• Old Davy Is Always

    Though they may never be published in book form to sell
    Of his travels he has many stories to tell
    Old Davy says he has been there and done that
    Before time did catch up on him and for working he grew too old and fat... more »

  • Old Davy O

    Old Davy O who drinks at the local pub is quite a tough old bloke
    A heavy drinker for many years and as well he at least smoke
    Thirty cigarettes a day yet I've never heard him cough or sneeze
    For seventy he is doing well, healthy and free of disease.... more »

  • Old Debby Is Just One Example

    There is not any truth in the saying that only the good do die young
    Old Debby she died in her eighties and her praises never were sung
    On her own she raised her two sons and three daughters her husband Joe in an accident died
    She had to work to raise her offsprings when of the family bread winner she was denied.... more »

  • Old Dick

    The years on him now are beginning to show
    Far north of the land where the Bass waters flow
    The man who has been there and who has done that
    From Adelaide to Perth and Broome to Darwin and down to Ballarat... more »

  • Old Dick With The Balding Head

    The roadways of life he has been up and down
    The travel worn old bloke from the far away town
    He does not know if he has fathered children since he never had a long term partner or wife
    Though he has had many women in his life... more »

  • Old Digger Luke

    Old digger Luke is feeling down and I often hear him say
    It would not worry me at all were I to die today
    Why should I fear the grim reaper after all I've been through
    Since I fought in the trenches in Europe in World War 2.... more »

  • Old Dino

    Old Dino one of the happiest people in the town
    He is always smiling yet to see him feeling down
    An octogenarian he is eighty three
    He first saw light of day in Rome in Italy... more »

  • Old Dino From Milan

    Old Dino from Milan his hair silver gray
    Is one i see often though not every day
    Sometimes with rod and line he is fishing from the pier on the bay
    A hobby he enjoys to pass time away... more »

  • Old Dog Hal

    The farmer he felt sad the day
    His poor old dog did pass away
    The old dog his name it was Hal
    He was the farmer's truest pal.... more »

  • Old Dorothy The Cat

    Old Dorothy the cat is getting weary
    And she is not as nimble as she used to be
    And catching mice has never felt such hard work
    And she finds it harder now to climb a tree.... more »

  • Old Duhallow Again

    I may never meet old Duhallow again
    Or in Spring hear the breeding frogs croaking in the waterlogged drain
    Or see the Boggeraghs half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain
    Of such things memories are all I have left to retain... more »

  • Old Ed

    Old Ed came home a hero from a war far away
    The bravest of the brave a sad old man today
    His only son Tom in his early twenties committed suicide
    And ten years ago his wife of fifty years Ann of a heart attack died... more »

  • Old Enough

    Old enough to hold a car and truck licence and old enough to vote
    And old enough to have a gun licence and operate a small fishing boat
    And old enough to recognize an apple from a quince
    Yet not old enough to be blessed with much sense... more »

  • Old Fellow John

    How sad indeed life can be for some like the old fellow John
    Up to ten years ago bright and lucid all memories from him have gone
    He does not even recognize his carer Kate his devoted wife
    The mother of his children and his soulmate for life... more »

  • Old Francie The Rhymer

    Old Francie the rhymer will never be a poet
    Nor is he one worthy of literary note
    But true to his calling he writes rhymes every day
    We are what we are as the wise one does say... more »

  • Old Fred The Sugar Daddy

    He wears a dark crown topper for to cover his bald head
    But his gray sides and sideburns the give away for Fred
    With the body of an old man his years he cannot hide
    And what he lacks in humility he makes up for in pride.... more »

  • Old Gabby

    Old Gabby say the harder you work the sooner you'll be dead
    Just always work at your own pace it pays to use your head
    Just keep looking busy me friend pace yourself through the day
    To work hard like a driven slave won't get you extra pay.... more »

  • Old Garrett

    Of his travels he has many stories and tales
    Old Garrett whose life's journey began in Cardiff in Wales
    At a young age the wanderlust in him for the World out there to be seen
    He said goodbye to his mum and dad and his younger brother Glen when he turned nineteen... more »

  • Old Garry

    The old man ten doors down from me to many is a stranger
    But in Europe in 1941 he fought in the gap of danger
    Still you won't ever hear him say of how he fought for glory
    He seldom talks about himself or tells of his life story.... more »

  • Old Garry The Poet

    Old Garry doesn't seem to mind the tag of the Poetaster the
    Local Laureate of Doggerel
    And he doesn't give credence to the hereafter condemned forever to the Poetasters Hell
    For he will tell you there is nothing out there that there isn''t any life beyond the grave... more »

  • Old George

    Old George is a disrespectful fellow he does not admire Australia's queen
    He says I would surely admire her were she in her twenties attractive and lean
    She may have a royal title but royalty or titles do nothing for me
    She is one who surely looks her age and her I would not go to see.... more »

  • Old George From Athens

    Old George from Athens his hair silver gray
    And surely he has known of a far better day
    The last time the shores of Greece he did see
    Was when he left it by ship in nineteen fifty three... more »

  • Old Goran

    As happy as Larry of him one might say
    Old Goran the Croatian he laughs every day
    At the local pub he always leads in the cheer
    His laugh it grows louder with every beer... more »

  • Old Guiseppe

    Old Guiseppe he talks of Rome every day
    The City he was born and raised in from here far away
    Perhaps he will die in Geelong in Victoria a long way from home
    Far south of his beloved City of Rome... more »

  • Old Guiseppe The Fiddler

    Old Guiseppe the fiddler he lives on our street
    As happy a fellow as one could wish to meet
    He plays on his front porch old tunes every day
    The music of Italy so far away... more »