• Praise And Criticism

    Praise and criticism i treat them as the same
    To me they are just the opinions of others for want of a better name
    Though very few ever like being criticized
    That most people like to be praised i too have realized... more »

  • Praise For Me

    Praise for me on my mind does take toll
    Since it renders my ego out of control
    And a swollen ego can be a soul destroying thing
    So i would prefer that others my praises would not sing... more »

  • Praise May Be Your Due

    Praise may be your due since of late you have done well
    But the side affects of this is your ego does swell
    And since it makes you feel superior to the humble kind
    A swollen ego is not good for the mind... more »

  • Praise To The Mind

    In many human beings success to big egos does seem to give rise
    Though this in itself is not any surprise
    Praise to the mind often not a good thing
    This is what happens when many your praises does sing... more »

  • Praises Of Love

    The praises of love many are known to sing
    And to be in love is a beautiful thing
    A beauty in words that seems hard to explain
    Like raindrops on a rose petals in the sunshine after rain... more »

  • Pray For The Wanderer

    Long years ago when I was young and attending Primary school
    To love the hymns of love and peace I must have been a fool
    My favourite hymn 'Pray for the wanderer' I sang it every day
    But now I don't have a God as such for to sing hymns to or pray.... more »

  • Prayers Will Not Save You

    Though the religious and well intended for your salvation pray
    'Tis you and you only for your sins will pay
    All the prayers of your friends will not save you from Hell
    If at the expense of others in life you've done well... more »

  • President By Chance

    He will retire with his wife Laura to his ranch in Texas and there he will grow old and gray
    And they won't be short of a dollar for himself he has done okay
    And he will not be remembered for greatness as the ex President of the U S of A
    He caused death, destruction and suffering in the name of freedom that is all historians of him can say.... more »

  • Presumption

    'Methought' the lucky bloke has found himself a cutie
    With shoulder length blond hair she really looked a beauty
    They chatted as they sipped their cappucino
    Miss georgeous and her dark haired Valentino.... more »

  • Pride

    Behind the facade of our big egos we constantly do hide
    And pride of five letters is only that just pride
    And some will even tell you pride comes before a fall
    From life we have been learning from before we learned to crawl,... more »

  • Pride Comes Before A Fall

    The great one does not last a champion in his prime
    He lost to a younger man with some help from father time
    The years had left him slow time takes care of us all
    He defended his pride but pride comes before a fall.... more »

  • Pride Is

    The words of the wise remain ours to recall
    Pride is a thing that comes before a fall
    A thing to the ego 'til death that is tied
    This feeling that people refer to as pride... more »

  • Pride Is A Thing

    The words of a wise person are ours to recall
    Pride is a thing that comes before a fall
    The proudest of people have known of wounded pride
    And the mental hurt they did feel they struggled for to hide... more »

  • Pride Is A Thing That Comes Before A Fall

    The words of a wise person i do recall
    Pride is a thing that comes before a fall
    Too proud to accept help when of helping in need
    Pride it can be self defeatist indeed... more »

  • Pride Is A Thing That Is Linked To Conceit

    It is something i learned as a boy in Millstreet
    That pride is a thing that is linked to conceit
    Most people in public do like to talk loud
    Of the things in life that does make them feel proud... more »

  • Pride It Is Another Word

    Pride it is another word for conceit
    And every day proud people i happen for to meet
    Proud of their children and proud of their wives
    And so very proud of their marvelous lives... more »

  • Pride Of Canovee

    In her early twenties in nineteen eighty three
    She left her homeplace the Pride of Canovee
    Just a few years short of her physical prime
    Though this is going back many Seasons in time... more »

  • Pride Of Koroit

    With blue eyes and shoulder length wavy hair of brown
    The beautiful lady of old Koroit Town
    Near the prime of her life single and carefree
    On next April the fourth she will turn twenty three... more »

  • Princess Haya Of Jordan

    A woman who does live an honorable life
    Princess Haya of Jordan Al Maktoum's wife
    A patron of the homeless and stateless and those of helping most in need
    One can say of her that she is a great person indeed... more »

  • Prisoners Instead

    Of good and honest people in the World there are quite a share
    But honest and moral politicians are becoming more rare
    A sexual attack on two women by two male Australian politicians of late
    There is nothing in this for male politicians to celebrate... more »

  • Private Property

    The 'Private Property' sign still on the entrance gate
    But the old owner I have not seen of late
    The man is gone but the house and land remain
    And in death we lose the things in life we gain.... more »

  • Pro Hart

    A miner from Broken Hill he came up the hard way
    The famous artist Pro Hart is one who died today
    One of Australia's greatest artists his legend will live on
    Though the World is ever changing and the life from him has gone.... more »

  • Prolific But Not Terrific

    Prolific but surely not terrific his comment I read
    From people like him one doesn't get a swollen head
    Sometimes the farmyard's top rooster doesn't have the loudest crow
    And he was only telling me something that I already know... more »

  • Prometheus

    Prometheus stole fire from the supreme God Zeus and gave it to the mortals in their cave
    He deceived Zeus for to help the poor Prometheus he was brave
    He was punished by Zeus but from the poor Zeus could not take back the fire
    The legend of Prometheus is a legend to inspire.... more »

  • Propaganda

    Most people believe what they read in newspapers but I don't believe all I read and hear
    And Governments who warn of terrorists and terror amongst the people only spreading fear
    By declaring war on terror they boost their re-election chances and the fear of terror nowadays is widespread,
    They justify their bombings of foreign cities where the survivors mourn for their dead... more »