• Old Casey

    Casey the musician lay dying in his van
    And time was running out for the old travelling man
    His sons and his daughters sobbed by his death bed
    Till in a faint whisper their dying dad to them said.... more »

  • Old Chairman Mao

    Old Chairman Mao has caused the deaths of more people than anyone else in history 'tis said
    But in his Homeland of China he is their National hero and none there dare speak of the dead
    The millions of victims of China's so called saviour if they only could speak from the grave
    They may tell a different story of one who was anything but brave.... more »

  • Old Churchill

    He was a war leader and his type not rare
    Old Churchill knew of his black dog of despair
    He promised his people blood, sorrow and tears
    And he is remembered though dead now for years.... more »

  • Old Clara Hill

    Old Clara hill in Millstreet in Duhallow
    Your well worn paths the goats run up and down
    For centuries overlooking the green country
    Long before there ever was a Millstreet Town.... more »

  • Old Clara In Duhallow

    To climb to the steel cross on it's summit no claim to renown
    Old Clara in Duhallow that ever looks down
    On the green countryside where the waterways meet
    And the streets and the houses of the Town of Millstreet... more »

  • Old Clara In Millstreet

    On going back in time 'tis many years ago
    Since I last saw old Clara in his hat of snow
    The old hill in Duhallow that ever looks down
    On the fields of Millstreet and on Millstreet Town... more »

  • Old Clara Jerry Mahony's Hill

    I've seen a small bit of the World though little I can show of financial gain
    And it's been awhile twenty one years since I last see Clara in the rain
    Clara Jerry Mahony's hill that I often climbed years ago
    The last time I see him I recall he wore his Winter hat of snow... more »

  • Old Clara Mountain

    Old Clara Mountain from here far away
    I have not seen you for many a day
    On Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra ever looking down
    And on the houses and streets of nearby Millstreet Town... more »

  • Old Clara That Rise Above High Claramore

    Though physically near you i did not choose to stay
    Your old craggy features i see every day
    Embedded in the depths of my memory
    Mental images of you are living in me... more »

  • Old Claraghatlea

    I will always be a fellow from Claraghatlea and that is something i never could deny
    And though i live a long way from the homeplace far even as the migrant wader fly
    I think about the old home very often though far from there my bones may well yet lay
    In flights of fancy i see the fields and hedgerows and the old home i visit every day.... more »

  • Old Claraghatlea By Millstreet Town

    In Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town my life journey began
    And there i lived my youthful years and grew into a man
    And there my love for Nature as a boy began to grow
    Yet the more i learn of her so little about her i know i know... more »

  • Old Claraghatlea I Have Not Seen For Somewhile

    Old Claraghatlea I have not seen for some-while
    And between here and there many a sea and land mile
    'Tis there the life journey for me it began
    For 'tis there I was born and grew into a man.... more »

  • Old Claraghatlea Where I Grew To A Man From A Boy

    In Claraghatlea the old Townland west of Millstreet Town
    Where i used to live when my hair was dark brown
    By everyone there i was one who was known
    In my first home-place then i was one of their own... more »

  • Old Claraghatlea Where I Was Born And Raised

    In rhyme and song and ballad I have praised
    Old Claraghatlea where I was born and raised
    Some of the old fields there have their own name
    Though time brings change I'm sure they'd look the same... more »

  • Old Dan

    Old stories he told and old ballads he sung
    The Tans were in Ireland when old Dan was young
    He was twenty six years in nineteen sixteen
    And the bitterness and grief of war he had seen.... more »

  • Old Dan The Shearer

    He shore sheep in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia the sheep shearing man
    For close to fifty years of time quite a span
    In Renmark in South Australia by the great Murray River his journey in life began
    And all he has left now are the memories of his youthful elan... more »

  • Old Danny

    What hair he has left on his bald head is silver gray
    Old Danny has surely known a better day
    But he does feel happy just to be alive
    And he does look fit and healthy for one of eight five... more »

  • Old Darky

    Darky the old black labrador his muzzle with age gray
    And Jim his master in his mid seventies says like me he has known a better day
    He once could run quite quickly but his fastest speed now slow
    And his date with the Reaper is drawing nearer though of death he does not know.... more »

  • Old Dave

    Old Dave who on his last birthday turned eighty three
    Says he is not the man that he once used to be
    Sixty years ago he kicked the winning goal on Grand Final Day
    But people grow older and time ticks away... more »

  • Old Dave Belaroo

    You can only in life do the best you can do
    I am quoting the wise one old Dave Belaroo
    A man who has travelled on the road to elsewhere
    And worked in many a town and city in the big World out there... more »

  • Old Dave In His Eighties

    He was born and raised far north of this town
    Old Dave in his eighties has seen many a sundown
    A well travelled fellow and nobody's fool
    He says he will live out his days in east Warrnambool... more »

  • Old Dave The Agnostic

    One can say of old Dave he is a true agnostic he does not have a God that to he can pray
    He says I do question a supreme being's existence or that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day
    He says anyone has not come back to tell us about this imaginary after life
    His Linda is a devout church going woman but Dave is very different from his wife... more »

  • Old Dave Was A Shearer

    One in his life's twilight without phobias or fears
    Old Dave was a shearer for fifty one years
    Not going into old age like most old blokes and old dears
    For the what used to be he does not have any tears... more »

  • Old Davy

    Old Davy can't talk of a marvellous life
    He gets a hard time from his nagging wife
    Though her scorn is something that he seems to fear
    It does not deter him from enjoying his beer... more »

  • Old Davy Is A Man Who Does Never Complain

    Physically well for one in his early eighties without an ache or pain
    Old Davy is a man who does never complain
    The passing of time may have left him balding and gray
    But he is happy to make the most of every day... more »