• Racism Is Still Rife

    Some things never change suppose life is this way
    Racism is still rife in the Human World of today
    Racism through religion and nationality and culture and race
    Is now as was always a human disgrace... more »

  • Racism On It

    Racism on it does not have gender or colour or creed
    And the Human World of it is surely not in need
    The greatness in 'the fair go' the racist seems to miss
    There is truth in the saying that ignorance is bliss... more »

  • Racism Through Generalization

    Some people who have a bad experience with a member of a particular race tend to generalize
    But sadly for them they do not seem to realize
    That for the sins of one a whole race should not be to blame
    That everyone is only responsible for their own sins of shame... more »

  • Racism To It Does Not Have

    Racism to it does not have a gender, creed or race
    Or the color of your eyes or the color of your face
    The wise words of a wise one i do recall
    The one who is racist to one race is racist to all... more »

  • Radovan Karadzic

    The Law has caught up with him for his crimes he must pay
    Radovan Karadzic has to face his judgement day
    For his crimes against Bosnia's Muslims he well may die in jail
    His crimes are far too serious for him to be given bail... more »

  • Rahul

    Though the culture of Australia he openly embrace
    The sad look of nostalgia it comes across his face
    When you talk to him of India and his Hometown of Bombay
    Still me happy here in Melbourne the dark eyed Rahul say.... more »

  • Rainbow Lorikeets

    The rainbow lorikeets make their nest high up in hole in trunk of tree
    In old gum or wattle or blackwood maybe
    Or any old tall tree with a cavity
    To nest in hole runs in their family.... more »

  • Raining In Castlemaine

    In the old former gold mining town known as Castlemaine
    The people who live there always welcome the rain
    In Castlemaine and all over central Victoria the climate mostly dry
    And that rain is always welcome there this the reason why... more »

  • Raining In Ireland Today

    The World weather forecast has it raining in Ireland today
    Nothing new or unusual in this one might say
    The wind blowing a gale and the rain pouring down
    And flooding in many a village and city and town... more »

  • Ralph Illidge Sanctuary

    Between Warrnambool and Cobden in the Moyne Shire countryside
    Is Ralph Illidge a sanctuary for wildlife that is known far and wide
    Willed to the Trust for Nature by the late Ralph Illidge many years ago
    This is going back in time perhaps three decades or so... more »

  • Rambling Dan

    The old tramp of my childhood years we called him Rambling Dan
    He tramped around the Countryside he was a homeless man
    I often think about him and where does his old bones lay
    In an unmarked and neglected grave from here so far away.... more »

  • Randy Old Fred

    For his years a randy fellow the grayhaired old bloke known as Fred
    Women that he has made love to say that he is real good in bed
    Some men virile in their seventies more so than men half of their age
    Fred though quite a womanizer is not one you would call a sage... more »

  • Rani And Shadow

    Rani next door is trying to seduce Shadow he calls around to see her every day
    But Shadow doesn't succumb to his advances she growls aloud at him as if to say
    I won't make love to you or any other, I've had enough of male cats in my time
    I've been desexed and I feel I am ageing and in feline years I am beyond my prime... more »

  • Rarer Than Rare

    There are many good people generous caring and kind
    But the perfect human being may not be there to find
    At least such a person I have yet to meet
    Though many good people live on every street... more »

  • Ratbags I Meet With Every Day

    As we know wise people are rare
    Of others feelings they are aware
    But you will find ratbags everywhere
    In the bigger World out there... more »

  • Rathcoole's Alfie Cooney

    Rathcoole's Alfie Cooney is no stranger to fame
    In Duhallow and beyond his is a household name
    The Manager of Rathcoole Rovers is known far and wide
    And credit to him never can be denied.... more »

  • Rathduane's Big Con Dineen

    The days of the tug of war or the rope pull in Ireland may be in the long gone
    But old memories die hard they seem to linger on
    At carnivals or festivals the rope pull was always the highlight of the day
    Good memories of what was till death with us will stay... more »

  • Rather Boring For You

    Of late you have not enjoyed a good laugh or two
    Life has to be rather boring for you
    Of the one looking sad few of does wish to know
    Whilst the friends of the happy one in numbers grow... more »

  • Rather Lucky

    I have been rather lucky in truth i can say
    In the beautiful people i meet every day
    People to help those doing it tough who go out of their way
    Out of kindness without expecting any pay... more »

  • Rats And Mice

    The means humans use to kill them may not be painless and nice
    But despite trapping and poisoning they will never bring about the extinction of rats and mice
    One female rodent can give birth to five hundred young a year
    That this is their means of survival does seem obviously clear... more »

  • Ray Mow From The Yarra Ranges

    If you would like some lessons at playing the didgeridoo
    Ring Ray Mow from the Yarra Ranges he is one of the few
    Who runs didgeridoo classes he is good at what he do
    It is out of his successes that his reputation grew.... more »

  • Raymond

    Down at his local Raymond makes a whole lot of noise
    His loud voice heard above the din 'boys always will be boys'
    He and his mates meet every evening for an hour's drinking or two
    And their subjects seldom vary as pub talk seldom do.... more »

  • Real And Fake

    Of some of the human vocal moods one does get to learn
    Such as forced laughter from the real thing not hard to discern
    Forced laughter when heard it is obviously fake
    From the real thing it does seem quite hard not to mistake... more »

  • Real Men

    He said to his mates real men don't write poetry or walk out with their women hand in hand
    And he swallowed some more beer and then he added these cissy blokes I do not understand
    They go to concerts but never to watch football or other games in which real macho men take part
    You don't see real men going to the theatre or hear them talking about literature and art.... more »

  • Reality Has It

    For all of us a place where we first saw light of day
    You may live there now or near to it or from it live far away
    And though there yours may not be a well known face
    Where you live today is now your home place... more »