• Old Harry

    Amnesia has clouded his mind and all to him a stranger
    But many many years ago he fought in gap of danger
    His health is good though bent and gray ninety five in September
    Without a memory in his mind since the past he cannot remember... more »

  • Old Harry The Bachelor

    Old Harry the bachelor is a cynical bloke
    Since he does look at life as a bit of a joke
    He says he is one without any uni degrees
    Though they too have been known to cough and to sneeze... more »

  • Old Heroes

    In their young years they were fearless and proved themselves brave
    But old heroes will only find peace in the grave
    They still bear their old grudges against the old foe
    That they carry from battles they fought in many decades ago... more »

  • Old Hibernia Again

    I may never see old Hibernia again
    Or walk in her fields in the wind and the rain
    Or in the chilly dawn hear the caw of the gray crow
    When the old hill is wearing his cold hat of snow... more »

  • Old Hills Around Archies Creek

    Old hills around Archies Creek you once had many trees
    Before Cook and his sailors sailed down the southern seas
    And placed the flag of England on this far southern shore
    And something of great beauty to be changed forever more.... more »

  • Old Illowa

    Of the coastal Moyne Shire a gem in the crown
    Illowa between Warrnambool City and Koroit Town
    A coastal undulating at most times green countryside
    Where in all Seasons Nature's peace and beauty abide... more »

  • Old Jack

    Than any singer i know more songs he has sung
    Old Jack may be getting old but he does feel young
    He never did father children or never did have a wife
    But women are very much part of his life... more »

  • Old Jack At The Corner

    Old Jack at the corner he is his own man
    With a mind of his own his type do seem quite rare
    He does not have a political party he does not talk sport
    But he is kind hearted and with others he share.... more »

  • Old Jack O

    Eventually we all become victims of time
    Old Jack O a great athlete in his life's prime
    The years of living on his body does show
    The man who once ran fast is now walking slow... more »

  • Old Jack The Dog

    He was hit by a car as a puppy which left him in a lot of pain
    And though he did recover from his injury the handicap he did retain
    His hind legs they did not seem quite right and he could not run at a fast pace
    But he was a good dog to work cattle and he kept the bull in his place.... more »

  • Old Jack The Poet

    A thousand poems at least worthy of note
    Have been written by the old bard 'Jack the Poet'
    And since they dismiss his verse as doggerel
    His words for the literary critics 'go to hell'... more »

  • Old Jacky From Geelong

    Old Jacky he has worked in many a town
    And many a street he has walked up and down
    Since he left Geelong when he was nineteen
    He has done lots of traveling and many places has seen... more »

  • Old Jake

    Old Jake can lay claim to the tag of the true evergreen
    So much of the great World we live in he has seen
    Unmarried he fathered a daughter who has children to him she does not live anywhere near
    One he has not seen for well over a year,... more »

  • Old James

    Old James often talks of his old English hill
    And he fancies he hears the babble of the rill
    That flows to the river that to the sea flow
    By grove and by wood and many a hedgerow.... more »

  • Old Jane

    How sad very sad for some life can be
    Old jane is a woman i often do see
    Walking on the street or the town park and always on her own
    Far better and happier days in her life she has known... more »

  • Old Jedder

    It surely is a dog's life after all
    Old Jedder after years of chasing ball
    Her arthritic hips damaged beyond repair
    And her balance going the price of wear and tear.... more »

  • Old Jenny

    The children taunt old Jenny they say you can't chew meat
    And you must eat your porridge you don't have any teeth
    They call her Gummy Jenny and then they run away
    And when she yells 'you go to hell' it only makes their day.... more »

  • Old Jill

    That time takes care of all things none ought to deny
    She sits in her kennel and barks at the sky
    Old Jill the dark brown chow chow her muzzle is gray
    And clearly she has lived a far better day... more »

  • Old Jim

    Old Jim likes to talk of when he was a young man
    Virile, fit and healthy and full of elan
    And of the women he made love to too many to name
    Long before the passing of time left him weary and tame... more »

  • Old Jim From Derrinagree

    He'd like to spend his last days in the homeplace
    In the Village he left in 1943
    As a twenty year old and almost in his prime day
    Beyond Duhallow there was much to see.... more »

  • Old Jim From Mayo

    Old Jim from Mayo looks up at the moon
    Back home right now it must be close to noon
    And rain is falling clouds are dark to gray
    Above the brown hills half a World away.... more »

  • Old Jim In His Eighties

    Though for many years in their grave they do lay
    Old Jim in his eighties his hair silver gray
    Does talk of his father and mother today
    As if they are living and healthy and feeling okay... more »

  • Old Jim In The Pub

    In the local pub old Jim of his sexual conquests always bragging
    But he never tells of how young Andy next door his wife Kate is shagging
    For that to his big ego would be so deflating
    And any man such a thing would not be celebrating... more »

  • Old Jim Next Door

    In an age when celebrity worship is seen as the in thing
    The praises of the wealthy and famous many love to sing
    But few sing the praises of old Jim next door
    Quite frail on his last birthday he turned eighty four,... more »

  • Old Jim One I See Often

    Old Jim one i see often though not every day
    About him he has such a likeable way
    An octogenarian he is eighty three
    Though he looks ten years younger than that to me... more »