• On The Death Of Mother Teresa (9-97)

    I heard the news this morning when I switched on the T.V.
    Mother Teresa had passed away and of suffering was free
    And though such sad tidings made me sad I felt no urge for tears
    For one who had achieved so much in eighty seven years.... more »

  • On The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden did seal his own fate
    But in his assassination what is to celebrate
    Since terrorism as we know it in the World will live on
    And as a terrorist mastermind his time had gone... more »

  • On The Death Of Peter Hayes

    You won't find any life around where his remains will lay
    And words of praise won't bring him back his soul has gone away
    And though he died young at fifty one suppose he had his day
    And for flying in fast planes you might say there is a price to pay.... more »

  • On The Death Of Sam

    That your dog is your best friend many would believe
    For the loss of his dog Bruce Lowenthal does grieve
    It is said that Sam died a victim of snakebite
    He was brave to the end the brave west highland white... more »

  • On The Derrinagree Post Office Closure

    Time brings with it changes is how it seems to be
    The Post Office run for sixty four years by Christina O Connell has closed in Derrinagree
    Another chapter in Duhallow's history has come to a close
    That time is the instigator of change one would have to suppose... more »

  • On The Eighteenth Day Of August

    The nest building male songbirds do whistle and sing
    In less that two weeks from the southern calendar Spring
    But the cool dampness of Winter is in the chilly breeze
    Though new leaves are beginning to bud on some of the deciduous trees... more »

  • On The Erection Of A New Cross

    On the second sunday in august nineteen and eighty four
    Twenty six men scaled Clara heights above green Claramore
    And with them went a tractor with a huge steel cross on board
    And how that tractor laboured and how it's engine roared.... more »

  • On The Eve Of New Year's Eve

    Suppose to be thirty degrees on New Year's Day if the weather forecast you can believe
    But it is quite cool and blustery on the eve of New Year's Eve
    Without much warmth in the sunshine for the time of year
    In the cool spell between the heat waves and warmer weather near... more »

  • On The Execution Of Timothy Mcveigh

    He will be long remembered due to his heinous crime
    For such barbaric acts of cowardliness don't fade away in time
    Because of him one hundred and sixty eight had died and he left many with horrific injuries
    And memories of him will live on like all bad memories.... more »

  • On The Federal Election

    The Australian Federal Election is six weeks away
    And campaigning politicians are begging for votes every day
    Their desire for power is addictive 'twould seem
    How far some do go for their own self esteem.... more »

  • On The Federal Election Of 2001

    All I see are two ageing power hungry men squabbling for the lion's share
    And who will win Howard or Beazley? don't ask me as I do not care
    The Labor party and the Coalition seem very much the same to me
    As neither of them have once promised for to combat poverty.... more »

  • On The Finnow Bridge At Drishane

    Just down from the river bridge at Drishane Finnow and Blackwater meet
    And in the wood the magpie chatters in the flat fields of Millstreet
    And the Autumn fade to Winter and the hill wear hat of snow
    But green Spring will bring her flowers to Summer and the Seasons come and go.... more »

  • On The First Day Of December

    On the first day of December and the calendar Summer in the coastal Moyne Shire
    So much natural green beauty for one to admire
    The warm sun glowing in a sky blue and gray
    Who could not but be happy on such a nice day... more »

  • On The First Day Of Spring

    This morning in the gray of dawn on the first day of Spring
    In the backyard i did hear the male blackbird sing
    A voice from once heard one could never get wrong
    The dark golden bill bird has a beautiful unmistakable song... more »

  • On The First Of May

    It is such a beautiful and sunny day
    And for coastal south west Victoria quite warm for the first of May
    A weather temperature high of a pleasant twenty degrees
    With only the slightest of a mild coastal breeze... more »

  • On The Flag Of The Southern Cross

    On the flagpost in the freshening winds the flag of the Southern Cross
    That brave workers once fought under does flap and wave and toss
    In Ballarat in Australia where history was made
    For their rights brave men died fighting at the Eureka Stockade... more »

  • On The Forums

    On the internet literary websites the opinionated are not rare
    Their idea of what is or is not good writing with the World they do like to share
    The praises of those they think write well they do sing
    A small bit of knowledge is a marvellous thing.... more »

  • On The Fourth Day Of March

    The pleasant aroma of the peppercorn trees
    That come wafting to me in the evening breeze
    And on the nearby pond the shy moorhen call
    On the fourth day of March and the southern Fall.... more »

  • On The Gneeves Windmills

    The Gneeves I remember was a quiet old bog
    In cool and damp weather a place of gray fog
    In Summer there men shlauned out dark peat for to dry
    For to warm their homes when Winter winds howled in the sky... more »

  • On The Goddess Of Nature

    So many years I've known her yet so little of her know
    Yet my love for her does not lessen it only seems to grow
    Amazing Mother Nature her beauty everywhere
    The Goddess of this Planet Earth none with her to compare... more »

  • On The Goddess Of Poesy

    The Goddess of Poesy the Goddess of Song
    To the Universal immortals she surely belong
    The poets of the World her praises do sing
    The gift of poetry to their souls she does bring.... more »

  • On The Gold Coast

    On the Gold Coast the weather in all Seasons mostly warm and fine
    And on most days of the year there many hours of sunshine
    In the sea there people do swim every day
    On the Gold Coast of Queensland from here far away... more »

  • On The Gold Of Queensland

    Fair skinned residents are rare in every Gold Coast Town
    Most people in Southern Queensland from the sun are brown
    Further north in the tropics warmer by a few degrees
    Though relief from the heat in the evenings in the cool coastal breeze... more »

  • On The Governor General Controversy

    The Governor General of Australia is in trouble one might say
    And perhaps the time has come for Peter Hollingworth for to give the job away
    His accusers seem too many and his friends far too few
    And to resign it would seem for him the proper thing to do.... more »

  • On The Gray Shrike Thrush

    You hear him once you cannot get him wrong
    The gray shrike thrush does have a lovely song
    With light brown back and unders of light gray
    Birds i see often though not every day... more »