• On The Grumpy Old Man

    Close to if not eighty of time quite a span
    I often see him walking in the park the grumpy old man
    I said hello to him a few times but me he choose to ignore
    He is one i will not be greeting anymore... more »

  • On The Gum Tree On The Road Side

    On the gum tree on the road side I can hear the unmelodious crow
    Cawing in the gathering twilight his voice I have come to know
    He doesn't seem worried by the weather though it has rained for most of the day
    He is proclaiming his borders and Spring doesn't seem that far away.... more »

  • On The Haiti Earthquake

    The news it has travelled Worldwide
    In Haiti's earthquake thousands are injured and have died
    In Port au Prince great buildings razed to the ground
    Where death and destruction exist suffering is to be found... more »

  • On The Hanging Of Saddam Hussein

    Not one memorial is left of him in any Iraq city or village or town
    That he had built at Government decree to honour his renown
    Tried and convicted for crimes against humanity he died in his own pain
    The despotic former leader of Iraq the dictator Saddam Hussein.... more »

  • On The Harassment Of Denis Ferguson

    'Tis true he is one found to be guilty of a very serious crime
    But for that Denis Ferguson has served his prison time
    A person should live where he or she chooses to live
    Without harassment from the Compassionless who cannot forget or forgive.... more »

  • On The High Woodside Paddock

    On the high woodside paddock in the pale moonlight
    The wombat and her young one are out for the night
    To a protective mother out of the den he or she stays near
    To the young burrowing marsupial the sounds of the night is a source of fear... more »

  • On The Higher Self

    Jesus a god to so many he was crucified
    And so many good people at the hands of bad people have died
    Many good people Worldwide are dying every day
    At the hands of others ina foul and cruel way... more »

  • On The Hill Of Calvary

    On the hill of Calvary nailed to a timber cross he died
    By his own people he was crucified
    He was a young man then only thirty three
    His life and death it gave rise to Christianity... more »

  • On The Improbability Of Being You A Poem By Robert Murray Smith

    That The Improbability Of Being you is a fine poem there can be little doubt
    As it does give the reader something to think about
    Written by Adelaide writer Robert Murray Smith a talented poet indeed
    Of more poems such as this the literary World is in need... more »

  • On The Irish Referendum

    The grip of the Catholic Church by them has been broke
    The voters of Ireland on Gay Rights have spoke
    From them to marriage equality a resounding yes
    In the ballot boxes their preferences they did express... more »

  • On The Journey Of Life

    On the journey of life until the day we does die
    There is more to the living of life than for the me, myself and I
    Though sad for to say it is nothing new
    That those who live for the self are not of the few... more »

  • On The Last Day Of Autumn

    The pigeon sized white long-billed corellas calling on the sunlit trees
    On the last day of the calendar Autumn with scarcely a puff of breeze
    On a pleasant enough evening of around eighteen degrees
    Not too cool or not too warm such weather most people would please... more »

  • On The Last Day Of June

    It is a cold day lots of wintery rain
    But suppose about that one ought not to complain
    Since the water dams and reserviors only half full and many creek beds are dry
    One can only hope for more rain in July... more »

  • On The Last Time I Saw Caherbarnagh

    On the last time I saw Caherbarnagh the weather was windy and cold
    In the early days of December and the old year was getting quite old
    Dark clouds hung above Gortavehy it looked like more rain on the way
    And frost overnight on the high ground had left the old fields looking gray.... more »

  • On The Last Time I Saw Cullen

    The cold winds of November blew with a heavy chill
    On the last time I saw Cullen the Village on the hill
    'Twas early in the morning from pub opening some three hours
    And a heavily overcast sky was threatening sleety showers.... more »

  • On The Last Time I Saw Knocknagree

    The Spring had brought flowers to the old fields the robin sang on the leafy birch tree
    And hawthorns wore their white flowers of the Maytime on the last time I saw Knocknagree
    And on the mossy ditch by the bohreen the bluebells were blowing in the breeze
    On a bright and pleasant May evening in temperatures of nineteen or twenty degrees.... more »

  • On The Last Time I Saw Margaret And Michael

    On the last time i saw Margaret and Michael the cold winds of December did blow
    And the slopes of Mushera Mountain were white with big patches of snow
    I did not tell them i was leaving that from the Boggeraghs i would soon be miles away
    The word of farewell always has been for me a hard word for to say... more »

  • On The Last Time I Saw Old Ballydaly

    On the last time I saw old Ballydaly the weather it was cold enough to snow
    And the river from Kippagh along by Feirm bank high on down towards Annagloor did flow
    It was an overcast November morning and on a naked birch a lone gray crow
    Was cawing his voice echoed in the silence of an empty landscape all of those years ago.... more »

  • On The Last Time I See Old Claramore

    on the last time I see old Claramore
    Bare were the fields and the trees and hedgerows
    And chilly winds were blowing from the north
    The winds that bring the sleety rains and snows.... more »

  • On The Last Time That I Was In Birdsland

    On the last time that I was in Birdsland the Butcherbird piped on a wattle tree
    And a warm wind blew downhill from South Belgrave when Spring was in her infancy
    On a day in early September it was such a beautiful day
    And memories of such peace and beauty in a few months does not fade away.... more »

  • On The Length Of Human Life

    On the length of human life there are no guarantees
    People die young in wars and of disease
    In every countryside, village and city and town
    People die in motor accidents and people drown... more »

  • On The Lithgow Fire

    Since the majority of the Australian population their army admire
    They are quickly forgiven when an explosive test gone wrong starts a major fire
    Like the huge bush fire at Lithgow that thousands of acres of countryside and a few homes destroyed
    A blaze in which many animals wild and domesticated would have died... more »

  • On The Long Winding Road

    The long winding road it does lead to somewhere
    To some other place in the big world out there
    Along by the mountains it winds up and down
    On through the flat countryside to the far away town... more »

  • On The Meaning Of Human Life

    So many conversations on the meaning of life
    And so many have to struggle with what's known as inner strife
    And yet your biggest worry to another's may seem small
    Life's experiences are different to everyone and everyone means all... more »

  • On The Meaning Of Life

    On the meaning of life we do differ and on few things we seem to agree
    The World as it appears to your eyes seems so very different to me
    You talk about the life hereafter and of God's kingdom somewhere in the sky
    Your right to your beliefs that is your right a right to you none should deny... more »