• Music And Song

    To song and to music people dance along
    And life all the better for music and song
    When the musicians play and the singers do sing
    Great joy to so many they always do bring... more »

  • Music To Some

    Of their choice of entertainment they seem far from discreet
    Their car stereos blaring as they drive on the street
    What is music to them does not seem so to me
    But then most of us look at things in ways quite differently... more »

  • Music, Dance And Song

    Without song and dance and music how boring life would be
    From the cares of life these three can set the heart free
    The music inspires people to dance and song
    And you with the sad face you can sing along,... more »

  • Music, Dancing And Song

    Thanks be to for music and dancing and song
    To the greater gods they surely does belong
    As much as to the hearts of the young girl and the young boy
    To the aging they too bring great moments of joy... more »

  • Music, Song And Dance

    They should not have a Nationality on them to all people they should belong
    Those three wonderful gifts of humankind known as music and dancing and song
    They do not belong to any one Nation at least that's how it does seem to me
    Though many Nationalists hold such things precious and with my thinking would not agree.... more »

  • Musk Lorikeets

    Hard to see amongst the green gum tree leaves though they chirp on with a passion
    As if chirping amongst their kind is going out of fashion
    Small green birds with red faces they can fly as fast as a swallow
    Their food source the nectar of the blossoms of the flowering gums they are obliged to follow.... more »

  • Must I

    Must I feel sorry I am living one without success in his life
    In a World where money only matter and loudmouthed windbags are rife
    Why are many of us so self centred we live for me, myself and I?
    To me we are only mere mortals we live for awhile and we die,... more »

  • Must We Believe Everything They Tell Us

    When this so called Coalition Of The Willing will have annexed Baghdad and Saddam will have finally met his fate
    They may have parades for to honour their war heroes but will they have that much to celebrate?
    Twenty five million people around the world in refugee camps
    And add to that at least another three... more »

  • Mutual Admiration

    As a poet you keep getting better like good ageing wine
    Your work quite outstanding not a slipshod line
    Your brilliant comment on my latest poem did suit me fine
    'Tis my turn to praise your poetry since you have praised mine... more »

  • My Addiction

    My addiction in the eyes of the Law is not seen as a crime
    But few things more addictive than addiction to rhyme
    The compulsion is in me to write every day
    Though little of value in what I have to say.... more »

  • My Aged Neighbor

    Since only the good in everyone he does see
    My aged neighbor is a better person than me
    Respect to all others and their opinions he does show
    One can say of him that he has the inner glow... more »

  • My Awe And Wonder Of Her

    My awe and wonder of her only does seem to grow
    Yet so little about Nature that I can claim to know
    Some birds I readily recognize by their chirp or their song
    Just simple facts of Nature that one should not get wrong... more »

  • My Beautiful Darling

    For years for you there's been a place in my heart
    And I always will love you 'til death do us part
    For me 'twas love at first sight on the first time we met
    A love that I never did live to regret... more »

  • My Best Days In Life

    My best days in life to the forever gone
    But like every rhymer i keep rhyming on
    I never do pretend for to be a poet
    Nor am i one worthy of any literary note... more »

  • My Best Friend John And I 'For Eoin M'

    We grew up together my best friend John and I
    His dad brought him to be raised by my mum his sister as a young boy
    Before he sailed forth for the U.S.A.
    Beyond the sea and many miles away.... more »

  • My Better Days May Well Be Gone

    Though I've been told what I already know that my better days are gone
    I don't intend to lie down and die no I will carry on
    Until the reaper who claims all life will come for to claim me
    Some time in the future whenever that may be.... more »

  • My Brother John

    In nineteen fifty two my brother John in his late teens left Millstreet
    New challenges in life he wished to meet
    He was the eldest of our family
    Perhaps a dozen years older than me... more »

  • My Confusion

    My confusion at the complexities of human relationships only does grow
    And so little about them i can claim for to know
    A wise woman said to me decades ago
    That your best friend today may be your future foe... more »

  • My Country

    When indigenous people Australia's first race
    Talk of my country they are talking of place
    Their district of Australia where they do feel belong
    Their love for their home-place remains ever strong... more »

  • My Critic

    Old Eddy said if there's a hereafter then you are for hell
    As there's no place in God's Kingdom for those who pen doggerel
    You are below average and your slipshod rhymes bad
    And for people like you mate I feel a bit sad.... more »

  • My Daddy Won'T Be Coming Home

    My daddy won't be coming home my daddy gone away
    My daddy gone to other World that's what my mummy say
    My daddy gone to better World to World beyond the sky
    And now I know dad won't come home for mummy never lie.... more »

  • My Dear Mother Nature

    I've loved you since I was a boy in a Land far away
    And I love you as much as I did then today
    And though little about you I can claim to know
    My wonder of you only does seem to grow... more »

  • My Dear Sister Mary

    It has been a few years since her I did see
    Yet none quite so kind or as lovely as she
    A grandmother to John Gregory son of Melissa and her son John
    The years ticking by but she keeps keeping on.... more »

  • My Dearest Friends

    My dearest friends gone from my life forever and in a green and quiet place they lay
    And though by many they are now forgotten I fancy I can see them every day
    I see them working in the sunlit meadow with two pronged pikes they toss the hay to dry
    And wild born bees are busy gathering nectar from the wildflowers and blossoms of July.... more »

  • My Dreams Of Fame

    I thought I might know local fame some literary renown
    In old Duhallow far away and Millstreet my hometown
    But my verses were not good enough even for local fame
    And now I'm resigned to the fact that few know me by name.... more »