• Mid September In Victoria

    The magpie lark sings his familiar pee wee
    And a magpie is warbling on a black wattle tree
    And the dark welcome swallows do chirp as they fly
    In pursuit of flying insects in the gray evening sky... more »

  • Mid September In Warrnambool

    An evening in September the weather dry though cool
    And people out jogging, walking and cycling on the beach road at Warrnambool
    And above the calm ocean in the west the sun going down
    A mile or maybe even less from the famous sea-side Town... more »

  • Middle Aged Dan

    A child sexual abuse victim at the hands of a so called religious man
    Do not mention religion to middle aged Dan
    In his early forties without children or wife
    He says a so called now deceased man of God has been the ruination of his life... more »

  • Middle Aged Father Ed

    A popular man among his parishioners is the priest Father Ed
    But rumor does have it that he is good in bed
    No smoke without fire it does seem this way
    But rumor is rumor one also can say... more »

  • Middle Aged Jim

    Middle aged Jim who does live on his own
    He is not well liked or he is not well known
    He does not have children or a partner or wife
    He works but never does socialize and he lives a quiet life... more »

  • Migrant Friendships

    Has the bond of friendship in you weakened of friends you used to know
    Due to the tyranny of distance and years of absence apart from them you seem to grow
    To them you have become a memory of a long gone by gone day
    One they used to feel close to but from them now lives far away... more »

  • Migrant Jenny

    Migrant Jenny says she would be telling a lie
    If she said she does not wish to go home to die
    But her health is so poor the only reason why
    Her doctor will not grant her written permission to fly... more »

  • Migrantnostalgia

    On his nostalgic moments Guiseppe is often close to tears
    As he thinks of the past and the long gone years
    And the City where he grew from a boy to a man
    When he talks of home he always refers to Milan... more »

  • Migrants

    For one reason or for the other their Homelands they have chosen to leave
    From different Nations and cultures and on different Gods they believe
    They bring with them their foods and their cultures they bring with them their music and song
    And yet to the one human family all people as one do belong... more »

  • Migrants Are People

    They leave their hometowns for the big World out there
    Migrants are people who live everywhere
    Some for their own self betterment and others for adventure migrate
    To places far distant from their Country or State... more »

  • Migratory Waders

    The wonders of Nature an amazing thing
    Migratory waders fly north to breed in the Arctic Spring
    And to escape the harsh Arctic Winter fly south again
    The mysteries of Nature as a mystery remain... more »

  • Mike

    When he was young he fell out with his father
    You might say they did not see eye to eye
    But strained relationships are not unusual
    Between a father and his teenage boy.... more »

  • Miles Inland From Hibernia's Shore

    Miles inland from Hibernia's shore
    By the roadway to Rathmore
    I first saw the light of day
    North of here and far away... more »

  • Miliza

    Miliza is in her late forties and she's what you'd call a female sage
    And she has more wisdom and knowledge than many who are twice her age
    It has been said she is a prophet that into the future she see
    And she has forecasted great changes for the World and humanity.... more »

  • Millennium Party

    We survived to farewell the nineteen nineties
    And to the year 2000 raised the glass of cheer
    And now I wonder why the celebrations
    When for many it is just another year.... more »

  • Millie

    Jim the painter's ex wife Millie says she loved him
    But I grew tired of him she'll have you know
    He would not work his heart was set on sketching
    And his great dream was to have his work on show.... more »

  • Millstreet An Old Town

    It's many famous people one of it's claims to renown
    Millstreet in view of Clara a very famous Town
    Of green old Duhallow a gem in the crown
    For it's people and races of black, white and brown... more »

  • Millstreet Did Not Go To The World Out There

    Millstreet did not go to the World out there so the World out there came to Millstreet
    In the Duhallow Town today people of many different nationalities you will meet
    People of many cultures and creeds of Countries Worldwide and of skin colors black, white and brown
    Live in view of old Clara Hill in and near to Millstreet Town... more »

  • Millstreet Greyhound People

    To win a feature race at the Cork track for them was a huge thrill
    Dan Collins and his wife Bridgie ace greyhound handlers from Cockhill
    The dogs they owned and trained always well turned out and always hard to beat
    They became known for training dogs far distant from Millstreet,... more »

  • Millstreet In Duhallow

    I believe that the changes keep happening today
    In Millstreet in Duhallow from Illowa far away
    The old Town i loved in decades long gone
    The years telling on me and time ticking on... more »

  • Millstreet In May

    On a leafy birch tree a male robin is on song
    Near where Finnow the white river goes babbling along
    On towards the Blackwater by the Town of Millstreet
    In the green rushy fields where the waterways meet... more »

  • Millstreet My Hometown

    I know of a place by far off hills where peace and beauty dwell
    An old familiar place to me and I remember well
    The gray fog on some twilights old Clara's face roll down
    And rooks cawing on the high trees in Millstreet my Hometown.... more »

  • Millstreet On The Rise

    For years in the Cork County wilderness but then no surprise
    That the fortunes of Millstreet Gaelic Football Club are again on the rise
    Cork County Junior A Gaelic Football Champions for twenty fourteen
    On what was a memorable day for the fans of the gold and the green... more »

  • Millstreet's Ageing Heroes

    I never was a Millstreet sporting icon or in any field of sport knew of renown
    But I'm the one who is left to sing the praises of the sporting greats of Millstreet my Hometown
    Many of Duhallow's finest sports people are from Millstreet they did the green and gold of their Club proud
    In every Public Bar around Duhallow the poets and singers sung their praises loud... more »

  • Millstreet's Brown Haired Beauty

    Her shoulder length hair it was wavy and brown
    The sloe blue eyed beauty of old Millstreet Town
    But the wanderlust in her in Duhallow she did not stay
    And she left her first home for a Land far away... more »