• Rich Man Poor Man

    His two children bright and healthy, his young wife has beauty rare
    And yet he seems unhappy on his face lines of care
    To look at him you'd say that he owed a million pounds
    The saddest looking person for miles and miles around.... more »

  • Richard

    The most important to him are I, myself and me
    And he feels so 'hard done by' he craves for sympathy
    My heart goes out to Richard he doesn't have a mate
    But there's a few around the place that he has grown to hate.... more »

  • Richard Kentwell

    In his forties with long greying and wavy hair
    And gaudy looking are the clothes he wear
    And so likeable and unburdened by care
    And to Wonthaggi a breath of fresh air.... more »

  • Richard Mitchell

    In the widely read newspaper 'The Melbourne Age'
    His cartoons often on the business page
    The cartoon king of the old Sherbrooke Shire
    His story is a story to inspire.... more »

  • Riches To Rags

    Five years ago one of the wealthy men of the town
    But now declared bankrupt and financially down
    The bank has re-possessed his big new home and his car
    It is when you are down you know who your friends are... more »

  • Richie Goggin

    On a cold evening in November of wind driven sleet
    Not a good day to be out of doors in the Town of Millstreet
    In the Town Square in passing he greeted with a friendly hello
    This is going back in time twenty eight years ago... more »

  • Richie Kavanagh

    From Fennagh in County Carlow a talented and funny man
    His hilarious songs will surely outlive his lifetime span
    The amazing Richie Kavanagh people like him are so rare
    His gifts of joy and laughter with others he does share... more »

  • Rick From Portsmouth

    Not one recognized him on the street as he walked up and down
    He felt like a stranger in his old Hometown
    A stranger to everyone that he did meet
    And even a stranger on his old home street... more »

  • Ricky

    'Oh' Ricky what's your new year resolution
    It's been so long since you have worked for pay?
    Don't mention work to me today of all days
    I need some rest and peace on New Year's day.... more »

  • Right Wing Politicians

    If You Are a working class person they are not for you
    Right wing politicians are for the well to do
    The upper middle class and the wealthy and the very wealthy few
    And this is not saying anything that is new... more »

  • Right Wingers

    Far right in their opinions and their thinking seems old
    Lacking in compassion and in feelings quite cold
    Not generous and caring in any sort of a way
    And far too many of their sort in the Human World of today... more »

  • Rill

    Flowing from high Claramore at the foot of Clara hill
    Through flatter Claraghatlea the silver tongued rill
    In old rushy fields babbling night and day
    Flowing to the big river to the sea far away... more »

  • Riordan Treylourne

    At the Daylesford festival the Tinkerman from Sligo
    On his guitar played tunes from long ago
    The tunes he heard his traveller father play
    When he was young in Connacht far away.... more »

  • Rita Hickey

    The last teacher link to Millstreet's first secondary college Colaiste Padraig from life has passed away
    Which brings back old memories of a long bygone day
    With her late husband Garrett and Joe Garvey and Miss McAuliffe she taught in the West End for many years
    And her passing in Millstreet will not go without tears... more »

  • River Allow

    River Allow from the Mullagheirk Mountains along the Cork Limerick border winds it's way
    Near Kanturk it joins River Dalua babbling onwards night and day
    At Ballymaquirk it enters the Blackwater to increase the big river's flow
    The true age of River Allow anybody would not know... more »

  • Riverside Walk

    The wildering flowers bloom beautiful and gay
    Along the green banks of the water way
    And joyful songbirds whistling merrily
    With tiny hearts brimful of ecstasy.... more »

  • Rob

    Come to Australia in search of very good job
    Changed my name from Lob to Rob
    And though work not easy for to find
    Aussies to me good and kind.... more »

  • Rob And Paul The Builders

    It's been said you'll find a builder on almost every street
    I know of two from Upwey Rob Leerveld and Paul Monteith
    They often work together though sometimes on their own
    And through the mountain suburbs as builders they are known.... more »

  • Rob Rowley

    A singer a farmer, an inventor and a published poet
    And one different to most others and one well worthy of note
    An idealist and great conversationalist and one with a charm of his own
    Are reasons Rob Rowley beyond Illowa is well liked and well known... more »

  • Rob Rowley's Billy Goat

    Rob Rowley's billy goat was looking and feeling sickly not unlike an old tree battered by a storm
    And worse for Rob it was goat rutting Season and his prize sire his sexual duties unable to perform
    He had the vet in for to look him over but the vet said nothing for him I can do
    He does not have a temperature yet he is dying the most he will last is a day or two.... more »

  • Robbie Murphy

    It must be more than thirty years ago since Robbie went away
    To live distant from Shannaknuck in the U.S of A
    And I might not recognize the man were we to meet today
    For ageing show as years go by and youth with us doesn't stay.... more »

  • Robert Vanderhope

    I know this fellow Robert Vanderhope
    With life's many challenges one who does readily cope
    In his early seventies a long term friend of Janice my good wife
    One can say of him that he does lead a varied life... more »

  • Robert Buchanan

    He will always be remembered when great writers we recall
    For a legendary figure was the poet from Caverwall
    One of the finest writers of literature's golden time
    He was a man of passion with sweet music in his rhyme.... more »

  • Robert Burns

    He was the poor Plougboy from Alloway in Ayrshire one who laughed in the face of despair
    The one who became the National bard of old Scotland the one with brown eyes and brown hair
    He drunk and made love and made merry and his songs are sung Worldwide
    His legend outlives his existence and of him greatness cannot be denied.... more »

  • Robert Burns The Pride Of His Country

    He died as a young man when in his life's prime
    But his poems and songs have survived the test of time
    In death the fame lives of the legendary man
    Robert Burns the pride of his Country and Clan... more »