• Rebecca And Tim

    Rebecca is seven years old
    With light brown eyes and locks of gold
    She says when she grows up that she will be
    A mum to children two or three... more »

  • Recite Me A Rhyme

    Recite me a rhyme of the babbling rill
    That splashes and dashes down the field by the hill
    At the start of it's journey to the river far away
    It flows on forever by night and by day... more »

  • Red Browed Finches

    Red browed finches or red browed firetails two names they are known by
    They like to live near cover where from bush to tree they fly
    The reason they live near cover the well informed say
    Is that they need places to hide in from bigger birds of prey.... more »

  • Red Browed Firetails

    One can't mistake them for their scratchy song
    To small seed eating family of birds they belong
    Some call them red browed finches others the red browed firetails
    And the females hard to distinguish from the males.... more »

  • Red Is

    It does not matter who you are or the color of your skin
    The life's journey that will end for all from a woman does begin
    With each other we share so much in common our similarities are not rare
    It is the same air they do breathe the pauper and the billionaire... more »

  • Red Is The Blood

    You are one who is born to lead
    A very fine person indeed
    And great things we hear of you and read
    Though red is the blood we all bleed.... more »

  • Red Is The Blood We Bleed

    It is a very natural thing for one to love their Land of birth
    And think that their Homeland Country is the finest Land on Earth
    In his Lay of the last Minstrel Walter Scott said it all
    Often with tears the migrant the old Homeland recall.... more »

  • Red Is The Color

    People of every color and nationality and creed
    Red is the color of our blood when we bleed
    The presidents the royals the celebrities and billionaire
    With the poorest of the poor one thing in common do share... more »

  • Reduced To A Croak

    The roar of the Celtic Tiger has been reduced to a croak
    The Government of Ireland is financially broke
    On a financial bail out from Europe they now must depend
    The good times in Ireland have come to an end... more »

  • Reflective Mirrors

    Some of our political leaders in the Human World of today
    Reflect poorly on us in truth one can say
    Ignoring global warming and talking of war
    How stupid do they think that all of us are?... more »

  • Regrets Of A Lovelorn Man

    Maiden come and linger for awhile
    And make me happy with your lovely smile
    Each time per chance we meet it bring me joy
    But loneliness return with each good bye.... more »

  • Related To Primates

    Us humans are related to primates as like us colors they recognize
    Between us and them there are more similarities than most realize
    In the human as well as the animal World the struggle for survival goes on every day
    Survival of the fittest as the wise one does say... more »

  • Release Those Imprisoned Exiles

    We call them insurgents and terrorists yet call them what we may
    They see themselves as quite different despite what we think or say,
    They see themselves as freedom fighters whether they be wrong or right
    And yet the laws of battle the Western powers re-write.... more »

  • Religion Cannot Make You A Good Person

    Religion cannot make you a good person but it surely can make a good person great
    But it is sad to know that in the name of religion some bad things have been happening of late
    Such as kidnapping, mass murders and beheadings by criminal fundamentalists religious only in name
    They are an insult on the name of holy and on religion they only do bring shame... more »

  • Religious Deceiver

    I knew a Priest a devout man and he seemed free of taint
    And those who thought they knew him well said he was a living saint
    A charming and a religious man unstained by vile deceit
    And as near to perfect human being as one could wish to meet.... more »

  • Religious Fundamentalists

    Religion is known to make good people great
    But sadly in some it does give rise to mistrust and hate
    And in the name of religion many crimes against humanity
    Committed by religious fundamentalists who are criminals of the lowest degree... more »

  • Religious Poets Of All Nations

    Religious poets of all Nations why do you sing of a God
    Who favours the wealthy and famous and who ignores the poor and the downtrod
    Who ignores the cries of the hungry and leave them for to slowly die
    In the parched Lands of the desert where the sun burns in the sky.... more »

  • Remember Catherine Oddie

    The career her mum had mapped out for her did not work out to plan
    For Catherine went to Kenya and married a Maasai man
    She adapted to a different sort of culture and a different way of life
    And to the noble Robert she's a devoted wife.... more »

  • Remember Those You Judge

    Remember those you judge who in life are not doing materially well
    Like you too do have their own stories to tell
    Of how they daydream of a better life every day
    And hope that the lady of luck will come smiling their way... more »

  • Remember What Happened To Jesus

    I told my friend of my big worries and of the recent stresses I've known
    But with a shake of his head and a shrug of his shoulders he said i have worries of my own
    And remember what happened to Jesus can you name me one better than he
    He was beaten and humiliated and crucified on Calvary.... more »

  • Remembering Beauty

    Her shoulder length hair was as dark as the wing of a crow
    And her eyes were as blue as a November sloe
    Never spoke at length to her just a passing hello
    And i last laid eyes on her two decades ago.... more »

  • Remembering Jedder

    I remember she wagged her tail as she licked my hand goodbye
    That was four years ago how time does seem to fly
    For to save her further suffering I paid the vet to have her put down
    And together we will never more walk on the streets of Town.... more »

  • Remembering Nuffa

    I often think about him is he alive today
    Or with the dead of Buninyong does he forever lay
    He may be in his seventies he may look old and gray
    But at heart he'll remain young until his dying day.... more »

  • Remembering The Past

    I may live far south of Hibernia's shore
    And of the old high fields of green Claramore
    But in my flights of fancy i hear the birds sing
    On their nesting time in the prime of the Spring.... more »

  • Remembrance Day

    November the eleventh Worldwide is known as Remembrance Day
    When young men from their homes died in wars far away
    We are told for freedom and peace with their lives they did pay
    But the World is not at peace which does seem sad to say... more »