• On The Passing Of John Joe Dineen

    In Rathduane, Ballydaly, Rathmore and Millstreet Town never more to be seen
    So sad to learn of the passing of John Joe Dineen
    A likeable sort of character in his own way
    Perhaps in his sixties he lived his last night and day... more »

  • On The Passing Of John Mcauliffe

    Our condolences to his grandchildren and children Mary and John and to Elizabeth his wife
    John McAuliffe has surrendered his great gift of life
    In life to his wife and family devoted and to many a good friend
    But good memories of him will live though his life it did end.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Johnny Hickey

    Such sad news out of Millstreet for to read of today
    Johnny Hickey of Shannaknuck from life has passed away
    In St Mary's by Cashman's Hill his last remains lay
    He lived as an honest and good man of him one can say... more »

  • On The Passing Of Lizzie Hickey

    I've heard of the passing of Lizzie Hickey a long life on this Earth she did enjoy
    And she now lives on in another atmosphere for good people such as she will never die
    Yes she lives on somewhere in the hereafter for the reaper never lays claim to the soul
    And she is one I always will remember when back the lanes of memory I will stroll.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Margaret Reen

    Her passing must have reduced many to tears
    The woman who lived for a century of years
    A good mother to her children and to the late Frank Reen a good wife
    In Millstreet Town she had lived for the most of her long life... more »

  • On The Passing Of Muhammad Ali

    In every news bulletin a sad news of the day
    In Phoenix Arizona Muhammad Ali has passed away
    The man born in Louisville Kentucky as Cassius Clay
    The three times World Heavyweight Boxing Champion one with words never short of things to say... more »

  • On The Passing Of Murray Quick

    He used to work for Cunningham and Kelleher as their Kato operator
    On the big earth digging machines than him there was none greater
    He was a sturdy well built man and few if any stronger
    But sad to hear that Murray Quick is not with us any longer... more »

  • On The Passing Of Nelson Mandela

    For South Africa and South African people surely a very sad day
    The great humanitarian and political leader from life has passed away
    A political prisoner on Robin Island for many years
    In South Africa their first democratically elected President they will farewell with honor and tears... more »

  • On The Passing Of Noella

    Noella gone from Selby but of pain she now is free
    And perhaps she's in a better place so save your sympathy
    For her husband and her children and her sister and her ageing mum and dad
    And for her many friends who will tell you she was the best friend they had.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Rosy

    In Jack Iversen's backyard in Loch Street in her grave she now lay
    Old Rosy was a grand old dog who had known a better day
    Old Rosy she was eighteen years when Jack had to have her put down
    She must have been the oldest dog in old Wonthaggi Town.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Rupert

    With Genevieve his friend and mentor he travelled far and wide
    Through many towns and villages of South east Australia's countryside
    And Rupert did love travelling in the back seat of the car
    No journey for him it did seem could ever be too far.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Sean Fay

    It is with great sadness I recall the big hearted one Sean Fay
    Only in his early fifties in June 05 of heart failure he passed away
    At 4.30 a m he rose from bed for work each working day
    And he was one who always had to work hard for his pay.... more »

  • On The Passing Of Toots February 02

    A renowned Gaelic Footballer when I was a school boy
    He is now gone to the reaper but his legend will never die
    To Millstreet and Duhallow he was a source of pride
    And beyond the borders of north Cork his fame spread far and wide.... more »

  • On The Passing Of William O' Leary

    Though good health had not been with him for many a day
    Such sad news out of Millstreet the great William O Leary has passed away
    He left in all who knew him many a good memory
    Of the man he once was in the what used to be... more »

  • On The Passing Of Willie Neenan

    Sad the news of the passing of the legendary athlete
    Surely the greatest ever in the green of Millstreet
    Against the best in Ireland and the World with success he did compete
    Yet despite his fame and success he was one without conceit... more »

  • On The Pathway By The Sea

    A nice evening to take a stroll on the pathway by the sea
    For to work up an appetite before the evening tea
    A silver billed magpie is warbling on a sunlit wattle tree
    And in the park the magpie larks are calling out pee wee... more »

  • On The Pied Butcher Bird

    The beauty of Nature is a wonderful thing
    At all times of the year the pied butcher bird sing
    So pleasant to hear every day of the year
    His flute like music melodious and clear... more »

  • On The Poem By Mr B 'The Damned'

    Mr B is quite a good poet as a wordsmith with his words he impress
    But in his poem 'The Damned' which he recently had published the judgemental line he transgressed
    He did seem a bit rough on missionaries though these people try to save souls for their god
    But these people back their words with their actions by helping the poor and downtrod.... more »

  • On The Poverty Line

    A mother and grandmother near the end of her life
    To an unworthy fellow she was a good wife
    Without provocation her he often did beat
    But at least she feels happy she is not on the street... more »

  • On The Powerlines On The Roadside

    Just a week from the start of the winter and more than three months from the Spring
    Yet on the powerlines on the roadside I hear a male goldfinch sing
    In the last days of the Autumn on this sunny morning in May
    His kin birds now sing in woods and on hedgerows in the Northlands far away.... more »

  • On The Railway Track From Cork To Kerry

    On the building of the railway track from Cork to Killarney through the north Cork and east Kerry countryside
    It has been said for every sleeper laid that at least one working man died
    In the depths of the Irish Winter in weather wild and wet and cold
    On the railway track they died in their thousands they were not meant to grow old... more »

  • On The Removal Of Trees In Millstreet Town Park

    On his well written article on the removal of trees in Millstreet Town Park at the West End
    Matt Murphy to Nature has proved himself a good friend
    He may have made a few enemies in his truthful words though friends he too has won
    His late mother and father in him raised a brave son... more »

  • On The Resignation Of Barry O' Farrell

    The Premier of New South Wales Barry O' Farrell his portfolio has resigned
    Unwittingly according to himself to a little scandal he has been aligned
    The gift of an expensive bottle of wine became his downfall
    But in politics much bigger scandals than this not hard to recall... more »

  • On The Retirement Of Ian Thorpe

    I heard on the radio in the sports news today
    That Ian Thorpe the great swimmer has give competitive swimming away
    A winner of nine Olympic medals five of them gold
    Of his greatness in story and song we've been told... more »

  • On The Rumored Closure Of Duhallow Hospitals

    In economic hard times when governments go for the cutback
    It is always services to the most disadvantaged come under attack
    In Duhallow it is rumored that the hospitals in Kanturk and Millstreet Town
    May well become victims of a government close down... more »