• Much Always Wants More

    In the big World out there corruption is rife
    And greed and deceit an accepted part of life
    And the more money you have the more respect you know
    And the gap between the haves and the have nots does grow,... more »

  • Much Better Times For You

    You may be homeless in the poor side of the town
    Despairing of life and financially down
    But life is for living why wish you were dead
    And much better times for you may be ahead... more »

  • Much The Same Everywhere

    I felt lost in a world where the topics of the day
    Were the prices of livestock and of grain and silage and hay
    And of politics and hurling and Gaelic football
    Some people their biggest worries does seem small... more »

  • Much To My Disappointment

    Much to my disappointment i have come to realize
    That in ways i am not that different to those i criticize
    The human failings in others that i do see
    Are the failings i have come to dislike in me... more »

  • Much Wants More

    You say you wish you had a million dollars but if you had a million you might wish for two
    For 'much wants more' that quote has much truth in it and applies to me as it applies to you
    I've often dreamt of a big win in lotto though I've not been one of the lucky few
    Who won their millions in a lotto ticket such dreams of course for many don't come true.... more »

  • Muhammad Ali's Is A Legendary Name

    He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee
    The scientific boxer Muhammad Ali
    His legendary status seems to grow and grow
    But time has left him looking older and slow.... more »

  • Multicultural Day

    People of many Nations of black and white and brown
    They celebrate their cultures in the big park in the town
    Migrants and children of migrants from places near and far away
    Their cultures are celebrating on Multicultural Day... more »

  • Multicultural Warrnambool

    All races and colours from dark to white and brown
    You will see on the sidewalks of Warrnambool Town
    Africans, Caucasians and Asians and those of Indigenous race
    Help to make the Bool a multicultural place.... more »

  • Multicultural Warrnambool Town

    So many Nationalities and colours of black, white and brown
    A multicultural place is old Warrnambool Town
    South West Victoria's biggest City by the southern sea
    An Earthly Utopia as most would agree... more »

  • Mummy Dear

    Each evening just after nightfall on the rooftop her i hear
    A big female brush tail possum i call her Mummy dear
    With her baby clinging to her back a creature of cat size
    Walking across the galvanize iron she makes a lot of noise.... more »

  • Murderous Birds Of Prey

    When they feel hungry with their urge for meat
    The birds of prey hunt other birds to eat
    They even tackle and kill birds of them a greater size
    In Nature few things do seem to surprise... more »

  • Murderous Cowards

    For their god they behead innocent people but their god for this do not blame
    Since they choose to plant the seeds of their own bad karma and they will die in their own shame
    They have lost the right to be called human since such a title to innocent people belong
    They must not be mentally balanced their thought process has gone all wrong... more »

  • Murdoch And Packer

    They talk of Government mismanagement of a society in decay
    And of high youth unemployment they seem to have much to say
    Packer and Murdoch have their billions but they don't go out of their way
    To support the poor and needy better people far than they.... more »

  • Muriel's Grave

    There are no flowers on Muriel's grave or headstone to mark the spot
    Where her bones rest forever more in death she is forgot
    And not one come to visit her and witness where she lay
    None helped her when she was alive so she doesn't need help today.... more »

  • Murphy's Law Is

    My rhymes like me in them bear many a flaw
    Suppose sometimes life itself can be like Murphy's Law
    Days when nothing for you seems to go right
    When life for you is a great battle to fight... more »

  • Murray

    Home to echidna, roo, wallaby and dark pale eyed crow
    The flat brown, bare and dry country where old Murray crawls silent, deep and slow
    On through Tailem Bend as it nears the Pacifuc shore
    Where it has flowed forever and will forever more... more »

  • Murray Bridge

    An old Town in the brown country seven hundred miles away
    Long before the colonizers came I heard an old man say
    That the black tribes used to live there and there they fished and hunted every day
    But the changes quickly happened when the white race came to stay.... more »

  • Mushera Christmas Day Climbers

    No matter what the weather every Christmas Day
    Hardy people from Aubane and surrounds to the cross on Mushera's summit climb their way
    At a time of year in Mushera that can be windy, wet and cold
    For to take on such a mission one would have to be quite bold... more »

  • Mushera In February

    Across the high country the chilly winds blow
    And the foothills of Mushera are covered in snow
    And in the cold winds of February drizzling rain and sleet
    Falling on the high fields above the Town of Millstreet... more »

  • Mushera On An August Day

    Up to the cloud World of the blue and gray sky
    The larks with the sun on their brown wings do sing as they fly
    On the calm of the evening of a nice August day
    The memory of such beautiful scenery a lifetime to stay... more »

  • Mushera Shaggy

    A big brindle son of Shaggy Lad and Mushera Farloe
    I remember Mushera Shaggy from many Seasons ago
    Owned and bred by Maurice and Kathy Finnegan of Mushera four miles from Millstreet Town
    In his prime this great track and coursing greyhound in Ireland reached the status of canine renown... more »

  • Mushera Today

    The weather slightly chilly and windy and behind clouds of gray
    The sun at times from sight is hidden away
    Which is not unusual for the southern May
    But the birds they are singing in Mushera today... more »

  • Mushera Valley In December

    It is cold in Mushera Valley when the chill winds of December blow
    And the swollen from rain Aubane River bank high in the old fields does flow
    In the farm sheds cattle for fodder are bellowing as the dawn is breaking cold and gray
    In Winter in Mushera Valley the sun seldom shines any day... more »

  • Mushera's Paddy Keeffe

    I only knew Mushera's Paddy Keeffe as a very old man
    He was then in the twilight of his long life span
    The physical wear of time on him did show
    With a cane's assistance he was walking slow... more »

  • Music

    Music is one of the foods of the soul
    It lives in the World from the north to the south pole
    Along with the music people dance and sing
    And to a sad heart happiness it does bring... more »