• Often In My Flights Of Fancy

    Often in my flights of fancy I leave the noisy street
    And travel to the brown land where the creek and river meet
    Where the grey shrike thrush is piping upon a wattle tree
    By the quiet rural waterway that journeys to the sea... more »

  • Often In My Flights Of Fancy I Can Hear The Pheasant Crow

    Often in my flights of fancy I can hear the pheasant crow
    In the rank rushes of an old field where the Finnow waters flow
    On it's way to the Blackwater by ditch and by hedgerow
    Through the countryside in Millstreet where to manhood I did grow... more »

  • Often In My Wild Flights Of Fancy

    Perhaps those old fields would not have changed since I left them two decades ago
    In Annagloor, Claraghatlea and Liscreagh where the Cails from Kippagh mountain flow
    On it's way to the Finnow en route to the Blackwater flowing bank high swollen by heavy rain
    Often in my wild flights of fancy I visit familiar places again.... more »

  • Oh Ancient Hill Of Clara

    Oh ancient hill of Clara I've not seen you for sometime
    And I am getting on in life and years beyond my prime
    Long years ago in July from your green het I picked the dark ripe berry
    And viewed the countryside for miles around that stretches far into Kerry.... more »

  • 'Oh' Bar Tender

    That's soldier's face i readily can recall
    The one in picture frame on bar room wall
    He died in Ireland many miles away
    A victim of the bombs of I R A... more »

  • Oh Beautiful Woman

    Oh beautiful woman you do not look your age
    With younger and attractive women you could hold centre stage
    Through your dark brown shoulder length hair one can see strands of gray
    But none can say of you that you've known a better day... more »

  • Oh Bury Me There

    Oh bury me there in the field by the hill
    Quite close to the banks of the babbling rill
    That from the high country hurries on down
    To join the big river that flows by the Town.... more »

  • Oh Bury Me There In A Hole In The Ground

    Oh bury me there in a hole in the ground
    Where earthworms are the only forms of life to be found
    With only the gravediggers my burial to attend
    The dead they are never in need of a friend... more »

  • Oh Devout Man As You Call Yourself

    You go to your church on sunday and you worship God in song
    Yet in war that's waged in your God's name you don't see any wrong
    And for poor people misplaced by war you do not show empathy
    And though you adore God you would not give home to a poor refugee.... more »

  • Oh Give Me The Person

    Oh give me the person who does not abuse her or his power
    Such a person worth knowing though as rare as a rare flower
    For most people with power tend to with it get to get carried away
    The egotistical are many in the Human World of today... more »

  • Oh I Do Recall Felicity

    Oh I do recall Felicity the darling of Geelong
    And were I true bard I'd pen for her a worthy poem or song
    And though I'm a mere poetaster I'll do the best I can
    For to string a piece together for this lovely young woman.... more »

  • Oh I Love Cloghoula Countryside

    Oh I love Cloghoula countryside when wild flowers are in bloom
    Just outside the Town of Millstreet on the way out towards Macroom
    When the birds are singing gaily and new leaves are on the trees
    And the brown bog larks are piping o'er the bogland of Gneeves.... more »

  • Oh I Must Go Home Again

    Oh I must go home again while the fields are richest green
    And the trout for fly are leaping from the dark pools of the stream
    And the linnet's singing gaily midst the shrouded cypress screen
    That stands beside the cottage of my true love Kathleen.... more »

  • Oh I Must Go Home To Millstreet

    The singing birds of Millstreet are calling, calling me
    In my dreams I hear them whistling far beyond the deep wide sea
    The green, green wood by Clara hill is always on my mind
    On the day that I left Millstreet I left my heart behind.... more »

  • Oh I'Ll Be Back Hopefully In Spring.

    On eucalyptus branch by waterfall
    Old kookaburra utter his laugh like call
    And happy magpie warbling merrily
    His beautiful and distinct melody.... more »

  • Oh Ireland Mother Ireland

    Oh Ireland Mother Ireland brave men for you have been shot
    But are you worth one cup of human blood you most certainly are not
    Your noble sons who fought for you by British guns were slain
    But what value to a dead hero is worthless immortal name.... more »

  • Oh Isn't It

    Oh isn't it so very nice to scent the grass mowed for silage or hay
    Wafting to you in the gentle breeze of a pleasant sunny day
    White butterflies out and about seemingly dancing in the breeze
    On a balmy day in December of around twenty degrees... more »

  • Oh Johnny Dear Johnny

    The man by the Australian people empowered
    The Liberal Prime Minister Mr John Howard
    For years he's locked horns with Keating and Hawke
    Those two were smooth talkers and John too can talk.... more »

  • Oh Look At Him

    Oh look at him the Company Director he has a constant smirk upon his face
    Last year's Company profits after expenses 100 million at Company board meetings he takes pride of place
    By his body guard he is always chauffeur driven one thing for sure is of hunger he won't die
    He always has a plane at his disposal whenever he is in the mood to fly.... more »

  • Oh Lucky The One

    Oh lucky the one who can smile every day
    Though for him or her things are not going their way
    Such people in truth i can only admire
    And of singing their praises i never could tire... more »

  • Oh Lucky The Person

    Oh lucky the person who does laugh every day
    For laughter is known to keep worries away
    The serious fellow though time on his side
    At quite a young age of cancer has died... more »

  • Oh Mr Yeats

    Oh Yeats you wrote of this terrible beauty
    And in your great poem you glorified death
    But it's been proved that even suicide cases
    At their last moment will struggle for breath.... more »

  • Oh Pity Them

    Oh pity them the lost youth of Australia
    They are the victims of sad circumstance
    They are the children of dysfunctional parents
    And in life they've never really had a chance.... more »

  • Oh Pity You

    Oh pity you for worries of you do know
    For like noxious weeds they only do grow and grow
    And to cancer they have been known for to lead
    Of such sad stories one so often does read... more »

  • Oh Poet Of Nature

    Oh you who love Nature your praises I'll sing
    Your poems full of beauty the joy that you bring
    To those who read your poetry Poets like you are rare
    The beauty of your soul with others you share.... more »