• Age Can Be A Relative Thing

    Age can be quite a relative thing as we are often told
    When a man stops looking at the opposite sex 'tis then he's feeling old
    For a male to look in admiration at an attractive looking female should never be a crime
    Not even for an old bloke well past his physical prime.... more »

  • Age Can Be Relative

    Some men in their prime years feel older long before their hair turn to gray
    For age can be relevant to the person it can be a state of mind as some do say
    And some women in their forties use hair dyes and anti ageing creams for to combat time's decay
    It is natural to wish to look younger to others to be vain is the human way... more »

  • Age Does Creep Up On Us

    The longest lived human life is a short spell in time
    Age does creep up on us each year past our prime
    Though some try their best for to hide time's decay
    By hiding their wrinkles and cloaking their gray... more »

  • Age Does Not Always Bring Wisdom

    He believes he is one with great sexual appeal
    A gift to woman kind that's how he does feel
    A few silly women tell him he is great
    And his swollen ego they further inflate,... more »

  • Age Does Not Bring Wisdom

    Age does not bring wisdom i have come to realize
    Everyone does grow older but few do grow wise
    No fool like an old fool as some like to say
    Seniority does not guarantee wisdom it does seem this way... more »

  • Age Does Weaken

    Age does weaken body and mind like age does weaken the old tree
    All we do have are the memories of the long gone used to be
    The biological clocks are ever ticking few things in life ever last
    At the very stroke of midnight today will be of the past... more »

  • Age Of Self Promotion

    In the age of self promotion boasting of self is the in thing
    And at every community gathering people their own praises sing
    In the early twenty first century the humble have become few
    That bragging now is seen as normal is not saying anything that is new... more »

  • Aged Migrant

    His life story in book form will never be told
    But he has a good memory though he has grown old
    He remembers his childhood as if it was yesterday
    As a primary school going boy in the town far away... more »

  • Aged People

    Aged People are dying in nursing homes every day
    Most of them through natural causes though some of neglect in some way
    There has even been a few cases of proven foul play
    And this seems a sad thing for to have to say... more »

  • Ageing Bella

    Ageing Bella in the house at the corner
    'Some say she's not right in the head'
    She swears that men nowadays are faithless
    That all of the good men are dead.... more »

  • Ageing Colin

    From his wife and grown family he is far away
    Escorting wide loads through outback W A
    Eight thousand kilometres northwest of Upwey
    He is young at heart though he is ageing and gray.... more »

  • Ageing Far South Of Claraghatlea

    I was born and raised in view of Clara's hill
    Within hearing distance of the silver tongued rill
    Flowing through Claraghatlea from high Claramore
    To the bigger waterways to the Atlantic shore... more »

  • Ageing In The Queensland Tropics

    Ageing in the Queensland tropics a long way from old Koroit Town
    Where he was born and grew into manhood and where he lived when his hair was brown
    He talks of people he knew in Koroit, Kirkstall, Tower Hill and Killarney to his mates in the pub at Mackay
    The man from South Western Victoria from where he now lives far away... more »

  • Ageing Nostalgic Migrants

    Ageing nostalgic migrants i do meet every day
    Reminiscing on their old homelands far away
    Quite close to tears at memories of the past
    And the clocks on their lives ever ticking on fast... more »

  • Ageing Though Not Gracefully

    He is ageing though not gracefully at the Fall of his life span
    He wears a hairpiece and he uses anti ageing creams he is quite a proud old man
    His once massive chest and shoulders drooped and shrunken in his prime he was quite strong
    But those who say age mellows and brings wisdom by his type often have been proven wrong... more »

  • Ageing With Grace

    When she was younger a long time ago
    Long before time itself became her foe
    She was one of the young beauties of the town
    Back then her wavy hair was nugget brown... more »

  • Ageism

    If Charles and Camilla were younger how different things for them would be
    For we live in an ageist society or that's how it would seem to me
    Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary get most of the attention their praises by Royal watchers are sung
    What a difference a few decades in age difference can make since they are both glamorous and young.... more »

  • Aggression Of Australian Magpies

    With aggression they defend their territories and their source of food
    And it is said of them that they have a call for their every mood
    I have seen them aggressive to other birds and even to their own kind
    The black and white Australian magpies to violence are often inclined... more »

  • Aghinagh's Vincent Coakley

    A tall and classy Gaelic footballer the midfielder complete
    Aghinagh's Vincent Coakley played for Aghinagh and Cork and Millstreet
    He and Kippagh's Con O Connor the best midfielders in Cork at their best
    Were never found to be wanting when put to the test... more »

  • Aging Bill

    Aging Bill divorced from Carol his nagging ex wife
    Vows he will never have another woman in his life
    He claims he has lived as a far happier man
    Since ten years ago she left him for his ex best friend Stan... more »

  • Aging Denis The Croatian

    Aging Denis the Croatian pride of his Melbourne clan
    In his young years a Croat freedom fighter he was a rebel man
    At the pub old stories of his youth he does love to recall
    But the years now telling on him the years tell on us all... more »

  • Aging With Grace

    One can say of her she is aging with grace
    With anti aging cream she does not hide the time wrinkles on her face
    And she does not use hair dye for to cover her gray
    One of the few who does age in the natural way... more »

  • Ahane's Own Mick Mackey

    In his Limerick had a name to celebrate
    Ahane's own Mick Mackey was a hurling great
    Assured of his place in Hurling's Hall of Fame
    In death as in life his a legendary name.... more »

  • Aine Tyrell

    A brown skinned brown haired beauty of wavy raven hair
    The talented musician singer songwriter Aine Tyrrell an entertainer of charm and flair
    She lives in Killarney by the sea in the Moyne Shire people like her are rare
    A long way south of her native place in the County of Clare... more »

  • Aine Tyrell Of Killarney

    She lives by the sea in Killarney in Victoria from her first home place far away
    A tall dark haired beautiful young mother happy where she lives today
    An emerging singer songwriter with a marvelous singing voice
    Aine Tyrell is a poet by Nature and a singer songwriter by choice... more »