• Overworked Fred

    Woken by a heavy knock on his door
    Late in the evening around half past four
    Tired Fred shouted loudly please just go away
    I need to rest up on my rostered off day.... more »

  • Own Thing

    He is not a member of any social or Sporting club
    And he is never seen at the local pub
    Waffling and drinking in a group of friends a few hours of time away
    He does like his own company of him one might say... more »

  • Pa Buckley

    In Shrone in Sliabh Luachra Pa Buckley grew into a man
    But in Annagloor west of Millstreet in Duhallow he lived out his life span
    Perhaps he was In his sixties when he breathed his last
    On looking back the Seasons time does tick on fast... more »

  • Paddy Byrne

    He was a champion athlete in his day
    Duhallow's finest sprinter many say
    And for years a priest in the U.S of A.
    From Millstreet town a half a World away.... more »

  • Paddy Casey

    When Paddy Casey left the Clara road forever
    The feeling was widespread he would be back
    For he could never be happy in heaven
    If heaven did not have a greyhound track.... more »

  • Paddy Dineen

    In Knocknapogue and Millstreet in the flesh never more to be seen
    Quite a likeable fellow was Paddy Dineen
    He lived to a good age in time time quite a span
    One can say of him quite an honorable man... more »

  • Paddy Driscoll

    The King of the Duhallow Travellers he had earned the right
    To his honourable title he won in a fist fight
    A title he held till he drew his last breath
    A hero in life and a legend in death.... more »

  • Paddy Driscoll The Traveller

    Frothy dark pints of porter he used to enjoy
    The King of the of the Duhallow Travellers when I was a boy
    Paddy Driscoll had triumphed in many a fist fight
    For wrongs done to him with his fists he put right... more »

  • Paddy Forde

    Once a familiar face in Millstreet there him everyone did know
    He bagpiped with the Millstreet Pipers many Seasons ago
    An honest hard working fellow devoted to his family and his wife
    In death he will be remembered as he was admired in life.... more »

  • Paddy Healy

    With his wife Peg they raised their children at Claramore before moving to Murphy's Terrace
    The quiet man with few words to say
    And sad to think that he is with the departed
    With the dead of Millstreet he forever lay.... more »

  • Paddy Houlihan

    The memories of home with him still remain
    And he yearns to see old Brandon's face again
    And hear on old oak tree by the quiet lane
    The Bullfinch pipe to tell of coming rain.... more »

  • Paddy Kelleher

    I knew him as a young man driving trucks for Paddy Den
    Paddy Kelleher was always a man amongst men
    A handsome looking fellow broad shouldered and tall
    One of Millstreet's finest as i do recall... more »

  • Paddy Leary

    Paddy Leary was a nice hard working fellow a gentleman in his own quiet way
    With a wife and a big family to provide for he had to work hard for his take home pay
    He was known as a very good truck driver perhaps one of the best in Millstreet Town
    And he knew the roads that wound around Duhallow those mountain roads he often drove up and down.... more »

  • Paddy Mccarthy

    Since Paddy McCarthy lived more than ninety years in time has gone
    But in Duhallow today the legend living on
    Of the man that the British crown forces did gun down
    At Millview Lane in famous Millstreet Town... more »

  • Paddy Mccarthy Of Rowels

    Paddy McCarthy of Rowels was a noble young man
    Whose life was cut short in his youthful elan
    From the bullet of a gun fired by a Black and Tan
    Going back more than nine decades in time quite a span... more »

  • Paddy Mcsweeney

    In the old graveyard in Millstreet Town Paddy McSweeney's remains lay
    He truly was a gentleman in every sort of way
    An old citizen of Church Street and a very well liked man
    As human life it does go his was a lengthy span.... more »

  • Paddy Murphy

    Paddy Murphy as a young man emigrated he left the high green fields of Claramore
    His journey to the U S it did take him far distant from Hibernia's windswept shore
    In the U S he worked hard for his fortune and returned to marry Theresa Corcoran of Millstreet Town's West End
    Where they raised their children and grew old together and where he was known and made many a friend... more »

  • Padraig O Keeffe

    Padraig O Keeffe the fiddler of Sliabh Luachra born in Castleisland his mum came from Kiskeam
    One of the great traditional musicians of rural Ireland his name in Ireland's music hall of fame
    He was one who inspired other musicians Sliabh Luachra's finest some venture to say
    But in forty years the changes have been happening a different place the place he loved today.... more »

  • Paidi O' Shea

    As a Gaelic footballer true greatness of him cannot be denied
    So sad to hear that the great Kerry player Paidi O Shea of a heart attack has died
    In his fifty seventh year of life he was far from an old man
    He won eight All Ireland medals playing for Kerry in his amazing playing span... more »

  • Pakie Coffey

    He moved to county Waterford one hundred miles down track
    To work for Radley brothers they said he would be back
    They said that in County Waterford he could not settle in
    That he could never live too far away from kith and kin.... more »

  • Pale Eyed Crow

    Though i see them often the little raven or pale eyed crow
    So little of their ways i seem to know
    Quite clever birds as all species of corvids are
    Non migratory from their territories they never venture far... more »

  • Pam Ayres

    A marvellous woman so witty and bright
    And her whimsical verses are born of delight
    And with the finest of poets she is one who can rate
    And Pam Ayres is a name that we must celebrate.... more »

  • Pamela Joy Bruce

    Pamela Joy Bruce was a poetess her poems are delightful
    Of humor and pathos original and insightful
    And though sadly the gift of life is no longer with her
    Those who have loved her will never forget her... more »

  • Pants Slipping Down

    Far from the big city there is a country town
    That is known by the nickname of Pants Slipping Down
    An apt nickname one might say that is known far and wide
    Since the majority of the males who live there have a skinny backside... more »

  • Paradise For Me

    We read of paradise beyond the stars
    Far beyond the Planets of Jupiter and Mars
    But paradise for me is not that far
    Just a short drive down to Birdsland in my car.... more »