• Of What Used To Be

    On Summer evenings just before sundown
    They used to meet on the hill overlooking the town
    And as darkness did fall in the warm evening breeze
    They often made love by the acacia trees... more »

  • Of What Used To Be But May Not Be Again

    On Sundays in Summer with roses in bloom
    On the hill overlooking the football park in Macroom
    Millstreet fans often watched their football team in the Cork senior championship play
    This is something that does not happen today... more »

  • Of What Used To Be But Will Not

    With a wife and two young children he is in the big city for the long stay
    The young man from the town by the hill far away
    Though he sometimes thinks of his games with the home-town football club
    And the enjoyable nights at the weekend with his mates at the pub... more »

  • Of What Was

    Only memories of what was today i retain

    Perhaps i will never climb Clara again... more »

  • Of Where Everyone Knows Everyone

    Where everyone knows everyone it is that sort of town
    Yet like everywhere not nice to live in for the financially down
    Where if you have lots of money you enjoy local fame
    But the one struggling on in life few wish to know by name... more »

  • Of Where The Cails Waters Flow

    On a naked beech tree the gray hooded crow
    Is cawing in the dawn where the Cails waters flow
    The morning is cold quite cold enough to snow
    And from Caherbarnagh the wintery winds blow... more »

  • Of Who

    Of who is wrong and of who is right the warring parties each other blame
    But the deaths of innocent civilians in modern warfare is surely a great shame
    Death through a car bomb or a suicide bomber or a bombing raid gone wrong
    In all of these ways civilians die the right to take human life to human kind should not belong.... more »

  • Of Wine I Had One Too Many

    Of Wine I had drunk at least two litres for one of my age that's not wise
    Alcohol in the mind of the migrant to feelings of nostalgia gives rise
    Nostalgia for friends and for family that I had not seen for many years
    The only migrant amongst many Aussies my sense of manly pride helped me to hold back the tears... more »

  • Of Winners And Losers

    We all have our ambitions and goals to pursue
    But for many their dreams in life never come true
    For every winner there has to be losers life works in this way
    But those who keep on trying will know of success one day... more »

  • Of Your Feelings On Human Rights

    Of your feelings on human rights never leave others in doubt
    Of wrongs against others one ought to speak out
    To those who abuse others rights let your feelings be known
    Them for their behaviour you ought to disown... more »

  • Of Your Financial Loss

    I am sorry to hear of your financial loss
    But many are burdened with some sort of cross
    Though how somebody's loss can be another's gain
    Is something that seems beyond me to explain... more »

  • Of Your Friends Of The Past

    Though them you will remember until you breathe your last
    You only have memories of your friends of the past
    With them you socialized in the town far away
    Though this isgoing back in time many a day... more »

  • Of Your Hometown Far Away

    Have you ever thought of your hometown far away
    And the friends and relations you have not seen for many a day
    Though happy in your adopted hometown do you ever think of what used to be
    Or is the past a fading ember in your memory... more »

  • Of Your Inhibitions

    You may live your life in a positive way
    And make the most of your every day
    But there is a side to you none do know of or see
    Of your inhibitions you will never be free... more »

  • Of Your Kind

    If you never harm anyone in any way
    And do one good deed or a few every day
    And help anyone of helping in need
    Then of your future good Karma you are planting the seed... more »

  • Of Your Knowledge On Poetry

    Of your knowledge on poetry you wish me to know
    Your three favourites poets Eliot, Whitman and Poe
    Though great they may be I regret for to say
    That on reading them you won't be laughing all day... more »

  • Of Your Life

    Of your life you have many stories to tell
    Though they may never be published in book form to sell
    It is only mostly wealthy celebrities we read of and hear about
    That it is a World for winners there can be little doubt... more »

  • Of Your Nationality

    Of your Nationality you well may brag
    But do you respect other Races as well as their National flag
    For that what you believe in says more about you
    Than anything else does happens to be true.... more »

  • Of Your Worth As A Writer

    Of your worth as a writer yourself you may doubt
    But you'll never be short of things to write about
    There is love, life and nature to mention just three
    Thing you can write about with that would you agree... more »

  • Of Your Young Years Long Ago

    Have you ever felt so lonely that your eyes were moist with tears
    As your memories took you back in time to for you happier years
    To when you were younger, fitter and stronger but the good days did not last
    It can stir up the emotions the good memories of the past... more »

  • Of Youth And Young Love

    Of youth and young love stories are written and songs they are sung
    But of course it is a fallacy that only the good do die young
    I have known many good people who have lived to die old
    But of them songs not sung and stories not written or told... more »

  • Of Zinc Mining In Millstreet

    Of a proposed plan for zinc mining in Millstreet on the Millstreet website i does read
    If such does materialize who knows to where it might lead
    There may be some jobs in the local area for a short term financial gain
    But when the mine resources are exhausted for the locals years of environmental pain... more »

  • Ofbirds

    We get to know birds by their appearance or song
    And some of them once seen and once heard we never again do get wrong
    Yet the more we learn about birds the more we come to realize
    That of them we know little this not a surprise... more »

  • Officially Still Married

    No love between them though they live together for nowadays each of them does their own thing
    She dances in the Bowling Club room with her lover and at the pub with his mates he does sing
    In their early fifties and officially still married but love between them it would seem long dead
    Under the one roof but not as mates and lovers for many years they have not shared a bed.... more »

  • Often In His Flights Of Fancy

    That he was raised by the wooded hills in the north countryside
    To him remains and will always be such a great sense of pride
    His heritage to anyone he never does deny
    He says i was born and raised two hundred miles of here north as the migrant bird does fly... more »