• Only For People Like Me

    For my age little in money and assets i do have to show
    And of life and it's ways not much i seem to know
    But each day i can say i learn something new
    And those who can say that are more than a few... more »

  • Only For The Tiny Voice

    Ted came home early from work to see Ann his wife
    The beautiful brunette the love of his life
    In bed with Jim their neighbor in the joy of their passion him they did not see
    Shocked and angry his mind became flooded with jealousy... more »

  • Only Have Memories

    The old fields i loved i may never more see
    I only have memories of what used to be
    I have long shed the last of my nostalgic tears
    Since i have not been in Ireland for thirty two years... more »

  • Only In Fancy

    Only in fancy i see Caherbarnagh
    And climb up through the bracken to Gortavehy lake
    And only in fancy i hear the robin singing
    On the windswept hedgerow in the grey of daybreak.... more »

  • Only In Fancy I Can Hear The Silver Tongued Rill

    Only in fancy i can hear the silver tongued rill
    Babbling down the high green fields by Clara Hill
    At the start of it's journey to the Atlantic shore
    Some 80 k's from it's source maybe more... more »

  • Only In Memory

    The roads of life I have journeyed up and down
    Since I left Claragahatlea a mile from Millstreet Town
    But in my flights of fancy the past comes to me
    And remembered faces again I do see... more »

  • Only In Memory Now

    The last time i climbed to the cross on Clara's summit
    On a November day twenty five years ago
    The weather dry but the mountain air was chilly
    Since the clock has ticked on and time has become my foe... more »

  • Only In The Few

    Wise political leaders only in the few
    And this is not saying anything that is new
    Many politicians to their word are never true
    And are not trustworthy for to give them their due... more »

  • Only Live In The Now

    The past just a memory of what used to be
    And the future is unknown to you and to me
    But we can only live in the now and the now is today
    And the seconds of our lives keep ticking away... more »

  • Only Memories

    The past it has gone and only memories remain
    Of the what used to be but will not be again
    Your friends of the past are not your friends today
    In life as you have done they have gone their own way... more »

  • Only Memories Of

    Only Memories of What was i have to retain
    I may never walk in the old fields again
    And see the Boggeraghs in the gray fogs of rain
    Or hear the frogs croak in a waterlogged drain... more »

  • Only Memories Of The Past

    The biological clock is ticking and time's not on my side
    And from the one known as the Reaper not anywhere for to hide
    Some five and thirty years ago I was in my life's prime
    And only in the memory can one go back in time... more »

  • Only Memories Of What Was

    Perhaps from the place i have been too long away
    In the Claraghatlea i was raised in i would be a stranger today
    Though many of the people i knew there to the forever gone
    Life in the old Town-land as usual goes on... more »

  • Only Memories Of What Was With Me

    Only memories of what was with me does remain
    And perhaps i will never see Clara again
    Or stand on it's slopes on an evening in July
    Above me the lark singing in the gray sky... more »

  • Only Memories Of What Was With Me Remain

    The years have left me looking old and gray
    Far south of those old green fields far away
    That i may never walk upon again
    And only memories of what was with me remain... more »

  • Only Memories Remain

    In the nineteen sixties changing times in Ireland became a cultural loss
    The Irish Travelers no longer parked their horse drawn Romany vans at the Shannaknock Cross
    Before the March and the September Millstreet Town horse fair
    Back when there was not any gray in my hair... more »

  • Only Nature Lives On

    What the future has for us we are not to know
    But our past seems to follow to where-ever we go
    And to the father of time we eventually must bow
    And we only can live in the here and the now... more »

  • Only Of A Better Life

    Just to keep on living from day to day
    Most people are brave in their own sort of way
    Just hanging in there when the going is tough
    Survival for some it is quite hard enough... more »

  • Only Of What Was

    It is true that one only can learn from the past
    And only of what was the memories do last
    Time will not wait for you as it did not wait for me
    But we learn as we live is how it seems to be... more »

  • Only One

    So many do yearn for wealth and renown
    But only one can be the best in the town
    And only one can be the best in the street
    Where many so many for success compete.... more »

  • Only One Can Be

    Only one can be the best in the town
    And not everyone born for to know of renown
    For one for to win big many have to lose
    Though losing is a thing anyone does not choose... more »

  • Only One Fight

    Only one fight worth fighting the fight for to live on
    Though the tiny voice within you says your better days long gone
    You are not as strong as you once were and you cannot run as fast
    Still the future's all that matter one can't live in the past.... more »

  • Only One Leonardo

    If not the greatest mind of all time surely the greatest of his day
    In ideas four hundred years ahead of his time that's what scientists and inventors say
    There was only one Leonardo was there ever as great as he?
    He was born a natural genius in the fifteenth century.... more »

  • Only Skin Deep

    Since beauty is too deep for the eyes to find
    It is hidden away in the caves of the mind
    The beauty we see is skin deep that and nothing more
    And that beauty is only skin deep we've heard that one before... more »

  • Only The

    Though old Clara's face i may never more see
    In my mind the mental pictures are living in me
    Of the times i climbed the high fields of Claramore up to the old hill
    The memories are with me as if time stood still... more »