• People Who Give To Receive

    Humanity does have a negative side
    And the good and the bad to be found Worldwide
    But i must be lucky in truth i can say
    In the nice and kind people i meet every day... more »

  • People Who Think They Are Unexpendable

    People who think they are unexpendable does tend to forget
    That an unexpendable human being has not been born as of yet
    Many wealthy and famous people to the ways of time have gone
    And humanity as usual without them goes on... more »

  • People With

    People with big egos are all around me everywhere
    There are millions of them in the big World out there
    To everyone they meet of their latest success story they tell
    The me syndrome one can say is alive and well... more »

  • People With Addictions

    Many people have some addiction it does seem
    Many of which does not enhance one's public esteem
    Some of which alcohol abuse gambling or using narcotics which for finances or health not good in any way
    But humanity is made of all kinds it does seem true to say... more »

  • People With Big Egos

    People with big egos around me everywhere
    And so many more in the big World out there
    Who think they are special in every way
    Their sort i happen to meet every day... more »

  • People With Different Agendas

    People with different religious and political agendas but then such is life
    And different agendas often lead to public strife
    It has happened in many Countries what is happening in Egypt today
    For to be adversarial is the human way... more »

  • People With Each Other Compete

    Every day with each other for this thing known as success people do compete
    To be best in their neighborhood and best on their street
    A stepping stone for them to far greater fame
    So many who do aspire to become a great name... more »

  • People With True Kindness

    Tis not the money in your wallet but the kindness in your heart
    That from many of your contemporaries places you apart
    That makes you rather special those with true kindness rare
    There surely is a lack of it in the bigger World out there... more »

  • People Without Compassion And Empathy

    Those without compassion and empathy are of clouded mind
    And their sort it does seem not an endangered kind
    For the suffering of others they feel no sympathy
    They are lacking in any sense of emapathy... more »

  • People Without Worries

    People without worries to say the least rare
    As many in their lives have some cross to bear
    Money cannot buy happiness ask the millionaire
    Many of the financially well off too are burdened by care... more »

  • Percy French (1854-1920}

    He penned so many great songs in his great writing prime
    'Paddy Reilly' and 'McBreens Heifer' songs that live on in time
    Percy French of Cloonyquin in Roscommon was a poetic great
    And the beauty he created does not have a use by date.... more »

  • Peregrine Falcons

    The fearless hunters of the day they circle in the sky
    And faster than a swallow tis said that they can fly
    They can kill birds far larger than themselves in flight they make the kill
    They nest in holes in the sandstone cliffs on the face of the brown hill,... more »

  • Perfection Doesn'T Belong To Human Kind

    Perfection doesn't belong to human kind
    Though in the worst of people some good you will find
    But 'tis not what society expects of you
    'Tis to your own self that you remain true.... more »

  • Perfection Is Not A Thing

    Perfection is not a thing anyone can achieve
    And that no one is truly perfect one can only believe
    And what we put into life we can expect to receive
    The words of a wise one though sometimes words can deceive... more »

  • Perhaps

    Perhaps I'll never see the old hill again
    Or hear the robin sing in the wind and the rain
    Old friends like me are many years past their life's prime
    We all are mere mortals and become victims of time.... more »

  • Perhaps A Minor Poetaster At Best

    I never said to you I was a poet
    Or even one of minor literary note
    Perhaps a minor poetaster at best
    At writing poetry I have failed the test.... more »

  • Perhaps He'Ll Never Again

    Perhaps he'll never again on a sunlit evening in May
    Cimb and stand on the hill above the woodland from here so far away
    And watch and hear the brown lark singing a small speck in the sky
    The songster of the mountain to sing he has to fly,... more »

  • Perhaps He's Not Been Well Of Late

    The Chief of staff in the White House on his war drum is beating
    Perhaps he's not been well of late and his brains are over heating
    For he talks of war and only war and he is brewing for trouble
    And his bombers will reduce Baghdad to one big heap of rubble.... more »

  • Perhaps His Mind Is Cluttered

    He bragged you have no children and I have fathered three
    And you've not proved your manhood though Joe did disagree
    And I could not help but thinking that his remarks included me
    And though I too have no children I feel no less than he.... more »

  • Perhaps I

    Perhaps i will never see Millstreet Town Again
    Or old Clara half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain
    Or on the calm of a Spring twilight by river Finnow
    Through the silence hear the soft lowing of a cow... more »

  • Perhaps I Am Addictive

    I do it for enjoyment but not for fame or pay
    And some I consider wise even tell me that I should give it away
    That I've written heaps of doggerel for one far more than enough
    But their advice by me not heeded I keep on penning stuff.... more »

  • Perhaps I Am Just A Poetaster

    Perhaps i am just a poetaster i used to daydream i would be a poet
    But nowadays i even feel relieved that i am not one of literary note
    I feel happy i have never been shortlisted for any big literary prize
    I am satisfied at being a rhymer of late i have come to realize... more »

  • Perhaps I Feel Embittered

    The top of my head bald my sideburns are gray
    And tis plain for to see i am past my best day
    And of what you speak of me with me is okay
    As long as it is true of me what you do say... more »

  • Perhaps I May Never Again See Duhallow

    Perhaps i may never again see Duhallow
    I left there years ago my life's dreams for to follow
    On a gray day in an afternoon of early December
    It was cold wet and windy as i do remember... more »

  • Perhaps I May Never See Millstreet Again

    Perhaps i may never see Millstreet again
    And hear the frogs croak in the waterlogged drain
    Or see Clara half cloaked in the fogs of rain
    Only good memories of what was with me now remain... more »