• Nell

    In the day she's seldom seen out like the snail she's in her shell
    But at night she dress up and put on makeup to look good for the clientele
    And then she walk to the street corner at the top of Acland street
    And for three or four or even five hours you will see her on her beat.... more »

  • Nell Morgan

    You don't mention of your troubles to Nell Morgan
    Or moan to her about your no luck year
    She'll tell you life is not a flowering garden
    And of your troubles i don't wish to hear.... more »

  • Nellie O Connor

    Always generous and kindhearted this song is penned in her honour
    All in Coolikerane will mourn the passing of Maurice's widow Nellie O Connor
    In Coolikerane she was raised and there she raised her children and she is one we will remember
    Her fate one day will be our fate for all of us a last December.... more »

  • Nelly Fay

    You may feel it as your duty to go to church on sunday
    And to the God your church embrace you well may kneel and pray
    And you may feel that God is near you don't tell that to Nelly Fay
    For she will only tell you God from her lives far away.... more »

  • Nelson In Victoria

    Nelson in Victorianear the South Australia border quite a beautiful place
    Where life it is lived at a leisurely pace
    No factory chimney puffing smoke to the sky
    On the Henty Highway with the ocean nearby... more »

  • Neo Cons

    They are known as neo cons and they live the good life
    But they show no compassion for those in financial strife
    And with economic rationalization they totally agree
    Economic rationalization that for many spells utter poverty... more »

  • Nereena

    On a sunlit hill at Neerena there is scarce a puff of breeze
    And murray grey cattle sit and chew their cud at ease in the shade of the cypress trees
    And though deciduous trees are looking bare and few birds chirp or sing
    Than an evening in early Winter it seems more like a day in Spring.... more »

  • Never A Burden

    Knowledge is never a weight on the mind
    Those open to learning become the enlightened kind
    We learn as we live something new every day
    That knowledge is not a burden only true to say... more »

  • Never A Threat To Anyone

    He is not or will never be a widely known person the one who is not or will never be a threat to anyone
    Of talking of self not interested or telling of the good things in life he has done
    He is not a member of any club or is not interested in or plays any sport including football
    So very few things in life does interest him at all... more »

  • Never A Winner

    Religion, culture and National borders cause most of the wars in the World of today
    And in acts of terrorism it is mostly civilians who for the sins of others with their lives do pay
    In conflicts mostly the innocents do seem to suffer this is how it is and it always will be
    In war it does seem there is never a winner though many with what i say may not agree... more »

  • Never Again

    I may never again see Hibernia's shore
    Or climb on the high fields above Claramore
    Up to Clara Mountain on a day in July
    When the warm sun of Summer shines in the blue sky... more »

  • Never Among The Nice People

    No joy on meeting one of self conceit
    But nice people are always a pleasure to meet
    The down to earth friendly person in truth one can say
    Never fails for to bring joy to somebody's day... more »

  • Never An

    They are not an asset to humanity
    The people who are lacking in empathy
    Superior in their minds to the financially down
    Those doing it tough on the poor side of the town... more »

  • Never An Asset

    The one who finds pleasure on verbally putting others down
    Is never the most popular person in the town
    Such people in their ways are so very small
    They have not learned if you do not like someone why bad mouth them at all... more »

  • Never An Asset To His Or Her Town

    The one who finds pleasure on verbally putting others down
    Is never the most popular person in the town
    Such people in their ways are so very small
    They have not learned if you do not like someone why bad mouth them at all... more »

  • Never An Asset To Their Side Of The Town

    I have traveled a bit been in many a town
    And have mixed with many races of black, white and brown
    To find there are far more good than bad people in every race, gender and creed
    Though of those with extreme views the Human World is not in need... more »

  • Never Believe A Government Minister

    Never believe what any Government Minister tell you for on misinformation politicians seem to thrive
    They are expert at spreading of propaganda and without deception they would not survive
    They create wars and give rise to racism and they know how to make an enemy
    And they mostly to blame for mistrust that leads to hatred and for a lack of World harmony.... more »

  • Never Give Up On Hope

    Never give up on hope never give up who knows what tomorrow will bring
    Keep on hoping for a happier future for hope is a marvellous thing
    Lady luck she may smile on you good things come to those who wait
    Who knows in the not distant future you may have cause to celebrate... more »

  • Never Give Up On Life

    Never give up on life live for as long as you can
    That goes for every woman as well as every man
    We only live once at life no second chance
    So why not be happy and laugh, sing and dance.... more »

  • Never Okay

    That the self is important it does seem this way
    But there is more to life than talking and thinking of self every day
    The self centered sad to say not in the few
    And this is not saying anything that is new... more »

  • Never Put Others Down

    Your great dreams in life by all means you pursue
    But to your higher self you should always be true
    In your quest for glory never put others down
    By fair means only you should seek your renown... more »

  • Never Stoplearning

    We never stop learning life is this way
    And of Nature we learn something new every day
    And as we do learn we come to realize
    That we do know so little this not a surprise... more »

  • Never Too Old

    You may be five decades beyond your life's prime
    But the boundaries of love does not know of age or time
    The warm glow of love in the heart never grows cold
    And for to fall in love one is never too old... more »

  • Never Too Old To Fall In Love

    The gift of love in a person live until she or he does die
    And that you are never too old for to fall in love is surely not a lie
    The gift of love to it does not have an age it belongs to old and young
    Of love poems and stories written and of love songs are sung... more »

  • Never Too Small

    Any act of kindness is never too small
    Since kindness along with love and compassion amongst the best gifts of all
    Kind people love doing their good deeds every day
    And to help others happy to go out of their way... more »