• On The Mistreatment Of David Hicks

    David Hicks has pleaded guilty of assisting of terrorists did he have a choice?
    For being caught in the wrong place he has paid a huge price
    Five years in jail in Cuba shackled to a floor
    Far distant from Adelaide his southern home shore... more »

  • On The Morwell Fire

    In Morwell a pyromaniac from the police on the run
    Of deliberate fire lighting for such kind is a way of having fun
    The Hazelwood coal mine is burning releasing toxic smoke
    A public health hazard to one mentally unwell person is just a big joke... more »

  • On The Mother Of All Bombs

    U S President Donald J Trump believes this is the great act of a very great man
    This ordering of the bombings of the tunnels used by I S I S in Afghanistan
    He may think the murdering of murderers on his behalf is great
    But the killing of killers only more killing create... more »

  • On The Murder Of Daniel Buckley

    Some stories of local war history ought not to be told
    Since they only reopen the mental scars of old
    The story by historian Jack Lane on the Millstreet Website is not new one can say
    Only goes to prove that bad memories of foul acts do not die in a day... more »

  • On The Neglect Of George Crabbe

    He wrote of life's reality in the England of his time
    Of the plight of the poor in his marvellous rhyme
    But in the neglect of the poems of George Crabbe it might seem fair to say
    Is that he wrote of the poor in this some part neglect of him and of his poems would play... more »

  • On The Neglect Of Mangan

    Though other Irish writers than he was deemed to be worthy of Worldwide literary note
    James Clarence Mangan was arguably Ireland's greatest poet
    One of the overlooked great writers by the literary critics of the World of today
    He was a great Irish wordsmith of him one can say... more »

  • On The News Of The World

    Rupert Murdoch's empire is in trouble but he doesn't care
    Since after all old Rupert is a multi billionaire
    His great newspaper The News Of The World no longer to be published due to scandals in galore
    But despite all of this his empire will survive as it has done before... more »

  • On The Of Clara

    I climb on the bracken of Clara the old hill that ever looks down
    On some of the countryside of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra and the fields bordering Millstreet Town
    I stand on the slopes of the mountain overlooking the green countryside
    Beyond the border of Cork and Kerry quite amazing views to places far and wide... more »

  • On The Old Stony Mountain

    They planted trees on the old stony mountain
    That is going back some twenty years ago
    But twenty years on the hill is as bare as ever
    Amongst the stones the trees refused to grow.... more »

  • On The Olympic Games

    The Sydney Olympics are over but the stories will be re-told
    Of the men and women from every Land who competed for gold
    But I for one felt happy when the big Games did end
    For of sports I have grown weary and why should I pretend... more »

  • On The Outback Highway

    On the outback highway miles from anywhere
    The nearest big town three hours driving to get to there
    On either side of the highway big paddocks flat, brown and bare
    In the seemingly deserted outback even gum trees are rare... more »

  • On The Passing Of Dan Leary

    Dan Leary was a legend of old Millstreet but he'll never more be seen in Millstreet Town
    Or in the Townpark on a Summer's evening With a pair of greyhounds walking up and down
    He was a sterling corner back in his prime a stalwart of Millstreet Gaelic Football
    Fearless and hard but fair he never shirked a challenge as those who played against him do recall.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Danny Spooner

    His devoted fans will never join in the refrain
    With the great Danny Spooner in a sea shanty again
    The singer of old songs has lived the last night and day
    Of a life journey that began for him in England far away... more »

  • On The Passing Of Dave Sheehan

    Dave Sheehan worked for the Cork County Council and I'd known him since I was a Primary school going boy
    A gentle soul one who kept a low profile and one might say he would not harm a fly
    All those he came in contact with seemed to like him and a bad word of him not one had to say
    For a big family a good bread winner and he worked hard till his retirement day.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Dee Dineen

    The news has spread far beyond Duhallow's borders that Dee Dineen has passed away
    In St Mary's cemetery in Millstreet Town his last remains now lay
    He was a marvellous character likeable in every way
    But the journey through life for us all must end one night or day.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Den Joe Kelleher

    Sad news out of Millstreet Town for to read of today
    Den Joe Kelleher of the Station Road from life has passed away
    Grieved by his children and grandchildren and Breeda his devoted wife
    And the many friends he made in Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra in his long life... more »

  • On The Passing Of Denis Kelleher

    Denis Kelleher lived in Murphy's Terrace for most of his life
    Where he raised his children with Nellie his good wife
    But sad news of him from Millstreet Far away
    By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's cemetery his last remains lay... more »

  • On The Passing Of Denis O' Keeffe

    A writer, musician and singer songwriter in his lifetime he made many a friend
    Denis O' Keeffe the famous entertainer his lifetime journey has come to an end
    One known and loved by many in South West Victoria greatness of the man cannot be denied
    For his famous book on 'Waltzing Matilda' Dennis was one who was known Nationwide... more »

  • On The Passing Of Donie Murphy

    'Tis sad to think that he is gone forever with the deceased of Milllstreet he now lay
    That he will never more be seen at West End does seem a very sad thing for to say
    Pre-deceased by his devoted wife Nora his family left to bear their heavy cross
    To them he was a kind and loving father and his passing to them is such a sad loss... more »

  • On The Passing Of Gerard Dromey

    I remember Gerard from the Millstreet Convent school he was sensitive and shy
    Since then near six decades in time has ticked on by
    But from the Millstreet Boys Primary School him i cannot recall
    My memory at times not the best and does not serve me well at all... more »

  • On The Passing Of Gurrumul

    The passing of Gurrumul the saddest news for many a day
    On his forty sixth year of life the great person passed away
    The greatest ever singer of Australia's first race
    So humble in his ways he was one with grace... more »

  • On The Passing Of Jim Stynes

    A victim of cancer in his mid forties of life years his was not a long span
    But apart from his fame as an A F L footballer Jim Stynes was a very good man
    In Melbourne he commenced programs for the disadvantaged a friend of the youth of the street
    The many in life he befriended of him say a pleasure to meet... more »

  • On The Passing Of Jimmy Cronin

    In the Cemetery by Cashman's hill the remains of Jimmy Cronin lay
    But his name will live on in Millstreet for forever and a day
    A character in many ways and none to take his place
    And all around Duhallow his was a well known face.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Jimmy Doyle

    Sad news out of Tipperary that i have read online today
    Jimmy Doyle the legendary hurler on his seventy sixth year has passed away
    A beautiful striker of the sliothar ball
    Amongst Ireland's great hurlers one of the greatest of all... more »

  • On The Passing Of Jo Mountwinter

    Jo Mountwinter was a good friend of Nature and with Nature now she forever lay
    With a strong sense of a fair go for the World's forgotten people we need more like her in the World of today
    A fine artist to others a great role model one environmentally and socially aware
    The World was better for her living in it and the Jo Mountwinter's sad to say too rare... more »