• Paranoia

    Because of fear of avian influenza the Town Councillors talk of exterminating the pigeons who for decades have lived in the Town Square
    As if they are a threat to the health of the the Locals the threat to the Locals come from elsewhere
    Other than a flock of feral pigeons who have lived in the Town Square for years
    We are in the grip of widespread paranoia which is cripplng... more »

  • Parent Ducks Are Feeling Worried

    Parents ducks have their young ducklings for to care for and defend
    Against crows and magpies and other predators none to them does seem a friend
    To the hungry kookaburra they would make a tasty treat
    A downy young and tender duckling would be very nice to eat.... more »

  • Parental Love

    He would kill and eat their baby birds the songbirds seem to know
    So they do their best their very best to frighten off the crow
    Their babies from such an awful fate they risk their lives to save
    They even mob the bigger bird they are so very brave... more »

  • Park Lake Pertobe

    A windy day in Park Lake Pertobe in September near the prime of the Spring
    The nesting songbirds on the trees do chirp whistle and sing
    Some of the moorhens, swamphens, coots and little grebes that in or near the lake do breed
    Already have their Spring's first young to care for and to feed... more »

  • Park Lake Pertobe In September

    A freshening breeze blowing from Lady Bay
    In Park Lake Pertobe such a beautiful day
    The dark welcome swallows chirping as they fly
    With the sun on their wings in the mostly blue sky... more »

  • Parker Clare

    To a forgotten culture perhaps he now belongs
    The man who could sing over a thousand songs
    The father of the famous poet John Clare
    Even in his own time people like him were rare.... more »

  • Partners For Life

    In Park Lake Pertobe they live and they stay
    And from each other they are never too far away
    An old pale eyed crow and his ever faithful wife
    'Twould seem to me that they are partners for life... more »

  • Past Goes With Me

    Wherever I go to my past goes with me
    I often remember the what used to be
    Of where I lived when far younger far north of this place
    Where to many today mine would be a stranger's face... more »

  • Past It Has Gone

    Some tell us from life we receive our due
    But others will tell you that this is not true
    We learn as we live something new every day
    We never stop learning since life is this way... more »

  • Pat Broderick

    From Clara View in Millstreet where he and his deceased wife Breda raised their children and had lived for many a day
    Pat Broderick died in the Sheelin Nursing Home in County Cavan from Clara Road far away
    At least a ten hour journey north of Duhallow by motor car
    To most people in distance this does seem quite far... more »

  • Pat Buckley

    Perhaps one in his early sixties it was not of old age he died
    Only know he lived in Caherbarnagh in the mountainy countryside
    Had he married and fathered children were things of him i did not know
    This true son of old Caherbarnagh where into manhood he did grow... more »

  • Pat Connors And Johnny Murphy

    By the Shamrock bridge near Cullen where the two rivers meet
    Where the Araglen joins the Blackwater between Rathmore and Millstreet
    Lived Pat Connors and Johnny Murphy in eternal rest they lay
    They did not live to be old men to be slow and bent and gray... more »

  • Pat Corkery

    Pat Corkery was a quiet pipe smoking fellow
    And he was one who never caused offence
    He made his point and seldom from it wavered
    And when he spoke he made a lot of sense.... more »

  • Pat Duggan

    On looking back the Seasons that time does go quickly happens to be so
    Pat Duggan left Claraghatlea five decades ago
    He went off to New York for a new start in life
    Where he married Lisheen born and raised Kathy Looney his soul mate and wife... more »

  • Pat Joe Kelleher

    One of the nicest of people of old Millstreet Town
    To live as a compassionate and good person his claim to renown
    In his lifetime Pat Joe Kelleher made many a friend
    Good memories of him will not die at his life's journey's end... more »

  • Pat Kelly

    The principal teacher in Millstreet boys primary school of time quite a span
    In Millstreet Town he first saw light of day and grew into a man
    And in Coomlogane they raised their children he and Patricia his devoted wife
    Pat Kelly will be missed from Millstreet where he lived all of his life... more »

  • Pat Mullane

    In Millstreet he was born and his last remains now lay
    From the Priests Cross where he used to live just a short walk away
    Pat Mullane a nice quiet person and it does seem fair to say
    That he will be sadly missed in Millstreet where he first saw light of day... more »

  • Pat O Callaghan

    A World beater in his prime and a real hard act to follow
    And the greatest of the sporting greats to hail from old Duhallow
    Two Olympic Gold for hammer throwing his life's great success story
    Some sixty five years or more ago he crowned himself in glory.... more »

  • Pat O Connor

    He fought a draw with Randolph Turpin the man who once beat Sugar Ray
    And in his Hometown in Duhallow his legend still living today
    And whether he's still in the land of the living, don't know and I only can say
    That he took on some of the best in England in the tough game of fighting for pay.... more »

  • Patch Adams

    To sick children's lives joy and laughter he bring
    The praises of Patch Adams i feel happy to sing
    He makes sick children laugh and to their lives he brings joy
    And laughter is the best medicine for an ill girl or boy,... more »

  • Paterson's Curse Or Salvation Jane

    It grows in paddocks all around Australia
    And blooms in mid Spring in the sun and rain
    And Aussie farmers hate it with a vengeance
    'Paterson's Curse or alias Salvation Jane'.... more »

  • Patriarchy

    The son of the patriarchal father the mantle of dad he does don
    And in his sons and their sons patriarchy will live on
    And though the praises of patriarchy many may sing
    What it stands for to say the least is not a good thing... more »

  • Patricia Kelly

    As Patricia McSwiney in Glounthaune in Cullen she lived in her early years of life
    Before she came to live in Coomlogane as the late Pat Kelly's wife
    They lived by Green Glens of show jumping renown
    A five to eight minutes walk at most from Millstreet Town... more »

  • Patrick Cashman

    Named after his father and grandfather from Millstreet he died far away
    In Stouffville in Ontario in Canada his last remains forever lay
    A long way from the top of Tullig even as the migratory bird does fly
    Perhaps four to five thousand or more miles if taking the journey by sky... more »

  • Patrick Colum

    He penned 'The Old Woman Of The Roads' and 'A Cradle Song'
    And to Ireland's best lyricists he surely belong
    And his haunting ballad 'She Moved Through The Fair'
    With any song ever written is one to compare.... more »