• Perhaps Never More To See Old Mushera

    Perhaps never more to see old Mushera or to hear the birds on a Spring dawn
    Singing on the leafy hedgerows and in the groves of Tooreenbawn
    Yet i have the pleasant memories and they will be till death with me
    Of the happy times i have known back there in the what used to be... more »

  • Perhaps One Of The Very Worst Sins

    Perhaps one of the very worst sins one could name
    Men's crimes against women a Worldwide shame
    In parts of the World women are raped, beaten and abused by men every day
    Yet the offenders for their crimes are never made for to pay... more »

  • Perhaps The Greatest

    Perhaps the greatest songwriter of the U S of A
    Where many of his songs are national treasures today
    For a while wealthy and famous he died in poverty
    Fame can have it's price is how it seems to be... more »

  • Perhaps You Cannot Boast

    Perhaps you cannot boast of battles fought and won
    But as long as you never have harmed anyone
    And to your higher self you remain ever true
    Then only good karma in life you are due... more »

  • Perhaps You Do Look At Life In The Wrong Way

    Others you just cannot seem to impress
    And you have low self esteem from your lack of success
    But why worry if others your praises don't sing
    Since success after all is a relative thing,... more »

  • Perhaps You Might Call Me An Old Fashioned Man

    Many love poets like Whitman and Eliot and Poe
    The first of the moderns from decades ago
    But of their sort of poetry I am not a fan
    Perhaps in my ways I'm an old fashioned man.... more »

  • Perhaps You Should Leave It To Others

    You tell me of how great that you are though greatness can be a relative thing
    Perhaps you should leave it to others your praises if they wish so for to sing
    Self praise is no praise as some say this only does seem to be true
    If of praise others feel you are worthy they will give you the praise you are due... more »

  • Perseverance Does Pay

    I have my own problems caused by financial stress
    And I cannot help you with your life in a mess
    Your addiction to alcohol is out of control
    And on you as a person it is taking toll.... more »

  • Persevere With Life

    Though financially you are one who is doing it quite tough
    Why wish for to die you will be dead long enough
    Buy a lotto ticket today your luck may be in
    There is a huge jackpot draw tonight it may be your turn to win... more »

  • Person

    You does not need to be a wealthy and famous celebrity a renowned entertainer or athlete
    Who with the best in the World for success does compete
    You can be a good person on your side of the town
    By helping the spiritually or financially down... more »

  • Person You Are

    People of all sorts one does meet every day
    And are what you make of them seems true to say
    The values you live by says more about you
    Than your money or your social rank could ever do... more »

  • Pertobe

    In the sunny blue sky just a few clouds of gray
    It is such a beautiful November day
    In the park playground children laughing as they play
    Earthly Utopia from here cannot be far away... more »

  • Pete

    Most say he is a hero but I'll leave that up to you
    For Pete himself say what he did anyone else might do
    The young girl in the river fell the water flowed bank high
    He swam in and he dragged her out he could have watched her die.... more »

  • Pete In His Sixties

    The hair on his head it is silvery gray
    And he is one who has known a far better day
    But down at the pub he can drink all night long
    And when he gets drunk he bursts into song.... more »

  • Pete Seeger

    That the World was better for him living in it is only fair to say
    Such sad news out of New York on the radio today
    That Pete Seeger the singer songwriter from life has passed away
    His songs will live for centuries long after his mortal remains have gone to decay... more »

  • Pete The Raggy

    He goes around in tattered clothes and you often hear him swearing
    And he hawks his throat and spits on ground and he is beyond caring
    What others say or think of him or if they feel offended
    By behaviour of old homeless man unkempt and broken winded.... more »

  • Peter And Anthea

    Peter and Anthea argue a lot
    But their verbal disagreements by them quickly forgot
    Yet much in common they both do share
    That those with similar interests compatible in most ways does not seem rare... more »

  • Peter Barling's Dream

    A ten million dollar jackpot win in lotto
    Is not impossible as it may seem
    And Peter Barling keeps on buying those tickets
    To win the big prize one day is his dream.... more »

  • Peter Brock (1945-2006)

    Though good memories of him with motor racing fans will live on
    He cannot be brought back to life he physically has gone
    From the cares of life his car crashed into a tree
    And as for his co driver how lucky is he... more »

  • Peter Carroll

    He was only a small sized man at a guess five foot four
    Nine stone perhaps of slender build if that then not much more
    And I still have the memories from sunny Summer's day
    Of watching Peter Carroll as he built a rick of hay.... more »

  • Peter Kelleher

    The reaper who claimed him will one day claim us all
    As a young enough man to the scythe of the feared one he did fall
    The high fields around Gneeves hill forever look green
    Though Peter Kelleher there never more will be seen... more »

  • Peter Lalor

    Australian mine workers his name still revere
    That Irishman from Laois who knew no fear
    Who spoke up against those who used miners as 'door mat'
    And led their victory fight at Ballarat.... more »

  • Peter Moynihan

    In Lackadota in the flesh never more to be seen again
    But good memories of him in all who knew him will remain
    One who loved his children and his deceased wife
    Peter Moynihan a good man who did live an honorable life... more »

  • Peter O' Sullivan

    Peter O' Sullivan a farmer of an old family history
    Spent all of his younger years in Ballinagree
    But in Cloghoulamore near Millstreet where he raised his family with Ellen his wife
    He did spend the greater part of his long life... more »

  • Peter P

    I told Peter P of the beauty i had seen
    Of bracken clad mountains above valleys of green
    Of unpolluted river and clear flowing rill
    With the babbling tongue that has never been still... more »