• Mrs C Never Mentions

    Mrs C never mentions her son John though she loves to brag about her daughter Lee
    Who has recently graduated from university with her doctorate degree
    She say if I feel proud of my daughter haven't I every right for to be
    She physically looks like her father but her intelligence does come from me... more »

  • Mrs Golga

    Sometimes I see Mrs Golga hanging the washing out to dry
    She is mother to seven children to six girls and a boy
    Her children aged between one and eleven and a few difficult births she has been through
    And society ought to thank her for the good job that she do.... more »

  • Mrs Hartnett

    Her husband was Thade Hartnett the Cork County Councillor
    But he died young for some sad life can be
    She claimed his seat and then was re-elected
    And for many years served as an M.C.C.... more »

  • Mrs Kadge's Son

    Mrs Kadge feels so proud of her son Ed
    A framed picture of him and her husband Andy hanging over her bed
    Taken on his graduation day going back five years or so
    In real time this does not seem that long ago... more »

  • Mrs Lilliam Mcdee

    In her mid forties and seemingly carefree
    Proud as a mother and a wife can be
    Of her husband John and their offspring Lee
    The ever seemingly happy Mrs Lillian McDee... more »

  • Mrs Mancini

    Life does not go by without some challenge to face
    And where sorrow is for laughter there is no space
    Poor Mrs Mancini her hair silver gray
    Weeps for her dead husband on her saddest day... more »

  • Mrs Vanstone's New Year Present To The Bakhtiyaris

    Amanda Vanstone's promised New Year present to the Bakhtiyari family is deportation
    She claims the family are from Pakistan
    But Mr Bakhtiyari swears he and his wife and children are Afghans
    And he does seem an honest enough man.... more »

  • Mrs X

    Of her she was quite fearful though she did not have a gun
    A so called devout woman this Roman Catholic nun
    She often beat her rather brutally by her she was defiled
    When she was quite defenceless a seven years old child.... more »

  • Mrs X Used To Say

    Mrs X used to say a decade ago
    The future is looking bright for my son Joe
    Mark my words he will grow into a famous man
    Though most things in life never do go to plan... more »

  • Mt Beauty At Night

    The moon it is stealing through the starry sky
    And in old Mt Beauty the boobook owl cry
    The beautiful place with the beautiful name
    Mt Beauty and beauty are one of the same... more »

  • Mt Dandy In July

    The yellow eyed currawongs the dark birds of rain
    They call out karrawang again and again
    And rain clouds are gathering in the gray sky
    In the depths of winter in Mt Dandy in july... more »

  • Mt Eccles

    From the look out point on Mt Eccles you look down upon Lake Surprise
    A green lake in a volcanic valley above it on either side volcanic cliffs rise
    In one of the volcanic parts of the Southern Grampians volcanoes that were active many centuries ago
    On the stony face of Mt Eccles trees to a great height never grow,... more »

  • Mt Eccles In April

    In the mostly blue and sunny sky a few woolly looking clouds of gray
    In sunny Mt Eccles a beautiful April day
    Around the flowering trees many brown butterflies
    Seem to be dancing on the wooded cliffs above old Lake Surprise... more »

  • Mt Eccles In July

    On the trees on the volcanic cliffs of Mt Eccles above Lake Surprise
    Pied currawong the dark birds with yellow eyes
    Are singing they often do sing before rain
    Their song from once heard you'll recognize again... more »

  • Mt Eccles The Home Of Koala And Roo

    Mt Eccles the home of koala and roo
    Of wallaby, magpie and sulphur crested cockatoo
    Where the shrike thrush whistle and the shy bronzewing coo
    And the wooded gully echoes to the call of the weerloo... more »

  • Mt Franklin

    From the nearest Towns Guildford and Daylesford more than shouting distance away
    Mt Franklin a nice place for a camping holiday
    Surrounded by trees on the higher ground
    Where the beauty of Nature in all Seasons abound... more »

  • Mt Napier

    It was from a great artist Mt Napier got it's name
    But thousands of centuries before him great rivers of flame
    Flowed down it's brown face leaving rocks here and there
    For miles around in the flat countryside everywhere... more »

  • Mt Napier The Volcanic Hill

    Where the volcanic hill known as Mt Napier Ever looks down
    On the brown and stony country near Hamilton Town
    From it's crater in centuries long gone red hot lava did flow
    In what century or time none can tell or would know... more »

  • Mt Rouse

    Mt Rouse in the Southern Grampians it rise above old Penshurst Town
    Surrounded by wide open country of dry paddocks stony and brown
    Way back when Australia was younger centuries before the first people came
    To live in the Southern Country Rouse coughed up his rivers of flame.... more »

  • Mt Rouse Of The Volcanic Countryside

    On the stony paddocks of Penshurst and quiet old Penshurst Town
    The once volcanic hill of Mt Rouse is ever looking down
    The black tribes hunted on it many centuries ago
    And from it's steaming bosom red hot lava did flow... more »

  • Mt Rouse On The High Ground

    Mt Rouse on the high ground it ever looks down
    On the streets and the houses of old Penshurst Town
    And the wide and brown Countryside for miles around
    Of volcanic stones fences where rocks and stones abound.... more »

  • Mt Rouse Or Kolor

    It has inspired story and rhyme
    Mt Rouse the hill as old as time
    Kolor it's indigenous name
    Given to it by those here when Europeans came.... more »

  • Mt Rouse Or Kolor In It's Rugged Face Of Brown

    Known as Mt Rouse or Kolor in it's rugged face of brown
    The old volcanic mountain overlooking Penshurst Town
    Thousands of years back in the Dream-time long before European people came
    To live in the Shire now known as The Southern Grampians the hills coughed up rivers of flame... more »

  • Mt Tamborine

    I've been through the outback wide and brown
    Miles from the nearest country town
    And through vales and mountains lush and green
    But none quite like Mt Tamborine.... more »

  • Mt Worth In May

    The wind soughing in the tall gums always such a pleasant sound
    And the silent shrike thrush searching for insects on the ground
    In a quiet park in the mountains and though clouds are looking gray
    You won't find a place more beautiful than Mt Worth is in May.... more »