• Of Inhibitions

    Of inhibitions none of us are free
    Not him or her as well as you or me
    Even the most confident are lacking in some way
    Despite what he or she might have to say... more »

  • Of Intolerant People

    Of intolerant people in the World quite a share
    But their type one can say have never been rare
    Those who are different to them they find it hard to tolerate
    They are one might say quick to discriminate... more »

  • Of January In Duhallow

    The cattle in the farmyard shed bellowing for silage and hay
    In the frosty dawn of a gray January day
    The sparrows chirping on the rafters of the galvanize timber shed
    Waiting in expectation of scraps of food and crumbs of bread... more »

  • Of Judgemental People

    In the World are Millions if not billions of Judgemental people judgemental people never have been rare
    Of judge not and thou shalt not be judged it does seem their type of people never are aware
    They even pass judgement on total strangers so arrogant to them ignorance is bliss
    Live and let live to them does not hold meaning the point in the fair go they do seem to miss... more »

  • Of Killarney Road Rovers

    In Winter in the Kerry League every second Sunday
    In Neily Duggan's Inch Field they used to play
    Most of the Killarney Road Rovers players were in their prime then
    But the youthful of the eighties are no longer young men... more »

  • Of Knocknagree Fair

    Most things in life eventually become a fading memory
    Like fair day in the high Village of Knocknagree
    In view of Clara, Caherbarnagh and Gortavehy's hill of stone
    And Goddess Anu's breasts the ancient Paps of Shrone... more »

  • Of Knowledge And Wisdom

    Knowledge is a thing knowledgeable people get paid for to share
    But the wise than the knowledgeable are far more rare
    Knowledge comes from education wisdom comes from insight
    Though to the human mind they both do bring greater light... more »

  • Of Late For You Life

    Of late for you life to say the least bad
    But few wish to know of you when you look sad
    Those who look happy make friends easily
    This is how it is and how it will always be... more »

  • Of Late Old Andy

    Of late old Andy has not been feeling well
    But of his life he has great stories to tell
    Of his better years travelling from place to place
    Where in many a town his was a well known face... more »

  • Of Late Things For You

    Of late things for you are not going your way
    Your boss has said no to your request for a raise in pay
    And at work for you just one more unhappy day
    But job starts are few so in your present job you will stay... more »

  • Of Late This Is Something

    It is said some men grow wiser whilst growing old and gray
    But with many aging men i know of it is not this way
    For it does seem true indeed you never gain insight
    If the windows of your mind are shaded to light... more »

  • Of Late This Life

    Of late this life has not been good to me
    But now I feel much better I feel free
    Of stress that eat my happiness away
    And I've not felt as good as this for many a day.... more »

  • Of Life And It's Ways

    Of life and it's ways i have come to realize
    That everyone does grow older but few do grow wise
    But from life we do learn something new every day
    We never stop learning it does seem this way... more »

  • Of Life And Of Nature

    I knew just as much about them fifty years ago
    Of Life and of Nature as now I do know
    Though from our dealings with people we learn every day
    We learn as we live as some are known to say... more »

  • Of Life And Of Nature My Wonder Does Grow

    Of life and of Nature my wonder does grow
    Yet so little of them I realize I do know
    The bird in the Spring does remember it's song
    The notes that to it and to it's kind belong... more »

  • Of Life And Of Nature There's So Much To Say

    Of life and of Nature there's so much to say
    And so good to be alive on a day like today
    Nice and warm with a high of 25 degrees
    And the nesting birds singing on the sunlit trees... more »

  • Of Life I Know

    Of life I know there's little that I do know
    I've learned that one might say the hard way
    But spiritually we should not cease to grow
    And from the 'Book of life' a lesson every day.... more »

  • Of Life I Know Little

    I look old and gray but i am not wise
    And of life i know little i have come to realize
    But we learn as we live something new every day
    We never stop learning it does seem this way... more »

  • Of Life It Is Said

    Of life it is said we must give to receive
    On such a philosophy i am one who believe
    Kindness can beget kindness happens to be true
    If you are kind to others good things may be your due... more »

  • Of Life There Is So Much

    Of life there is so much to learn and know
    And the karma we reap is the karma we sow
    At least anyway that's how it seems to me
    Though with that sort of reasoning many would disagree... more »

  • Of Life We Only Have A Temporary Lease

    Of life we only have a temporary lease
    And of what time I have left I just wish to live in peace
    And hang on to life for as long as I can
    And die in my sleep as a very old man... more »

  • Of Life's Losers

    Of life's losers i do feel happy to sing
    The people who to hope for the better does cling
    They are born as the children of the lesser gods
    And just to survive have to battle the odds... more »

  • Of Living In An Earthly Utopia

    Of living in an Earthly Utopia i often daydream
    A bungalow by a wood by a clear flowing stream
    In the sunlit pools sunning and slowly swimming about
    In their natural environment the wild-born trout... more »

  • Of Living Life We Stress And Worry

    Of living life we stress and worry till the Reaper of lives seals our fate
    For to die is part of our life's destiny and with destiny we have a date
    The greatest of us Humans are mortals but then I ask you what is great
    The poor who struggle to provide for their families their lives should we not celebrate?... more »

  • Of Love

    The one who does not have love in her or his mind
    Cannot be loving, caring and compassionate and kind
    For love is a gift one has to possess
    For to know of contentment and happiness... more »