• Protecting Your Seed

    In sexual drive with it's source in pleasure in most people a need
    Linked in nature as the survival of our genes one of the main reasons we breed
    This is what is known to some as protecting your seed
    Us humans like most other creatures are quite complex indeed... more »

  • Proud

    Proud is a word that is so often used
    And proud is a word that's too often abused
    Proud of our Nation's war victories and proud of our Nation's flag
    Pride as well as coming before a fall gives us the right to brag... more »

  • Proud And Brave

    I'm not ashamed of my heritage though of it i am not proud
    And i never wave a National flag when in a football crowd
    The praises of those we see as heroes we very well may sing
    But too much of patriotism is not a healthy thing... more »

  • Proud Of

    Proud of your daughter and proud of your son
    Of their recent successes and prizes they have won
    Knowing that such stories others impress
    You tell your friends of their every success... more »

  • Proud Of Themselves

    Proud of themselves and their marvellous lives
    Proud of their beautiful children and wives
    Proud of their Nation and National Flag
    All of these things to them are worth a brag.... more »

  • Proud People

    Pride is a thing that is in everyone
    Proud of their daughter and proud of their son
    You feel rather proud when others you impress
    With the stories of your recent success... more »

  • Proud Walk

    On so called under-achievers she does not waste much talk
    The one who goes by the nickname of 'Proud Walk'
    Slender and tall with long blond hair she has turned twenty three
    And few are as lovely to look at as she... more »

  • Proud Willie

    He dyes his hair a dark brown to hide the tell tale gray
    And you might say proud Willie has known a better day
    And though he's only forty two he's now well past his prime
    And greater men by far than him have bowed to father time.... more »

  • Pudsy

    I still recall our old cattle dog Pudsy
    We got her from John Pat Riordan as an eight week old
    A black and tan she was as tough as leather
    She'd sleep out in the frost and not be cold.... more »

  • Pudsy Our Dog

    As a boy i often hunted with her in Matty Owens bog
    She was my devoted friend Pudsy the dog
    A big dark brown hairy female as tough as barbed wire
    With energy for to spare she never seemed to tire... more »

  • Pudsy The Dog

    She often chased but never caught a hare in Con The Master's bog
    She was quite a canine brown Pudsy the dog
    Pudsy a hairy farm dog too slow to catch a hare
    But to catch one no effort she ever did spare... more »

  • Puffed Head

    A young stud of the town is how he does feel
    Though to many local young women he does not appeal
    His own praises he is one who does love to sing
    But then as is said youth must have it's fling... more »

  • Puffing Billy

    I hear the huff huff puff of Puffing Billy
    The engine driver the shrill horn blow
    He climb the tracks through wooded hills of Selby
    And puff up black smoke as he slowly go.... more »

  • Punch Up At 'Dart Man's Aim'

    Fifteen stone and just five foot eight
    And yet he doesn't seem overweight
    Deep, deep chest and shoulders wide
    The strongest in this countryside.... more »

  • Purple Crowned Lorikeets

    The wattlebirds kept busy all the day
    From flowering gum trees chasing them away
    But wattlebirds though big are not so fleet
    And they can't catch purple crowned lorikeet.... more »

  • Purple Swamphen

    You see them near country lakes and onwetlands and near lakes in parks of the town
    When they fly it is with effort with long legs dangling down
    They are known as purple swamphen quite common in their range
    Though that they are not favourite birds of many to say the least seems a bit strange... more »

  • Putin And Sharon

    Putin and Sharon they may live miles apart
    But they have much in common each has a frosty heart
    They both are anti- social and people they control
    And they see those who are different as bereft of a soul.... more »

  • Puzzling To Me

    The Australian Government being rewarded with a seat at the U N H C R seems puzzling to me
    Since they are so cruel to every boat refugee
    Asylum seekers are imprisoned in the worst of detention centers far from Australia's shore
    And treated as the worst of bad criminals and little else more... more »

  • Queensland Joe

    His hair is as dark as the wing of a crow
    The man from the place where the sugar cane grow
    Tall and broad shouldered of chestnut brown eyes and a sun bronzed handsome smiling face
    In the big southern City one who seems out of place... more »

  • Quietness Is Nearer Than Some Realize

    The roar of the traffic that buzz to and fro
    And the noise of the car horns how shrilly they blow
    And from the factory chimneys smoke darken the skies
    In sprawling Suburbia polluted by noise.... more »

  • Quite A Beautiful Day

    The dry looking paddocks the colour of hay
    Though it is indeed quite a beautiful day
    With a forecast high of 24 degrees
    And there is a refreshing coolness in the afternoon breeze.... more »

  • Quite A Beauty

    In her fifties she was quite a beauty in her prime long ago
    But time that rusts iron has become her foe
    Her balance not good she walks with a cane
    A faded beauty of memory lane... more »

  • Quite A Common Brag

    You boast of your Country and the color of your National flag
    But among your kind this is quite a common brag
    The heroes of your praises are not with us today
    For their place in glory with their lives they did pay... more »

  • Quite A Contrast

    Today it is cold in Duhallow the weather temperatures at minus three degrees
    And the chilly gales from the Boggeraghs are howling in the naked trees
    But here in the Moyne Shire it is humid and sunny the warm air full of the buzzing of bush flies and bees
    And white butterflies above the paddocks seemingly dancing in the breeze... more »

  • Quite A Good Thing

    You may be quite excellent at what you are known for to do
    But remember there is always one as good if not better than you
    And though for what you are good at credit to you is due
    I only tell you of what i know to be true... more »