• Peterborough

    One could buy a house for twenty thousand or with a mortgage five thousand down
    In Peterborough in South Australia a quiet old country town
    Near to the Flinders ranges in a country wide and brown
    As a former place of steam trains it's one claim to renown.... more »

  • Petula

    Where the pale green undulating fields slope gently to the sea
    The coastal lands of England she never more may see
    With a terminal illness her bones in southern soil will lay
    From her old northern Homeland twelve thousand miles away,... more »

  • Phar Lap

    Phar Lap he was foaled in New Zealand but he is honoured as an Aussie great
    One might say the horse of the masses and his legend they still celebrate
    In the Melbourne Museum he is mounted the horse known to all as Big Red
    And what can one say or write of him that has not already been written and said.... more »

  • Phil And Kitty

    His bones may yet rest far from Duhallow where old Clara mountain looks down
    On the Countryside of north Cork and east Kerry and the green fields near famed Millstreet Town
    But that does not stop him of talking of Millstreet the Millstreet he loved and he knew
    To the green white and gold of old Ireland Phil Cronin will always be true.... more »

  • Phil And Kitty Cronin

    Phil Cronin is a Millstreet man his wife Kitty is from Kildare
    And amongst the Irish Community east of Melbourne they are a well known pair
    Kind hearted and good people and surely nice to know
    And a credit to that misty green Isle where the tree leaved shamrock grow.... more »

  • Phil Mccarthy

    The eldest daughter of Denis and Elizabeth McCarthy her beauty I recall
    When she was young in Pound Hill the fairest one of all
    Though the years go by so quickly and fleeting is our prime
    The memories of her beauty remain undimmed by time... more »

  • Phil Ruddock Says

    Phil Ruddock says that not all refugees are homeless he's going by what his advisers to him say
    How can they expect to stay here in my Country if they've thrown all of their I.D. away
    We feed and clothe them and keep them in enclosures yet they
    complain that we give them a raw deal... more »

  • Phil The Wise Fellow

    Phil the wise fellow with a shake of his head
    Says altruism in the Human World is all but dead
    With many far too many it is all about me, myself and i
    That the narcissistic are growing in numbers is not a lie... more »

  • Phil Ward

    Phil ward one who never has too much to say
    Yet a quiet achiever in his own quiet way
    An emerging young artist of Warnnambool Town
    His yet may be far more than local renown... more »

  • Phillip Larkin

    Born in the early nineteen twenties and in the mid nineteen eighties he passed away
    A poetic legend in his lifetime and his legend lives today
    Phillip Larkin the hero of many a Literary Don
    The poet is at peace but his verse living on.... more »

  • Phillis O' Shea

    In the Seasons of time one has to go back far
    Since Phillis drank and danced with her late Husband Billy O Shea in the Bush Bar
    Since then many a sunset and many a sundown
    And so many changes in old Millstreet Town... more »

  • Philomena

    She was born and raised in Annagloor in a cottage in view of Clara Hill
    Her mother Mary as a child used to call her the Brave Phil
    A name she lives up to for she is honest and brave
    Good traits that she will carry with her to the grave... more »

  • Philomena Cronin

    The memories of my younger years in me remain strong
    Philomena Cronin a friend of the past born as Philomena Long
    Through the medium of the internet me she did trace
    We were childhood friends in our first homeplace... more »

  • Philomena The Wife Of John Cronin

    The eldest of the family of the now deceased Jer and Mary Long
    Philomena the wife of John Cronin of Caherbarnagh is still going strong
    In her early seventies young at heart she does remain
    The great love of life Philomena retain... more »

  • Physically You Feel Quite Healthy

    Physically you feel quite healthy yet you wish that you were dead
    Hang on to your life 'tis precious there are better times ahead
    We all have our good and bad days that's life as some do say
    Though things not going well now for you good times cannot be far away... more »

  • Piccanniny

    In quiet old Piccanniny the forest ravens caw
    Around their breeding borders observing Nature's law
    It is their nesting time of year and with nests to defend
    The nesting pairs tell other birds where their borders do end,... more »

  • Picton

    Picton Ferry Town of South Island with scrub mountains all around
    Everywhere you look there's beauty it's a gem on the high ground
    Songthrush, blackbird and chaffinch singing, sparrows chirp on garden trees
    On a warm Summer evening with a pleasant freshening breeze.... more »

  • Pied Currawong

    From dawn to dark they pipe the same old song
    Sounds very much like curra currawong
    Day in day out their music still the same
    And humans call them currawong by name.... more »

  • Pied Oystercatchers

    The black and white pied oystercatcher with orange eye rings orange feet and long orange bill
    At opening of sea shells for the meat not lacking in skill
    She often is seen on the beach with her mate
    The father of her young with whom she does copulate... more »

  • Pied Shag

    To the bank of the lake the pied shag she fly
    Where she spreads her wet wings out to dry
    To rid herself of parasites some venture to say
    After fishing she does this many times each day.... more »

  • Pied Wagtails

    When mountains wear their Winter hats of snow
    And cold winds down from the cold Northlands blow
    And fields from heavy frost are looking gray
    Pied wagtail in the farmyard spends his day.... more »

  • Pigs Can Fly

    If some one tells you that pigs can really fly
    Would you tell him that is a blatant lie
    Or would you tell him that it may be true
    Your statement though seemingly outrageous some credence is due.... more »

  • Pink Blossoms Are Stirring'

    Pink blossoms are stirring in the freshening breeze
    On the last days of Winter on the leaf budding fruit trees
    On the last week of August a few sleeps from the calendar Spring
    The beauty in Nature is such an amazing thing... more »

  • Pink Eared Duck

    Not classified as rare birds though let me hereby say
    That on your lakeside walks pink eared ducks you don't see every day
    With barred unders and fleshy lobe under front of bill and mostly brown to gray
    Quite distinctive from other ducks in their colouring and their way... more »

  • Pink Eared Ducks

    In flat coastal shallow lakes them sometimes you will see
    Wild ducks not familiar to many and not familiar to me
    With fleshy lobes under bill and pink around ears and overall brown mottled gray
    Birds i know of and have seen but do not see every day... more »