• One Who Loves Nature

    The Songs of the birds joy to his mind does bring
    And the praises of Nature he does love to sing
    He says he does learn from Nature every day
    We never stop learning it does seem this way... more »

  • One With The Wanderlust

    He has never been counted out though he has often been financially down
    The fellow who has lived in many a town
    A young man at twenty eight in the prime of his life
    Single without the responsibility of children and wife... more »

  • One Without A Tribe

    He never harms anyone lives in his own way
    And he does not care of what others of him say
    One without a tribe he does his own thing
    And the praises of anyone he never does sing... more »

  • One Woman Enough For Most To Satisfy

    In some cultures polygamy blossoms and thrives
    Where egotistical males have their harems of wives
    The rights and wrongs of such practice is not for me to say
    But if a man can satisfy one woman he is doing okay... more »

  • One Worry Leads To Another Worry

    One worry leads to another worry seems true for to say
    And worrying does never make your worries go away
    Of those who like to complain few of wish to know
    And the friends of the happy one in numbers grow... more »

  • One Worse Off Than You

    You feel that the World's against you and life has knocked you to the floor
    And you have lost the desire to get up and fight some more
    And nothing seems to go right for you no matter what you do
    But no matter how bad things are for you there is always one worse off than you.... more »

  • One Worthy Of A Toast

    I know of a woman Mary Knights Rutten is her name and she resides at grand old Ferny Creek
    And those who know her say how marvellous she is and in glowing terms of her only speak
    In the Dandenong Ranges a renowned cello player you mention her by name and people say
    This lovely woman is blessed with a rare talent one could listen to her play all night and day.... more »

  • One Would Feel For My Age

    Of the inhibitions we are born with we may never be free
    I spend too much time worrying on what others think of me
    Most of us humans are flawed in more than one way
    Suppose we are what we are as some do like to say... more »

  • One Would Have Thought

    One would have thought that George W Bush would forget about Iran
    But then again who knows with him he is a silly man
    He is the one who declares wars but in his wars he never fight
    And despite thousands dying on account of him he does sleep well at night.... more »

  • One Would Have To Suppose

    He said to me i have been told you are the fellow who pens reams of rhyming stuff
    For too many years for your own sake you have been one of those a rhyming buff
    A rhymer who writes for enjoyment only not for the reward of pay
    Suppose as is said of fools that their sort are born every day... more »

  • One Would Think

    One would think that god some pity would find
    For the poor and downtrod and disadvantaged kind
    The hungry, homeless and stateless in life doing it tough
    Who are without hope living and sleeping rough... more »

  • One's Addictive Behaviour

    To alcohol he lost his young daughter and wife
    He says they were not wrong to walk out of his life
    For addictive behaviour the price one must pay
    And he is one person who sees it this way.... more »

  • Online Scammers

    Believe me they are not and will never be rare
    Of internet scammers there are more than a share
    They have cheated lonely people out of their life savings no mercy to their victims they do show
    Of them one can say they are the lowest of the low... more »

  • Only A Fallacy

    It is said you receive from life what is only your due
    But many people with justification could tell you this is not true
    The people born of poor parents who only know of poverty
    With such a saying about life would never agree... more »

  • Only A Few

    Not every writer recognized as a novelist or a journalist or a playwright or poet
    And only a few become famous and are lauded as of literary note
    But most writers yearn for recognition and of being famous one day
    Everyone need some dream to cling to for to keep low self esteem at bay... more »

  • Only A Game Of Football

    The 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa of the World's most popular field game
    But only to the outright winner will go all of the fame
    Out of thirty two finalists only one Country will be champions on World Cup final day
    To the winner all of the glory as some do like to say... more »

  • Only A Minority

    Only a minority have god on their side
    In a World where the gap between the wealthy and the poor it keeps on growing ever wide
    Even in so called wealthy Nations many live in dire poverty
    Circumstance of birth seems the main cause of human inequality... more »

  • Only A Scribbler Of Doggerel

    I am only a scribbler of doggerel not even a very minor poet
    But it does not bother me in the least that i'll never be one of literary note
    I will die as i live just a rhymer though that does not bother me at all
    I feel happy with my gifts and blessings though my gifts and blessings are small... more »

  • Only A Small Minority

    Only a small minority are born to be great
    And even fame on it has a use by date
    The body is born to mortality
    And few names outlive death by a century.... more »

  • Only By Chance

    Life comes to us by chance would you not agree
    And it is chance made an ordinary rhymer of me
    We all are gifted in some sort of a way
    That everyone is good at something does seem true to say... more »

  • Only Comes From

    For to make the World better to live in
    With your own self you do have for to begin
    To be kind to others it is never a sin
    The power to do good only comes from within... more »

  • Only Comes From Within

    With those who believe on live and let live i can only agree
    By their very words they seem good people to me
    Their idea of a fair go to all does apply
    And of respect to anyone they would never deny... more »

  • Only Few Do Make The Grade

    Though some ask me through email their verses to criticize
    I am not a literary expert that they ought to realize
    I have never been to Uni don't have literary degrees
    Though I suffer of a penning addiction an incurable disease.... more »

  • Only For Michael

    I tell everybody that i hail from Millstreet
    From the green countryside where the waterways meet
    But from there i have been long gone and i live far away
    And only for Michael Cashman there i would be forgotten today... more »

  • Only For Michael Cashman

    Only for the Millstreet Web Site and more so Michael Cashman it would be true to say
    I would be a stranger in Millstreet today
    A long absent migrant forgotten in time
    Remembered only by a few as one who used to pen rhyme... more »