    Scattered here and there lingering patches of snow
    And though songbirds in the high woods are singing
    The mountain winds are chilly when they blow.... more »

  • Mid April In Olinda

    The sky it is gray o'er the high mountain village and the sun will not shine in Olinda today
    And on the high gum trees the currawongs piping they tell us that rain cannot be far away
    From the wooded highlands of the Yarra Ranges, the chirpings of rosellas the cawing of the crow
    The birds sing and chirp in the changeable weather when rain is approaching they tell us they know.... more »

  • Mid Autumn

    Why should i wish for a universal heaven when heaven is all around me
    The wild birds of Nature are singing on every sunlit bush and tree
    Near perfect weather for mid April a sunny high of twenty four degrees
    More like a Summer's day than a day in mid Autumn with a cool and a refreshing breeze... more »

  • Mid Autumn In Illowa

    Quite typical mid Autumn weather behind the cloud cover of gray
    Out of view in the mid evening the sun it is hidden away
    A freshening wind blowing from the ocean that has it's source in Gorman's Bay
    And blowing with a slight coastal drizzle it is raining in Illowa today... more »

  • Mid Autumn In The Northlands

    From the high ground of Claramore the old rill gurgles down
    Through flatter fields of Claraghatlea a mile from Millstreet Town
    And robin on the hedgerow sing his brief song of the Fall
    And no mistaking the magpie by his hoarse and chattering call,... more »

  • Mid Autumn On The Cork And Kerry Border

    From the small green fields of Inches near the old Town of
    The barn swallows have departed for the North African shore
    And the oak so green in Summer changing colour looking brown... more »

  • Mid June In Old Sliabh Luachra

    The nesting birds sing in Sliabh Luachra in the leafy groves of Lisheen
    And Nature's flowers bloom in the old fields and everywhere looking so lush and green
    And the sheep are high on the Pap Mountains overlooking the small fields of Shrone
    And the lark in the gray sky is singing above where the bracken cloaks many a stone... more »

  • Mid November Morning In Cowes

    The magpie pipes the dawn in on high branch of blackwood tree
    And silver gulls are calling in Cowes by the sea
    And the sooty oystercatchers are whistling as they fly
    And pied shag standing on the beach with his wings hung out to dry.... more »