• Oh Sing Me

    Oh sing me a song of roses in bloom
    And the bright yellow flowers that adorn the wild broom
    And the songs of the birds is so pleasing to hear
    And Nature is lovely at all times of year,... more »

  • Oh Sing Me A Song

    Oh sing me a song of the clear mountain rill
    That babbles downland from the foot of the hill
    By many a hedgerow and many a tree
    For to join the big river that flows to the sea.... more »

  • Oh Sing Me A Song Of Nature

    Oh sing me of Nature's great beauty of sunlight on flowering gum trees
    And the sweet scents of Nature's own perfume that wafts in the freshening breeze
    And sing of the wildborn creatures the call of the boobook owl at night
    And the wild cry of the brushtail possum on the blackwood tree in the moonlight,... more »

  • Oh Sing Me A Song Of The Brown Creek

    Oh sing me a song of the brown creek from the hill
    That flows by the country town and the old grain mill
    On it's long journey to the big river to the Pacific shore
    A journey destined to last for forever more... more »

  • Oh Sing Us A Song Of Wonthaggi

    The last of the colliers are ageing their better days for them long o'er
    Whilst the generation of miners before them are now at rest forever more
    In the cemetery off of Cameron street a short drive from Wonthaggi Town
    Far from their old Homelands in Europe they rest in peace two metres down.... more »

  • Oh Sing Us Of Central Victoria

    Oh sing us of central Victoria of places like Daylesford, Maryborough and Castlemaine
    To that flat and open brown country that welcomes every dropp of rain
    Where gold miners flocked to in their thousands a century and a half ago
    And where some even amassed great fortunes in the goldfields of old Bendigo.... more »

  • Oh Take Me To The Open Spaces

    On the side walks of the City
    I see greed though little pity
    Hardened eyes and hardened faces
    Of all the World's different races.... more »

  • Oh Take Me To The Woods And Open Spaces

    Oh take me to the woods and open spaces in fancy I feel distant from the Town
    Upon the wooded hill amongst the bracken that overlook the landscape green to brown
    That seem to stretch on miles into the distance much further even than the eyes can see
    You like the shopping centres of suburbia the kind of life you like is not for me.... more »

  • Oh To Be Back Home In Ireland (To Jo)

    Oh to be back home in Ireland now that April winds are blowing
    And the weather getting milder and the green grass is a growing
    And the breath of Spring is in the air and daylight hours grow long
    And the skylark o'er the heather sings his merry April song.... more »

  • Oh To Be Out In The Country

    A hot day in the city and scarce a puff of breeze
    Oh to be out in the country in the cool shade of the trees
    In the shadow of the wattles leafing through a favourite book
    Listening to the coot and black duck calling in the quiet brook.... more »

  • Oh To Be Wealthy And Famous

    Oh to be wealthy and famous living in a big house by the sea
    With a Rolls Royce in my garage of money worries quite free
    Seen as a successful person with heaps of money to spend
    Everyone would want to know me everyone would be my friend.... more »

  • Oh You

    Oh you who walked upon the sea
    Across the waves of Galilee
    And died nailed to a cross on Calvary
    I hope you did not die for me.... more »

  • Oh You Of So Much Self Conceit

    Oh you of so much self conceit you think that you are great
    But with the truly gifted I dare say you do rate
    You suffer from a strong dose of too much self esteem
    And your ego needs deflating at least that's how 'twould seem.... more »

  • Oh You The God Almighty

    Many of those who worship you travel to Countries far
    And pray to you for victory before they vent their rage in war
    And always before bloodshed the prayers to you are said
    Before the victims families bury and mourn their dead.... more »

  • Oh You There

    Oh you there you pen such good rhyme
    You would have known fame in a by gone time
    But in this the age of the non rhyme poet
    You are not seen as one worthy of note.... more »

  • Oh You Who

    Oh you who have got a sharp sting to your tongue
    Your better days past you no longer are young
    Those not on your side to you do seem all bad
    Such thinking for one of your age it does seem a bit sad.... more »

  • Oh You Who Have Kicked Doors In

    Oh you who have kicked doors in and then your bible read
    'Tis more than written words of wisdom 'twould seem that you do need
    You harbour your small grudges against some in the town
    But does your bible tell you to kick one who is down... more »

  • Oh You Who Support

    Oh you who support class distinction you admire the aristocracy
    Though they have done about as much for you as through the years they've done for me
    And that surely is absolutely nothing as you are not much better off financially than I
    And financially I am a poor fellow to say differently would be a lie.... more »

  • Oh You Who Walked Upon The Sea

    Oh you who walked upon the sea and changed water to wine
    I wish you'd change the weather now and give us more sunshine
    The chilly winds have risen to a cold and icy storm
    And I huddle by the fireplace in order to keep warm.... more »

  • Oh You With

    You with your airs and graces you boast of your new car
    But I really do not wish to hear of how marvellous you are
    Your new car tells me little about the one that's you
    If to a higher principle you even could be true.... more »

  • Oh You With The Inflated Ego

    Oh you with the inflated ego you feel that you are a true great
    An aura of great self importance about yourself you try to create
    Your head it seems to keep expanding with conceit you do seem overfull
    You do like the sound of your own voice though you do talk a whole lot of bull... more »

  • Oh You Without Sin

    Oh you without sin come and cast the first stone
    Since a fair go for all you've been known to condone
    You've always been truthful you never tell lies
    But you won't cast the stone since you are too wise,... more »

  • Old Adrian

    Though clearly not the man he once used to be
    Old Adrian looks well for one of eighty three
    He still enjoys a few beers at the local pub
    The five times best and fairest with the local football club... more »

  • Old Age Can Be A Punishment

    From your head you lose a few more strands of hair every day
    That old age can be a punishment it does seem this way
    The passing of time does leave you walking slow
    This is something no doubt that you already know... more »

  • Old Age Is A Thing That Is Natural

    Time on you it is now telling you feel wobbly at the knees
    And you have heart palpitations every time that you do sneeze
    You are clearly not the person that years ago you used to be
    What is happening to you now has also been happening to me... more »