• Near Where Tarwin Waters Flow

    Out there in the brown paddock grass growth is rather slow
    And the sheep are sheltering in the gum tree shade near where Tarwin waters flow
    Across the sunlit paddocks on it's way to the sea shore
    Where it has been flowing for millions of years and will flow forever more.... more »

  • Near Where The Araglen Flow

    On a cold December evening cold enough to snow
    In the fading twilight a silver backed crow
    It's voice carrying in the frosty winds that from the Boggeraghs blow
    Is cawing on a naked birch tree near where the Araglen flow... more »

  • Near Where The River Meets The Sea

    The river widens and deepens as it nears the ocean and into a huge mass of water does grow
    To look at it does hardly seem to be flowing at a snail's pace it does crawl along so slow
    For dabbling and diving water birds ideal to live in with plenty fish and other water food to eat
    The World is quiet by the high and brown paddocks near where the sea and the river do meet... more »

  • Near Where The Tarwin Waters Flow

    On a stringybark in a flat paddock I can hear the pale eyed crow
    Cawing in the early morning near where the Tarwin waters flow
    On towards the great Pacific it slowly winds it's way
    By the narrow road to Tarwin Lower that end up at Venus Bay.... more »

  • Near Where The Waters Of The Hopkins

    The silver bill magpie pipes on a gum tree
    Where old Hopkins River crawls down to the sea
    Near the end of it's journey from it's source far away
    It ever creeps onward by night and by day... more »

  • Nearer To Our Last

    Time does not wait on the young or the old
    It ticks on and on as we are often told
    Each day we do live one nearer to our last
    On looking back the Seasons time does go so fast... more »

  • Nearly

    Nearly did not win the race
    And even failed to run a place
    No luck on my side he said
    Better days of me ahead... more »

  • Nearly A Thousand Millimeters Of Rain

    Nearly a thousand millimeters of rain have fallen in Millstreet County Cork in Ireland over a three month spell
    Those who first broadcast this story did not have a good story to tell
    Of a Country that already has had far too much rain
    Climate Change has many fluctuations in weather as the environmental scientists explain... more »

  • Ned

    In his younger days he was carefree and bold
    But time as is said leaves the best of them old
    On his balding head his once dark hair silver gray
    And surely he has known of a far better day... more »

  • Ned Buckley

    An old song from Sliabh Luachra comes to my memory
    From the pen of Ned Buckley the last bard of Knocknagree
    I hear the dunnock piping on high bush in hedgerow
    And o'er the lush green meadows swallows fly to and fro.... more »

  • Ned Casey

    Ned Casey played for the Slanan Rovers Football Club when he was a young man
    Going back in time at least a three decades span
    On his physical best years when his hair was light brown
    In the Cloghoula countryside close to Millstreet Town... more »

  • Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly perhaps the best known Australian though in old Melbourne jail he died dangling from a rope
    A victim of years of police harassment he was one born on life's precarious slope
    For years the Kelly family were victims of racism by the racist authorities they never really did get a fair go
    But what happened to the Kellys is still happening racism has not died as we well know.... more »

  • Ned Kelly Was A Hero

    Ned Kelly was a hero and despite what some do say
    The legend of his bravery in Australia lives today
    As game as Ned Kelly is a well known Aussie quote
    The leader of the Kelly gang remains as one of note.... more »

  • Ned Twohig

    Tomorrow will not dawn for everyone as Ned Twohig used to say
    The wise old bloke of Annagloor with words did have a way
    One never flustered by life he lived to a good age
    The easy going old fellow he was a local sage... more »

  • Need One Say Anymore

    Are you one of those quite unwilling to give
    Remember it is not how wealthy you are but how well you do live
    They are poor of mind those who live to receive
    On reaching for the higher self they do not believe... more »

  • Need Some Ego

    To survive in the Human World we all need some ego is how it seems to be
    But too much of it robs people of their humanity
    Those with over inflated egos their own praises can only sing
    In their thinking self infatuation is quite a good thing... more »

  • Negative And Positive

    The negative one feels hard done by and with living is struggling to cope
    But the positive one though money poor in the darkest of moments sees hope
    Our thoughts can be helpful or self defeatist some wise people are known to say
    And those who disagree with such thinking are negative or seem that way... more »

  • Negative Eyes

    To the good you must only be blind if you only look for the bad
    You condemn the son or the daughter for the sins of the mum or the dad
    That everyone is an individual you do not seem to realize
    And you only can look at others to what's known as negative eyes... more »

  • Neighbours And Strangers

    When i said hello to him he seemed stuck for an answer to my greeting he did not choose to reply

    To say the least to me he did seem indifferent which gives me some reason to wonder why... more »

  • Neilly Collins

    He worked hard for a livelihood and he never sought renown
    And he was loved by many in Duhallow's Millstreet Town
    The quiet man Neilly Collins back to Mother Earth has gone
    But good memories of a gentle soul in Millstreet will live on.... more »

  • Neilly Joe

    When last he drove the ambulance in Millstreet
    It must be over twenty years ago
    Some knew him as 'Neilly the ambulance driver'
    And others simply called him Neilly Joe.... more »

  • Neilson's Country Out There

    The ibis are croaking in the morning air
    In John Shaw Neilson's country 'The Country Out There'
    An old brown Countryside that is as old as time
    That once inspired a poet for to laud it in rhyme,... more »

  • Neily Dennehy

    Neily Dennehy in his prime years was athletic, dashing and tall
    He won a Cork County Championship medal with Millstreet playing senior Gaelic Football
    Back in the late nineteen forties many decades ago
    Long before time that rusts iron did become his foe... more »

  • Neily Leary

    I have read of the passing of Neily Leary to his wife Breeda and their children a huge loss
    It can only be a time of sadness for them they have been burdened with a heavy cross
    In his too brief life so many he befriended and to help many out he went out of his way
    From Millstreet in the flesh he has gone forever but his lot is everyone's lot one day... more »

  • Neily Lehane

    Whenever the Slanan Rovers Gaelic Football Club lined out to play
    Their founder member Neily Lehane from them never far away
    Always on the sideline cheering them on
    Back there in Duhallow in Seasons long gone... more »