• On Listening To The News On Radio Today

    On listening to the news on radio today
    A report from the Arctic far away
    That starving polar bears are killing and eating their own kind
    Since seals due to thinning ice for them are hard to find... more »

  • On Literary Critics

    It is said some of the failed writers become literary critics instead
    And though well educated and very well read
    It should not be up to them for to decide
    The winners and losers of the literary divide... more »

  • On Live And Let Live

    We should live for to live and let live
    And help those of helping in need
    And not be taking more than we give
    And for our good karma plant the good seed... more »

  • On Long Bill Corellas

    Compared to most their range is a small range Though within their range in numbers they abound
    Slightly red under throat their white breast feathers soiled from digging up bulbs from the ground
    They are known as long bill corellas they nest high in hole in a tall tree
    In paddocks in South Western Victoria in large flocks one often them does see... more »

  • On Long Billed Corellas

    With their long hooked beaks they dig for tubers in the ground
    And though their range is small in large flocks they abound
    Their feathers are white one might say white as snow
    Though little about them I can claim to know... more »

  • On Long Billed Corellas At Twilight

    In the gathering twilight as the sun is going down
    On the tall gum trees in the park of the town
    The long billed corellas are squawking loudly birds bereft of song
    To the cockatoo family they do belong... more »

  • On Longfellow's Village Blacksmith

    When Longfellow penned 'The Village Blacksmith' he wrote of a different way of life
    When the farrier shod horses and worked hard in his forge all day to support his kids and wife
    But a lot of changes since that time and ways of life have changed since then
    The Blacksmiths of Longfellow's time are now antiquated men.... more »

  • On Looking Back The Seasons

    On looking back the Seasons i realize how quickly time has gone
    And the clock on my life ever keeps ticking on
    Some four decades ago i was in my life's prime
    And now in my late sixties i am running out of time... more »

  • On Looking For God

    On looking for God I searched in bush and tree
    But Nature's green beauty is all I did see
    I looked in the river and I looked in the rill
    And I looked in the lake in the vale by the hill... more »

  • On Magpie Geese

    On the wetlands covered in water from the recent heavy rain
    The magpie geese among other water birds back in Tower Hill again
    By sky they do travel for many miles from places far and wide
    To the wetlands in the coastal countryside... more »

  • On Magpie Larks

    Familiar to many of them one might say
    These black and white mud nesting birds one does see every day
    Known as mudlark or magpie lark or to some as pee wee
    They build cup shaped nest of mud on fork of low branch of tree... more »

  • On Magpies

    The juvenile magpie feels hungry it's parents bring it tidbits of food
    But it does not seem satisfied it is in a begging mood
    One of the parents bring it a mouse it had killed too big for the young one to eat
    In Nature all smaller things are prey to those with a taste for meat... more »

  • On Magpies Singing At Night

    The white backed magpie singing in the stillness of the night
    In the park his flute is echoing in the October moonlight
    A marvellous feathered songster his notes melodious and clear
    He always sings his finest in the Springtime of the year... more »

  • On Malcolm Turnbull

    Malcolm Turnbull is a popular Australian Prime Minister most Australians would agree
    But he acts as one who feels rather precious to me
    His posh accent is not of the down to earth class
    On the Malcolm fan club i think i will pass... more »

  • On Malcolm Turnbull's Memory Lapse

    That Australia's Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has pre alzheimer's well may be so
    He does not remember the name of fellow party member and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott his greatest political foe
    When asked to comment on Tony the current P M Malcolm could not remember his name
    Which does seem rather puzzling as well as quite strange just the same... more »

  • On Maldon Today

    On Mt Tarrengower the sun may not shine today
    The sky over Maldon is looking quite gray
    The weather changes quickly in central Victoria in May
    With the calendar Winter just a few sleeps away... more »

  • On Mangan

    He lived in the famine years the National bard of Ireland
    And that he died as a pauper at a young age not hard to understand
    Since he was a poor person and tough times he had known
    But as a poet James Clarence Mangan was in a class of his own... more »

  • On Mangan And Dark Rosaleen

    To him Ireland she was his Dark Rosaleen
    And for as long as the fields of Ireland remain green
    That beautiful poem is destined to live on
    When others to posterity will have long gone,... more »

  • On Mangan's 'A Vision Of Connacht'

    I walked entranced
    Through a land of morn
    The sun with wondrous excess of light
    Shone down and glanced over seas of corn... more »

  • On Mangan's Cathal Mor

    When Mangan wrote of 'Cathal Mor Of The Wine Red hand'
    A great ruler of Connacht in the thirteenth century Ireland
    His great poem was inspired from Irish oral history
    When the people of the West of Ireland knew of great prosperity... more »

  • On March The Third

    Wherever i turn to look i marvel at what i do see
    The beauty of Nature is all around me
    The weather is pleasantly warm though not too hot at all
    On the third day of March in the southern Fall... more »

  • On Margaret Court's Anti Gay Rant

    In her prime years the best in the World but in thinking she seems rather small
    She has publicly stated she does not like gay people to speak her beliefs is her right
    That because Qantas does support gay people she will never more board a Qantas flight
    Margaret Court is a religious person and on her religious views quite extreme... more »

  • On Marriage

    That marriage can lead to happiness there is no guarantee
    Some marriages does end in acrimony
    If there never was marriage would you not agree
    We would never know of the word bigamy... more »

  • On Mary Duggan Healy's Eightieth Birthday

    She was born as Mary Duggan just west of Millstreet Town
    In Claraghatlea where on Clara Mountain looks down
    She grew into a beautiful young woman kind, caring and wise
    With dark wavy hair and lovely blue eyes... more »

  • On Mateship

    Some talk of their mates and what Mateship's about
    But the greatness of Mateship is open to doubt
    What is one person's truth is another person's lie
    And so few for their mates would be prepared to die.... more »