• Patrick Looney

    You've heard so many stories of when the west was young
    And about the wild and free Land so many songs were sung
    And back in the nineteen twenties and that's going back in time
    Patrick Looney lived in Oregon when he was in his prime.... more »

  • Patrick Macgill

    He hailed from Glenties County Donegal
    And was hired out to farmer before he was thirteen
    And later on he readily did recall
    The hardships he endured and the things he'd seen.... more »

  • Patrick Macgill Of The Glenties

    He was a poet of the people he lived the poems he did write
    As a boy he worked for farmers from the dawn till dark of night
    In The Children of the Dead End one of his novels he told of the hardships he had known
    Before he became a famous writer and into manhood had grown.... more »

  • Patrick Next Door

    The wind blow up through Watt Street on the eve of Christmas
    And red haired Patrick next door knocked on our door to say
    A merry Christmas to you and here's a small gift from Fleur and I... more »

  • Patriotism, Nationalism And Religion

    Patriotism, Nationalism and Religion so much we hear of them and read
    To war terrorism, death and suffering they often do lead
    From them far too often something ugly does begin
    Without them the Human World would be better to live in... more »

  • Patsy The Master

    Memories of him bring me moments of joy
    He was a young man when I was a young boy
    When he left Claraghatlea for the U S of A
    Where he is living and growing old today... more »

  • Paul Congues

    Paul Congues is a very generous fellow a credit to Wonthaggi one might say
    And those who know him say there is none better for to help out others he goes out of his way
    He has given of his time to poorer people and only asked what they could afford to pay
    And he is saving for himself the best of karma and good karma will be his reward one day.... more »

  • Paul Fitzgerald

    Sad news out of Duhallow for to read of today
    Paul Fitzgerald of Banteer from life has passed away
    On his ninety first year he breathed his last
    On looking back the Seasons time seems to go fast... more »

  • Paul Ladds

    Since his years at 36 Bayview Rd where he often strummed on his guitar
    Along with his older brother Damian, Paul Ladds has travelled far
    They often jammed together from ten till after one
    And whilst I was losing out on sleep the Ladds were enjoying... more »

  • Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906)

    He remains as one who is well worthy of note
    The pre eminent African American poet
    His great poems live on in honour of his name
    The one who knew of poverty and also of fame.... more »

  • Paul Robeson

    Paul Robeson was the first great negro singer
    Though through his life he knew his share of woe
    In his Homeland he was treated as an outcast
    But in death his legend seem to grow and grow.... more »

  • Paul Satchell

    Paul Satchell is a well known Gippsland artist
    And he is very good at what he do
    He always wear shorts even in the Winter
    In temperatures as low as minus two.... more »

  • Pauline The Poetess

    In truth she is not a bad looking woman the dark haired middle aged poetess Pauline
    And she's a well known contemporary writer and her poems have earned her respect and esteem
    Yet for one of such knowledge and such wisdom she does not understand men well at all
    As one of her poems to her naivety bear witness though some of the words I now cannot recall.... more »

  • Pay No Heed To Their Sort Of Advice

    Anything you do that does not harm others cannot be considered as a crime
    Though some may tell you in your unpaid hobby that you are wasting your precious time
    What they say of you is their business and not yours in any way
    If your hobby does keep you happy pay no heed to what they do say... more »

  • Peace In Your Mind

    For a more peaceful World for you to live in
    With your own self you have got to begin
    If you do not have peace in your own mind
    To others you cannot be compassionate and kind... more »

  • Peace Little Birds

    They mostly like to hide from watcher eye
    But today around the thicket verge they fly
    And utter forth their squeaky warning cry
    The white browed scrub wrens have their young nearby.... more »

  • Peadar's Prize

    That cold January day in the Town Park in Millstreet
    Has gone down in Duhallow history
    When the Kanturk coursing greyhound Peadar's Prize
    In the North Cork Cup final romped to victory.... more »

  • Peddlers Of Fear

    When they tell us who we should trust or not trust they are seeking our votes this is obviously clear
    And for this we elect them to govern us the peddlers of fear
    They convince us that we are the honorable, the noble and just
    And those they do not like are unworthy of our trust... more »

  • Pee Wee

    How can one ever mistake him the bird singing in the park
    Pee wee pee wee is all he sing the dainty magpie lark
    A black and white feathered character his is a familiar song
    Pee wee pee wee the notes he sing you cannot get him wrong.... more »

  • Pee Wees

    Magpie larks or pee wees i see and hear every day
    So charming and endearing in their own familiar way
    Dainty black and white birds slightly bigger than blackbirds of town parks and countryside
    All over Australia they are known far and wide... more »

  • Peewees

    Where ever you travel to in Australia you will see the magpie larks
    In quiet rural paddocks or in suburban parks
    And you only have to hear them once to know their voices again
    For long after you have heard them their songs with you remain.... more »

  • Peg Coleman

    She was mother of Billy and John Coleman two Millstreet sportsmen of sporting renown
    And wife of Paddy of the Coleman Brothers reputable business men of Millstreet Town
    A family woman devoted to her husband and children in life her friends in numbers they did grow
    Peg Coleman will be missed by all who knew her and by her many friends in Minor Row,... more »

  • Peg Healy

    Born and raised as Peg Lynch in Cullen in Duhallow
    But in Murphy's Terrace in Millstreet she lived most of her life
    She was a good mother to her very large family
    And to Paddy Healy a devoted wife... more »

  • Peg Looney

    Peg Looney to many was a role model
    Of her paraplegic husband Den she took good care
    She often pushed him to the shops in Millstreet
    And pushed him home again on his wheelchair.... more »

  • Peggie Horgan

    She was such a lovely woman one who did lead a good life
    A good mother to her children and to Jerry Horgan a good wife
    Sad to learn that Peggie Horgan from life has passed away
    In St Mary's in Millstreet her last remains does lay... more »