• On Maura Sullivan's Illness

    I have heard that Maura Sullivan from Main Street in Millstreet Town
    Of late has not been feeeling well she's been a little down
    But she is feeling better now at least that's what I hear
    And that worrying times behind her and happy times so near.... more »

  • On Meeting A Chinese Girl

    In quite broken English to me she did say
    Me do come from China from here far away
    Me an exchange student me only nineteen
    In Australia this big Land so much to be seen... more »

  • On Meeting A Friendly Person

    She smiled at me in such a friendly way
    Saying isn't it a warm and pleasant day
    A woman in her sixties one might say
    She showed her years in wrinkles and in gray.... more »

  • On Meeting A Koroit Woman

    It has been many years since she left Koroit Town
    Back in the mid seventies when her hair was light brown
    To learn about life in the big World out there
    The journey in life for some lead to elsewhere... more »

  • On Meeting A Woman From Kanturk

    One can say of her she is ageing with grace
    The wrinkles of time on her beautiful face
    Her shoulder length wavy hair silvery gray
    In the Town of Kanturk she first saw light of day... more »

  • On Meeting An Ex Geordie

    She walks her three golden retrievers in the park by her home every day
    A young woman with only the slightest accent though she came from a Land far away
    A Geordie from distant Manchester with straight shoulder length blondish hair
    Perhaps maybe in her late thirties so likeable and free of care.... more »

  • On Meeting John And Eileen Tarrant

    I had not seen John and Eileen for years
    And saying goodbye brought me that close to tears
    For those last goodbyes are always hard to say
    And this time next week they will be far away... more »

  • On Meeting Margaret Kelleher

    I met her in Wantirna South her son Mick threw a party
    And she looks younger than her years and she seems hale and hearty
    She's been a friend from way way back and than her there's none beter
    And I feel happy that we've met quite happy to have met her.... more »

  • On Meeting Mick Kelleher

    Thirty five years in Australia and living half a World away
    From the north Cork Town of Millstreet and the fields of Claraghatlea
    When he talks of Millstreet in Duhallow he refers to it as home
    And that strange thing called nostalgia as of yet he's not outgrown.... more »

  • On Meeting Mick Kelleher And Mick Kissane

    For men more than three score years they do look rather well
    Mick Kelleher and Mick Kissane i met them at the Mickey Bourke Hotel
    Many miles from Mt Evelyn and San Remo in Koroit's Irish Town
    On our four hours drinking session memory lane we went down... more »

  • On Meeting Pat Evans

    I last met Pat Evans in Wonthaggi at the Miner's Rest Hotel
    At 9 P.M. on Easter Saturday my short term memory serves me well
    I felt happy for to meet him as I'd not seen him for six years
    And we talked about the good times as we sunk a couple of beers.... more »

  • On Meeting Young People In Benalla

    I sat scribbling on the sidewalk in Benalla Country Town
    By the bridge of Broken river where the water flow gray brown
    I was on the road to nowhere, i was merely passing time
    Defacing Benalla sidewalk with my worthless slipshod rhyme.... more »

  • On Melanie Mumford

    She helps out the misplaced Iraqis, the Iranians and the Sudanese
    And the Afghans as well as many others condemned to be boat refugees
    The people Australia's Government do not make welcome on their behalf she works tirelessly
    The wonderful Melanie Mumford few with such compassion as she.... more »

  • On Melbourne Cup Day

    In thoroughbred racing the Melbourne Cup is Australia's big day
    And at Flemington Racecourse thousands of big egos are on display
    But just a vulgar show of riches would you not agree
    In a World where millions of people are in dire poverty... more »

  • On Michael And Margaret Dineen's Golden Jubilee Wedding

    I see a photo of them on their golden jubilee on the Millstreet Web Site
    A couple that I visually did know
    On sundays they used to attend eleven o clock mass in Millstreet
    When I was younger many years ago.... more »

  • On Michael Dineen's Ninetieth Birthday

    On Sundays at 11 a m mass in Millstreet with their two daughters and son they were often seen
    When they lived in Kilcorney Michael and Margaret Dineen
    Before they moved to Pound Hill in Millstreet Town where they live today
    On looking back the Seasons how fast time does tick away... more »

  • On Michael's And Donal's Unspeakable And Uneatable

    The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable, a quote from a wilde play most are aware
    He was referring to foxhunting but that too could apply to hunters of the hare
    But the cooked fox can be edible though far from the tastiest of meat
    Taste buds belong to the well fed if you are hungry you will eat... more »

  • On Mick Kelleher

    In 1968 he left Claraghatlea to work with his uncle Phil Cronin far south of old Duhallow
    To Melbourne in Victoria his life's destiny to follow
    He married a good Aussie woman Rosemary Cronan of his children the mother
    After almost forty years of married life as man and wife still together.... more »

  • On Mick Kissane's Illness

    A mutual friend did ring me with some sad news to tell
    It is now public knowledge Mick Kissane is not feeling well
    In his life's greatest battle far south of old Kenmare
    A battle that he will win for men like him are rare... more »

  • On Migration

    Whether they live in Paris or London or New York or Rome
    Most migrants refer to where they were born in and raised as home
    Or anywhere else in the big World out there
    Home to most migrants is always elsewhere... more »

  • On Millstreet's Duhallow Championship Win

    For the Millstreet Gaelic Football fans for a Duhallow A Championship an eleven years wait
    But with the famed green and gold they did keep faith
    And in the twenty fourteen Duhallow Final against Knocknagree in Banteer
    The loyal Millstreet fans had good reason to cheer... more »

  • On Millstreet's Munster Semi Final Loss To Brosna

    To lose to Kerry's best with honor in any grade of gaelic football is never a disgrace
    And though for Millstreet in the Munster junior club final there will not be a place
    Their fans and players will remember the year of twenty fourteen
    For it was a great year for the gold and the green... more »

  • On Money

    The praises of moneyed people many like to sing
    And though money is quite important it cannot buy everything
    Those with very poor health money cannot enjoy
    That is something I learned as a very young boy... more »

  • On Moses Fifth Commandment

    To some 'tis mythology though many say 'tis God's will
    Moses Fifth Commandment states 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'
    Does this apply to humans only or life forms of all kind
    The true answer to such in books you will not find... more »

  • On Most Subject Matters

    On most subject matters we do disagree
    But your life is as important to you as my life is to me
    On that one matter there's little doubt you and I
    Without reservation do see eye to eye... more »