• On The Beijing Olympics

    The Chinese Government never should have got the Olympic Games their culture to celebrate
    News of crimes against humanity filtering out of Tibet of late
    The Chinese Government ordered their troops against unarmed demonstrators with the orders of shoot to kill
    As human rights go nothing has changed in China and suppose it never will.... more »

  • On The Birth Of Ella Harmony

    Ella Harmony is a bonny baby girl a daughter for Lisa and Shane
    In her coming into their lives has made them so happy a blessing of joy they did gain
    One for them can only feel happy in their blond little girl of the Spring
    When the sun on old Croydon is shining and the nesting birds whistle and sing... more »

  • On The Blackbird

    When the blackbird's melodious voice you hear
    You know it's Springtime of the year
    For only in Summer and all through Spring
    The gold bill bird is known to sing... more »

  • On The Blackwater Swim

    To be truthful i am not one bit surprised for to hear
    That the organizers of The Boeing swim in the New Year
    Are advertising online for new swimming volunteers
    For most thoughts of a dip in icy waters never gives rise to cheers... more »

  • On The Boeing Swim 2013

    In Brian Sullivan's Mal Paso Pub in Millstreet a check presentation was made
    To the Canon O Donovan Center such kindness from the memory will not fade
    From The Boeing New Year Swim close to four thousand euros this is not bad at all
    In anyone's language of money such an amount is not small... more »

  • On The Booing Of Adam Goodes

    The booing of famous A F L footballer and former Australian of the year Adam Goodes a moment of Australian shame
    Just racism in the name of sport for want of a better name
    By a crowd of racist yobbos who will never know of fame
    But for the bad behavior of a loutish minority a whole Nation of people not to blame... more »

  • On The Boys And Girls I Went To School With

    Some of them live in and near Millstreet yet and some from Duhallow far away
    And in Mother Earth's bosom some of them forever lay
    Some of them ageing naturally and some with dye cover their gray
    The boys and girls I grew up with where might they be today... more »

  • On The Brink Of Despair

    In his early thirties gray through his dark brown hair
    The man who does live on the brink of despair
    On strong doctor prescribed medication for sanity of mind
    Yet in his ways he is compassionate and kind... more »

  • On The British Royal Wedding

    For any poor person what's to celebrate
    Of the British Royal wedding of William and Kate
    Just royal propaganda that and nothing more
    Such stuff i have heard of and seen far too often before.... more »

  • On The Brush Tail Possums In The Backyard

    Most wild born creatures when they see humans disappear from sight
    But in the backyard i put out slices of apples for possums every night
    They try to climb up my pants as if i were an apple tree
    As a source of food they only see me... more »

  • On The Butter Road

    From the heights of Mushera the gray mountain fog
    Silently steals across the Butter Road and cloaks Togher Bog
    In poor driving conditions frost, fog and snow
    On the narrow high mountain roadways drivers must drive slow... more »

  • On The Chinese Cemetery At Vaughan

    The lure of gold brought them from a Land far away
    And in unmarked graves in Vaughan their remains do lay
    Far from China they lived their last night and day
    In our destiny in life we do not have a say... more »

  • On The Corella Scaring In Koroit

    A few evening a week Moyne Shire Council use their bird scarers to scare long billed corellas out of Koroit Town
    At least twenty loud bangs sometimes nearer to thirty in the fading twilight just after sundown
    The corellas fly from the tall trees making quite a racket the evening sky full of their loud frightened cries
    But this is not the last time Koroitians see or hear the corellas which hardly does come at any great surprise... more »

  • On The Cork Hurlers Strike

    The best hurlers will not be playing for the Rebel County this year
    At least not under coach Gerald McCarthy for Cork fans such sad news to hear
    The Liam McCarthy Cup this year won't be coming to the hurling City by the Lee
    Without Cork's best hurling only half dressed as hurling fans all would agree... more »

  • On The Danish Royal Visit

    She is married to Prince Frederik of Denmark something of which most can only dream
    But a princess by birth or inheritance is a princess or so it would seem
    But I'm one who doesn't believe in royalty and about that I've always been frank
    Since royalty stands for class distinction and I hate the snobbery of rank.... more »

  • On The Day Our Mother Died

    For our family such a tearful day to say different would be a lie
    In a Cork hospital our mum was dying her wish was to come home to die
    But in the family car she did not make it home as she died on the way
    We all grow old with memories of our life's saddest day... more »

  • On The Day That Brandy Died

    A cold wind from the mountains blew across the bare countryside
    And behind the low gray clouds of rain the sun in permanence did hide
    Old Brandy she was dying our brown companion dog
    She never more would chase a hare in Jack the Master's bog... more »

  • On The Day That Mum Died

    The weather was wintery on the day that Mum died
    The cold winds of February blew across the countryside
    For years ailing of lung cancer her end painful and slow
    Of suffering in her life she surely did know... more »

  • On The Day That Pudsy Died

    A cold fog from the mountain stole across the countryside
    And cloaked the fields in greyness on the day that Pudsy died
    She had survived many life's battles and she did not die easily
    Like her I too must go the way of time whenever that will be.... more »

  • On The Death Of A Celebrity

    Though his passing has caused many tears for to flow
    How can I weep for one I did not know
    Mourned by his fans and friends and family and by his fourth wife
    He did know of fame and fortune in his life.... more »

  • On The Death Of A Friend

    By sense of loss I now feel moved to tears
    And I have not felt so sad as this for years
    And deeper, deeper cuts the mental knife
    Since work mate he gave up his gift of life.... more »

  • On The Death Of Charlie Brown

    Of Summer, Ella, Shane and Lisa his human family the pride
    Charlie Brown the golden labrador of snakebite toxin has died
    Their dog grieved by the family for them such a sad day
    Life has it's joys and sorrows but it has always been this way... more »

  • On The Death Of 'Flo Jo'

    Arguably the greatest woman athlete ever
    The story of her greatness has been told
    'Flo Jo' the former World champion sprinter
    And Flo Jo the winner of Olympic Gold,... more »

  • On The Death Of Kerry Packer

    Australia's wealthiest person Kerry Packer has died the breath of life from him has gone
    Seven billion in money 'twas said that he had but life without him will go on
    Sixty eight years of age he was not very old his money failed to keep him alive
    And only the healthiest few it does seem to a ripe old age do survive,... more »

  • On The Death Of Margaret Kelleher

    In Claraghatlea she raised her family
    She had lived there for half a century
    And in Claraghatlea her life came to an end
    And you could not wish for a better friend.... more »