• Never You Worry

    My better days in life may well be long gone
    But never you worry I'll keep penning on
    Of life and of Nature there is so much to say
    And from living one learns something new every day... more »

  • New Age People And Greenies

    I do not understand these new age people
    They say for the Planet's sake we ought to change
    But they drive cars, burn fuels and live in houses
    For how they speak in ways they do act strange.... more »

  • New Every Day

    Though many of her secrets from us she keeps hidden away
    Of Nature we learn something new every day
    Though some things about her she is willing to share
    That of her I know little I am all too aware... more »

  • New Holland Honeyeaters

    In their dark and grey feathers and their wings tipped with gold
    The new holland honeyeaters lovely to behold
    And long thin bills for probing for nectar in the blossoms and flowers
    That bloom on bushes and trees in the sunshine and showers... more »

  • New Wonders Around Us

    My worth as a rhymer i never cease to doubt
    But for anyone that way inclined so much to write about
    New wonders around us to see every day
    In life we never stop learning as some like to say... more »

  • New Year In Millstreet

    Rain, hail, wind, frost or snow the members of the Millstreet pipe band will play
    At the Square of Millstreet Town to welcome New Year's Day
    The pubs are closed and in mood for song the New Year revelers sing along
    As the pipers play For Auld lang Syne Robert Burns New Year's song... more »

  • New Year's Day In The Country Town

    The silver bill magpie of feathers dark and gray
    Is warbling in the sunshine in the park by the bay
    The bird who does sing every day of the year
    His familiar flute like notes are so pleasant to hear... more »

  • New Year's Day Twenty Fourteen

    In south west Victoria a rainy start to the new year
    But the flute of the magpie so pleasant to hear
    In Koroit Town on the streets few people to be seen
    On a quiet enough start to the year twenty fourteen... more »

  • New Year's Eve 2008

    Tonight people will welcome the New Year in Countries from here far and near
    And there will be much celebrating at the birth of another New Year
    At midnight the bands will be playing and the fireworks will light up the sky
    And strangers on the street will be hugging and dancing and singing and the buntings and balloons will fly... more »

  • New Year's Eve 2009

    This is the last day of two thousand and nine
    And lets farewell the old year in brandy or wine
    Or rum, beer or vodka or gin or stout
    We will welcome the new in and sing the old out,... more »

  • New Year's Eve 2013

    The strains of Auld Lang Syne in the pub i do hear
    In three hours from now we will be in a New Year
    The year 2013 will soon be a memory
    As the last few hours of December fades to January... more »

  • New Year's Eve 2016 In The Moyne Shire

    It is warm in the Moyne Shire near coastal Warrnambool
    In the shade of the tall trees the cattle crowd to keep cool
    A weather temperature high for the day of thirty five degrees
    And even a humid warmth in the strong coastal breeze... more »

  • New Year's Eve By The Hopkins

    The shrike thrush in feathers of light fawn and gray
    Is whistling on trees by the old waterway
    Known as the Hopkins River that crawls deep, wide and slow
    Through the valley between the high ground by Warrnambool where gums and wattles grow... more »

  • New Year's Eve In Warrnambool

    New Year's Eve and the weather is breezy and cool
    In the coastal City of old Warrnambool
    Around 7 pm and lots of festive cheer
    People feeling merry on wine, spirits and beer... more »

  • New Year's Eve Twenty Sixteen

    The now for us is all that does matter in the dying hours of twenty sixteen
    Tomorrow will be the dawn of a new year and today a memory of what has been
    Tonight people will be celebrating in towns and cities Worldwide
    But the poor will not be celebrating since they are at the wrong end of the social divide... more »

  • New Year's Eve Twenty Ten

    The weather temperature soaring to forty degrees
    And humid warmth in the sunshine and the gusty breeze
    That blow from the south through the town by the bay
    On the afternoon of the eve of New Year's Day... more »

  • Nhill's Most Famous Person

    Nhill's most famous person will always be John Shaw Neilson the poet who was born in Penola Town
    But it was in Nhill in the Mallee that he became famous and claimed his place in literary renown
    He was the greatest poet of his part of Victoria not anyone with him for to compare
    Though financially he died a very poor man poets such as he was does remain as rare... more »

  • Niall Kelleher

    Niall Kelleher of the Station Road a young man i used to know
    He died of a terminal illness going back five years ago
    Perhaps in his early forties then his spirit still lives on
    He lives in the hearts of those who knew him though the life from him has gone.... more »

  • Niall Moynihan

    Niall Moynihan the eldest son of Michael and Margaret was born and raised near Millstreet Town
    But far from there in the World of modern technology he carves his own renown
    A genius in his own right in the bigger World he is widely known
    But in Millstreet they feel proud of him and like to claim him for their own... more »

  • Nibbles And Tea

    It's now part of the social scene the social in trend
    That middle class woman should say to her friend
    Come over to my house for 'nibbles and tea'
    A posh sort of saying as posh as can be.... more »

  • Nice Day

    A beautiful day of only a slight breeze
    And birds chirping and singing on the sunlit trees
    In the blue sky woolly looking cumulus of gray
    For April the first quite a beautiful day... more »

  • Nice People

    Nice people not known for to put others down
    Or be racist to anyone black, white or brown
    And others of their achievements they never try to impress
    We need more of their type and of the not nice less.... more »

  • Nice People Are Always

    Nice people are always a pleasure to meet
    For attention with others they never compete
    Of others they never have unkind words to say
    The Human World in need of more of their sort today... more »

  • Nice People Are People I Do Like To Know

    Your attitude to others is of your choice
    It never does cost anything to be nice
    Some spread the glow of joy in their friendly way
    With their happy smile as they bid you good day... more »

  • Nice To Feel The Warmth Of September

    So often by her I've been inspired to rhyme
    And the love I feel for her with me for some time
    The warm sun of Spring shines through clouds of blue and gray
    Immortal Mother Nature does look well today.... more »