• On Superb Lyrebirds

    An amazing bird it would seem fair of him to say
    I have seen the male superb lyrebird on his mound in his courtship display
    With his lyre shaped tail above his back a thing of beauty to see
    For as long as i live the memory will be with me... more »

  • On Swinburne

    It is true that Swinburne with words had a way
    Though long dead his poems they are widely read today
    He did bridge the gap between modern and rhyme
    One of the most popular poets of his time... more »

  • On Talking To A Royalist

    Without meaning to show disrespect to your Queen
    Like you and I her better days she has seen
    Were she born of non royal parents the judgemental of her would say
    She looks fairly ordinary withered and gray.... more »

  • On Talking To An Old Italian Man

    So many years since nineteen thirty three
    When I came here from Northern Italy
    The language of Australia I could not speak
    And many people thought I was a Greek.... more »

  • On Talking To Christine Gillespie

    She was in Ireland drove through Connemara
    Two years ago in June in ninety eight
    She found the weather cold and wet for Summer
    But otherwise her memories are great... more »

  • On Talking To Denis

    He is the youngest of our family
    And it has been twenty years since him I last did see
    But lately I spoke to him and one of his sons Richard by phone
    Talking to him took me back to good times we have known.... more »

  • On Talking To Jerry Moynihan On The Phone

    I met this Father Sweeney his ancestors from Millstreet
    And he said I know a person you might like to meet
    His name is Jerry Moynihan a Millstreet man like you
    Though he's been in Australia since nineteen fifty two.... more »

  • On Talking To John Joe And Helen Daly

    Visiting their son John and daughter Gillian in Sydney John Joe Daly and Helen his wife
    I spoke to them by telephone I've known him most of my life
    All of the way from Millstreet in Duhallow ten thousand miles or more
    They have made the long and tiring Journey to Australia's sunny shore.... more »

  • On Talking To Michael Kelleher

    I spoke to Michael Kelleher on the phone today
    He talked of places from here far away
    Far inland from Hibernia's Atlantic shore
    The fields of Claraghatlea and Claramore.... more »

  • On Talking To One Who Had Been Retrenched

    I feel worn out, my legs feel tired, been walking all the day
    From factory to factory in search of work but no work sad to say
    And everywhere the answer no the answer much the same
    We are sorry mate there are no jobs here but leave your phone number and name.... more »

  • On Talking To The Caseys

    It has been more than twenty years and in that there's many a dawn
    Since I have seen the high fields of green old Tooreenbawn
    My sister Margaret and her husband Michael Casey lives there and there they raised their family
    And it has been two decades since any of them I see.... more »

  • On Terrys Hill

    On the high ground in the freshening winds their branches gently wave
    The huge gum trees known as mountain ash in the Woodland of Belgrave
    And the laughter of the kookaburras familiar and quite shrill
    Echoes in the silent dawn across old Terrys Hill.... more »

  • On The 09 All Ireland Football Final

    For the Cork Gaelic Footballers another humbling defeat
    By their neighbours Kerry in Croke Park once more they've been beat
    In Gaelic Football in Ireland Kerry to the fore
    With 36 All Ireland titles and their fans hoping for more.... more »

  • On The 2013 Australian Federal Election

    A Federal Election in September in Spring
    The politicians on the hustings their own praises do sing
    In their electioneering in every village and city and town
    Politician laud their own parties and run their opponents down... more »

  • On The Abuse Of Our Earth Mother

    The wealthiest person in his suburb today
    For to remove trees for to build factories and houses his workers he pay
    By his workers so many trees have been cut down
    For to make him the wealthiest man in the town... more »

  • On The Adelaide Hills

    There is not one gray cloud in the blue and sunny sky
    Where the brown hills of Adelaide are so bare and dry
    Not a sight of an animal sheep, goat, cow, roo, rabbit or hare
    Just shriveled tufts of grass where the sun dried ground is bare... more »

  • On The Apology To The Stolen Generation

    P M Kevin Rudd's apology to Australia's Indigenous Stolen Generation was so long overdue
    Those who will tell you otherwise to a fair go not true
    Children forcibly removed from their parents just because of their race
    The wounds still only healing of an Australian disgrace... more »

  • On The Arrest Of Milosevic (2001)

    'The butcher of the Balkans' is behind bars in jail
    Awaiting trial in Belgrade he won't be out on bail
    For fraud and for corruption against the Serbian state
    But his crimes against humanity than that seem far more great.... more »

  • On The Australian Federal Election 2013

    Julia Gillard is trying her outmost Australia's Prime Ministership to retain
    But her support is dwindling in the polls which is Tony Abbott's gain
    Tony could be Australia's next Prime Minster in September it is now looking this way
    Julia with the voters is on the nose it looks like she has had her day... more »

  • On The Bali Bombings (October 02)

    For those who did this one can't find excuses and when caught they will not be shown any sympathy
    They murdered and injured hundreds of people in a callous act of inhumanity
    And as per usual 'twas the innocents who suffered they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
    Enjoying themselves in a well known Bali Night Club in any case that ought not be a crime.... more »

  • On The Ballad Of Reading Jail

    The Ballad of Reading Jail by Oscar Wilde is something worth the read
    It is a poem of quality a major poem indeed
    It's author was a famous man and he lives on in renown
    And he spend some time as we well know in the Jail of Reading Town.... more »

  • On The Banks Of The Yarra

    On it's way to Melbourne through many a bush town
    The banks of the Yarra look sunbaked and brown
    On through dry and bare paddocks on towards the sea shore
    Where it has flowed forever and will flow forever more.... more »

  • On The Bard Of Knocknagree

    It is thanks to the likes of Jerry O'Leary of Umeraboy that Ned Buckleys poems are living
    In the book of Ned's poems he has given to Knocknagree a gift that is worth giving
    When it comes to Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra's literary greats his name is worthy of mention
    The poems of the famous Bard Of Knocknagree are well worthy of attention... more »

  • On The Beach At Venus Bay

    Such a nice day out of doors on this bright and sunny day
    Just enjoying a pleasant walk on the beach at Venus Bay
    See a young man in his swim wear in the Summer sun he lay
    With his blond girl friend by his side looking better than okay... more »

  • On The Beauty Of Nature

    The beauty of Nature is all around me
    White flowers in clusters in bloom on the pittosporum tree
    And the yellow capeweed in bloom in the prime of the Spring
    And on bush and tree nesting birds whistle and sing... more »