• Only The Best Horse

    Only the best horse, colt, gelding, mare or filly ever wins the Cox Plate
    And only the winner they will celebrate
    First place by a nose is as good as a mile
    The connections of the winner and the winning punters can laugh, cheer and smile... more »

  • Only The Brave One

    Only the brave one can smile though not winning only the brave are gracious in defeat
    Only the brave one though seen as successful never does show any sign of conceit
    If for some reason from the Queen you do not accept a knighthood that does not prove lack of grace on your part
    That only proves that you are a good person that you are one who does follow your heart... more »

  • Only The Bravest

    When most of those known to be noble say enough is enough
    Only the bravest hang in there when the going gets tough
    And though all hope of better things from their lives seem gone
    To despair they do not surrender they keep on keeping on... more »

  • Only The Fear Of

    Have you ever felt the World is against you that the gods are not on your side
    And only the fear of death keeps you from ending your life in suicide
    There are millions if not billions of people in Countries and towns and cities Worldwide
    Who everyday do feel suicidal when their dreams of success are destroyed... more »

  • Only The Fear Of Death

    His face looking old and showing the wear of time
    And many Seasons have passed since he was in his prime
    Tired of the World and of his aging nagging wife
    Happiness seems far away from his life... more »

  • Only The Good Die Young

    Whoever made such a statement only the good die young
    Only the good are remembered and their praises will be sung
    Still only the living are important and advice here for every ageing woman and man
    Do not regret that you had not died young you live for as long as you can.... more »

  • Only The Lucky

    In leaky boats from Syrian war zones far away
    Hundreds of refugees arrive in Europe every day
    But to undertake such a dangerous journey one needs luck on their side
    And in boats that have sunk many people have died... more »

  • Only The Lucky The Dangerous Journey Survive

    In leaky boats from Syrian war zones far away
    Hundreds of refugees arrive in Europe every day
    But to undertake such a dangerous journey one needs luck on their side
    And in boats that have sunk many people have died... more »

  • Only The Memories

    The old fields were in their wildflowers of the May
    And in the leafy groves the birds sang all the day
    And the dipper did sing in the silver tongued rill
    That babbled to the river down the fields by the hill... more »

  • Only The Memories Are With Me

    Back there in the fields by the old stream I daydreamed I would be a poet
    That I would become very famous a literary person of note
    But daydreams as we know are daydreams and daydreams do seldom come true
    And life it has formed the habit of giving us what we are due.... more »

  • Only The Memories Now Do Remain

    Perhaps i will never more live near Millstreet Town
    Where i grew from a boy to a man when my hair was dark brown
    But going back the years this now seems long ago
    And time that rusts iron has since become my foe... more »

  • Only The Memories Now Does Remain

    Their sort often honoured in story and song
    Those men who worked for Cunningham and Kelleher on the pipeline in Buninyong
    Back in the late eighties a long time ago
    Since then time on them has become their foe... more »

  • Only The Memories Remain

    Old Clara in his December hat of snow
    And in the old fields Finnow bank high did flow
    And low gray looking clouds that held rain or sleet
    In the sunless sky above the Town of Millstreet... more »

  • Only The Memories With Me

    The leaves on the trees gently stirring in the breeze
    In weather temperatures near to perfect of twenty degrees
    In the blue and sunny sky just a few clouds of gray
    How good to be living on such a nice day... more »

  • Only The Memories With Me Does

    It has been many years since my hair was dark brown
    Since i lived in Claraghatlea close to Millstreet Town
    The years have left me looking balder and older and gray
    And time on my life ever ticking away... more »

  • Only The Memories With You Do Remain

    Have you ever thought of how time ticked on so fast
    As in your mind you re-lived the memories of Seasons long past
    Of the place of your younger years from where you now live far away
    And of the boys and girls you knew there where might they be today... more »

  • Only The Most Arrogant

    Only the most arrogant can claim post death of us what lay ahead
    We live for a short while and are forever dead
    The sheep or the dog or the cow may not know they will die
    But are they any less mortal in any way than i?... more »

  • Only The Praises Of Winners

    In a World where millions of people for attention compete
    The down to earth people becoming harder to meet
    So many do dream of material wealth and fame
    But few Worldwide become known by name... more »

  • Only The Sum Total

    We are only the sum total of our life's experiences as the wise one does say
    What you learn in your very young years makes you the person you are today
    Our early childhood mentors in our lives a huge part does play
    And we learn as we live life seems to work in this way... more »

  • Only The Winner

    The winner of course was the best on the day
    And as usual was the recipient of the loud hooray
    But for one for to win many do have to lose
    Though that is something anyone does not choose... more »

  • Only The Winner Gets To Celebrate

    The same for the scientist as for the athlete
    In their chosen career people with each other compete
    Many are found to be wanting when put to the test
    And little consolation to them on being told that they did try their best... more »

  • Only The Winners

    One might say they kicked their way into renown
    The heroes of football are played through the town
    Behind the citizens band on the sidewalks the happy fans singing loud
    Waving the club colors delighted and proud... more »

  • Only The Winners That Matter

    Only the best come out winning victory is always so sweet
    And it is hard to be gracious when you've swallowed the dregs of defeat
    Like they say show us a very good loser and I'll show you one born to lose
    Out of a place you are beaten and you will not make headline news.... more »

  • Only Two Duhallow Dogs

    Peader's Prize trained in Kanturk By James Manley and Pats Newdown owned and trained by Dan Halloran of Knocknagree
    Remain as the only Duhallow dogs to claim outright victory
    In the North Cork Cup in the Town Park in Millstreet Town
    I was there on the days that they raced to renown... more »

  • Only Winners

    Only winners the masses do wish to recall
    In sports as in life the winner takes all
    And though losing is a thing anyone does not choose
    For one for to win someone else has to lose... more »