• Rhyme Of A Working Fellow

    There can be a sting to my pen though some may find me mellow
    And I am just a working man a no frills working fellow
    I make no money from my rhymes I labour for my living
    And my gifts I'm prepared to share it's just my way of giving.... more »

  • Rhyme Of An Addictive Rhymer

    I'm one of those blokes an addictive rhymer and one might say that I am hooked on rhyme
    And many would see that as unproductive or in other words a simple waste of time
    I've been penning verse since I was twenty seven and that was thirty four years ago
    And I've written over six thousand and five hundred pieces yet for my efforts don't have much to show.... more »

  • Rhyme Of An Ordinary Man

    I cannot claim to be a poet for poets I know are few
    And as a doggerelist and a rhymer I'm somewhere between the two
    And my literary efforts have not even reached the critics scan
    So let me live and let me die an ordinary man.... more »

  • Rhyme On Old Fellow

    I know all too well that my rhymes are a bit rough
    To be taken as serious not quite good enough
    But we all cannot be famous and looked on as great
    And only the few the masses celebrate... more »

  • Rhyme Sonnets

    It is true that rhyme sonnets are easy to write
    And easy to read and easy to recite
    But a well written rhyme sonnet is a beautiful thing
    As the rhyming words in it to the reader does sing... more »

  • Rhyme Used To Be Quite Popular

    You do not have to tell me it is not hard to pen rhyme
    Since people have been doing it over centuries of time
    Rhyme is not poetry the twenty first century literary critics say
    And the literary minded respect to their opinions do pay... more »

  • Rhyme Verse Is As Dead As The Dodo

    Literary trends like the Seasons keep changing the old style songs no longer sung
    And rhyme verse is as dead as the dodo too old to be loved by the young
    Some say to me change your style of writing or if not give doggerelizing away
    Success I've not gained though I've tried hard perhaps I should heed what they say.... more »

  • Rhyme Verse Is Dead

    As verse it is seen as out of fashion and those who pen it not destined for wealth or for fame
    It would seem it has passed it's use by date few things in life do stay the same
    Rhyme verse is as dead as the dodo that's what literary critics do say
    Suppose it did have a good innings since everything does have it's day.... more »

  • Rhyme Will Become Popular Again

    The twenty first century literary critics only too willing to promote
    The poetry of the non rhyming non musical poet
    And dismiss every rhymer as a literary never do well
    Since the best of rhyme to them is mere doggerel... more »

  • Rhymeraphobia

    I suffer of rhymeraphobia a fear that all rhymers are better than me
    In the words of the average rhymer the words of a poet I do see
    Suppose that comes from writing for decades without any success for to show
    And that's what happens when you are addictive with your self esteem very low... more »

  • Rhymers

    Though eventually everyone loses out to time
    It is true that rhymers never run out of rhyme
    Until the Life's Reaper comes reaping their way
    The rhymers rhyme on until their last night and day... more »

  • Rhymers Are Born

    Rhyme is a thing that is easy to write
    And easy to read and memorize to recite
    And though few rhymers do make the literary grade
    Like all writers they too play their role in the wordsmith trade... more »

  • Rhymers Are Many

    I have been penning rhymes for four decades of time
    Since i was a younger man in my life's physical prime
    Anybody can pen rhyme as has been said often before
    In every village, town and city there are rhymers by the score... more »

  • Rhymers Never

    Though eventually everyone loses out to time
    It is true that rhymers never run out of rhyme
    Until the Life's Reaper comes reaping their way
    The rhymers rhyme on until their last night and day... more »

  • Rhymers Never Run Out Of Rhyme

    Eventually everyone does run out of time
    But for as long as they live rhymers never run out of rhyme
    And every day new things for to write rhymes about
    The rhymer rhymes on even in times of self doubt... more »

  • Rhymers Now Are Of The Past

    Dead as the petals of last Autumn's rose
    Rhyme is as dead as one must suppose
    In this the literary age of poetic prose
    All rhymers they are writers on the nose... more »

  • Rhymers They Never

    Eventually like all they lose out to time
    But rhymers they never do run out of rhyme
    Not worthy to be considered as poets the literary critics do say
    Since with rhyming words they only does like to play... more »

  • Rhymers Will Always Be Rhymers

    Rhymers will always be rhymers and for as long as they live as rhymers they remain
    Penning blank verse does not seem to interest them one might say they have rhyme on the brain
    They may be seen as out of fashion by those with their literary degrees
    Who are seen as literary experts and for their opinions command high fees... more »

  • Rhymersnowadays

    In literature it did have it's fashionable time
    But most of the twenty first century literary critics are dismissive of rhyme
    They simply dismiss it as mere doggerel
    Just ordinary jingle of literature's never do well... more »

  • Rhyming Buff

    For many years I have been a rhyming buff
    And I have written reams and reams of rhyming stuff
    And yet as a rhymer not one to the fore
    I just write for enjoyment and little else more... more »

  • Rhyming Gives Me Pleasure

    An ordinary rhymer i pen rhymes every day
    And though some say in rhyme i've said all i can say
    And perhaps it is time i give scribbling away
    Any heed to their advice i never do pay... more »

  • Rhyming Is My Addiction

    With words i am one who likes to have a play
    And i do like to dabble in rhyme every day
    Some tell me in rhyme i have said all one can say
    And that maybe i ought to give rhyming away... more »

  • Rhyming Sonnets

    Rhyming sonnets are so very easy to write
    And easy to read, memorize and recite
    It takes little effort and not that much time
    For to write in a notebook fourteen lines of rhyme... more »

  • Ricardo

    Ricardo is a poet from Argentina
    And at South American dancing few with him compare
    And he has become known around South Gippsland
    And sad to say men like him now are rare.... more »

  • Rich And Poor

    The gap between the rich and poor expanding getting bigger by the day
    But in a fair and just society things would never be this way
    Those born into a poor family are forsaken by the gods
    And if they wish to be successful they must fight against all odds.... more »