• Al Gore

    Al Gore a World Champion environmentalist the one who should have been President of the U S of A
    But nowadays that is an old story such is life as some are known to say
    An Inconvenient Truth his film on climate change has brought an awareness Worldwide
    Of human made pollution of the environment it does seem time is not on our side... more »

  • Al Grassby

    Respect to Australia's migrant people he did show
    And he was a good person as politicians do go
    From the cares that go with living he has found a release
    AL Grassby is gone and may he rest in peace.... more »

  • Alan And Kate

    For them 'twas love at first sight and they get along just great
    And life together beautiful for Alan and for Kate
    They plan to wed in the fall of 03 and they've already set the date
    And their love for each other in the presence of their friends they'll celebrate.... more »

  • Alan Seeger

    He died in battle in World War 1 in Belloy En Santerre thousands of miles away
    From his home city of New York in the U S of A
    Like a true soldier under fire back in nineteen sixteen
    In his twenty eight year and perhaps his better days he had not seen.... more »

  • Albert Namatjira (1902-1959)

    The great Albert Namatjira a true Aussie great
    One of Australian's first people a Nation celebrate
    Arguably Australia's greatest artist that would be fair to say
    And his legend is very much alive today,... more »

  • Albert Thomason

    A character is Albert in his own friendly way
    And he never fails to greet you with a smile and a good day
    A familiar face in Sherbrooke in the mountain countryside
    And from Emerald to Upwey he is known both far and wide.... more »

  • Alby Clarke

    The human will power it cannot be denied
    A lesser man than Alby Clarke would have died
    But in his mid life he took up long distant running and brought the kilos down
    And now he is known and famous far from Warrnambool Town... more »

  • Alcohol Is Amazing

    Whenever i do visit the local bar
    A few there always willing to tell me of how great they are
    Alcohol is amazing it makes the ordinary great
    So many false legends it does create... more »

  • Aldo Moro

    He was a man who did so much for his beloved Homeland
    And why he had to die in such a tragic way seems hard to understand
    And little consolation to Aldo Moro's family
    That his name is destined to live in Italian history.... more »

  • Alex Hickey

    Alex Hickey won't be seen again in the border Town of Rathmore
    Or walking on the Millstreet road where he often walked before
    In life he was a gentleman and his friends more than a few
    In saying he was a decent human being I'm not saying anything that's new.... more »

  • Alfa Male Possum

    About mating rights and territory they violently disagree
    At night in the garden on the wattle tree
    The male brush tail possums they snarl and they fight
    As they wage all out war in the depths of the night... more »

  • Alfred Housman

    His legacy to literature outlived the Shropshire Lad
    And his verses known to the school boy were known to his grand dad
    And the exquisite poems of Housman alive and read today
    Suppose such things of beauty are not meant to decay.... more »

  • Aliba

    She said in my art and paintings I've said all I have to say
    And of creating pottery bowls and vases I too might give that away
    Each time you sell your work of art you sell some of your soul
    And the years on my creativity I feel are taking toll.... more »

  • Alice Herz Sommer

    The world to her is a beautiful place
    She only sees beauty in every face
    Of hatred of anyone completely free
    Perhaps one reason she lives on though born in nineteen hundred and three... more »

  • Alison Minty

    The greyness of the dawning brings light to the tall gum trees
    And there is a pleasant freshness in the gentle mountain breeze
    That blows it's way through Monbulk up through the wooded hill
    When Nature lover Alison Minty her bird feeders does fill.... more »

  • All Alone In The Big City

    All alone in the big city and your money running low
    And you've got no one to turn to and there's no one that you know
    And no bank or institution who would chance you with small loan
    And you feeling fairly homesick and you miles away from home.... more »

  • All Alone Whilst I Sleep

    I just want to die all alone whilst I sleep
    With no one near my bed to grieve and to weep
    Don't waste your prayers on me for your own souls pray
    Leave my remains with Nature that will be okay.... more »

  • All Alone With Mother Nature

    The restless waves splash up white foam upon the rocky shore
    But I feel a peace within me like I've seldom felt before
    All alone with mother Nature in Inverloch by the sea
    The world is so much quieter here and of any stress I'm free.... more »

  • All Around Me

    A freshening coastal breeze blowing uphill from the bay
    Carries with it the pleasant natural aroma of grass mowed for hay
    Under the blue and gray clouds of a mid November sky
    The swallows with the sun on their dark wings chase insects as they fly... more »

  • All Day On The Highway

    All day on the highway that leads to the big town
    The cars and the trucks keep buzzing up and down
    I long for the sunlit place of many trees
    Where the songs of the birds are carrying in the breeze... more »

  • All Eagles Are Large Birds Of Prey

    All eagles are large birds of prey they usually kill to eat
    Though like vultures do from carrion they eat the rotting meat
    They cannot digest seeds or grain they soar in light of day
    Above the landscape gazing down on their look out for prey.... more »

  • All Friendships Do Not End Well

    The number of friends you have in your life does seem all up to you
    And that all friendships do not end well happens to be true
    And often at the end of a friendship an enemy is made
    And bitterness sets in when by your friend you've been betrayed,... more »

  • All He Has Are Memories

    He only has memories of the what used to be
    Of the place that he left in nineteen sixty three
    In May when the wildflowers of Nature were resplendent in full bloom
    In the old fields that bordered the Town of Macroom... more »

  • All He Has Left Are The Memories

    All he has left are the memories the memories of what used to be
    Of where he grew into manhood in the Village by the Atlantic sea
    Where everybody knew everybody everyone in the Village he did know
    There now he would be a stranger since he left there a long time ago.... more »

  • All Humans Are Not Born Equal

    All human beings are not born equal but death as is said makes all equal indeed
    And there is no such a thing as a true blue-blood red is the blood we are born with to bleed
    The millionaires money may help them to live longer but all people are mortals and this not a lie
    The president the monarch the famous and the wealthy are born as mortals and all mortals eventually do die... more »