• Robert Burns Was His Name

    He never went to college yet few as great as he
    Nor to his name he never had a literary degree
    He was a Singing Ploughboy he came up the hard way
    His songs are sung around the World and his legend lives today.... more »

  • Robert Cameron Hazelton

    To The Web Poetry Corner he's like a breath of fresh air
    And doubtless we ought to thank him since his fine verses he share
    With us lovers of poetry and credit he is due
    Since to the great Goddess of Poesy he is one who is true.... more »

  • Robert Francis Kennedy

    His loss to humanity cannot be denied
    It was a sad day the day that Bobby died
    Gunned down by one who was not right in the head
    The hopes of a better World to live in with him lay dead... more »

  • Robert Hartman

    A poet and an artist and a remarkable man
    One devoted to his family and his wife Mary Ann
    And yet quite a character in his own way
    We need more like Robert Hartman in the Human World of today... more »

  • Robert Service The Poet

    He gave to the World Sam McGee and Dan McGrew
    Robert Service the poet his equals are few
    He did tell some wonderful stories in rhyme
    And his legend lives on through the decades of time... more »

  • Robert William Buchanan

    A long dead poet well worthy of recall
    Robert William Buchanan first saw light in Caverwall
    Of him it can be said with words he had a way
    His poems outlived him and are widely read today... more »

  • Roberto

    With a wife and two young daughters to support Roberto on a low income struggles to pay every bill
    And to prevent herself from becoming pregnant again Maud his wife is on the pill
    She tells her friends that Roberto is far more randy in bed
    Than any man she has been with including her first husband Ted... more »

  • Robin The Poodle

    When Anthea is teaching and Peter is roof tiling
    Poor Robin the poodle must sit at home all day
    Quite bored he lay upon the lounge room carpet
    And where is Rachel to himself he say?... more »

  • Robins

    Gray backs, heads, tails and yellow unders in north east to south east Australia where trees do abound
    They spend some of their time searching for insects on the graound
    They have a quiet tweeping monotonous song
    To the Australian flycatcher family they do belong... more »

  • Rock 'n' Roll In Millstreet

    We are told that the now is all that matters though on memory lane i often take a stroll
    The moment has me in the Town of Millstreet back in the heady days of rock 'n' roll
    It was a time of change the nineteen fifties Bill Haley had them rocking round the clock
    The new dance craze was spreading in the World and young people to it everywhere did flock... more »

  • Rocky

    He puffs on his cigarette and blows out some smoke
    Rocky he is quite a cocky young bloke
    Small in physical stature but arrogant of mind
    He believes he is god's gift to the female kind... more »

  • Rocky Marciano

    As a professional boxer he never knew defeat
    In his glory days in the fifties the best he fought and beat
    A World Heavyweight Champion in his prime years and in the boxing Hall of Fame
    And his lives on in the boxing annals as a legendary name.... more »

  • Rod Laver

    He won all four grand slam tennis championships in the one year twice
    Among the top ten all time great tennis players by many a perennial choice
    The Rockhampton Rocket Rod Laver of tennis a true great
    In tennis his own slice of history for himself he did create... more »

  • Rodani

    What's got into young Rodani
    He gives me the disapproving eye
    A man in years but still a boy
    Thoughts can be hid but eyes don't lie.... more »

  • Roger Casey

    A poet and a comedian and quite a talented bloke
    Than Roger Casey there is none better for to tell a good joke
    In Duhallow the life of every party that he does attend
    He is not one of those people who finds it hard to make a friend... more »

  • Roger Federer

    He is the World's best some of him does say
    And tennis players like him are not born every day
    The Swiss great Roger Federer amongst tennis best
    The one never found to be wanting when put to the test... more »

  • Rolf Harris

    Rolf Harris the singer of great wealth and fame
    May well die in prison in his cell of shame
    His judges have spoken he must serve prison time
    He has been found guilty of many a serious crime... more »

  • Ron

    He has lost the inspiration of his life
    And he must grow old without Annie his wife
    They had been married for twenty two years
    And memories of her still has him near to tears.... more »

  • Ron Barassi

    Ron Barassi a legend of Australian Rules Football
    A renowned Premiership player and coach some claim the best of all
    The players and coaches of Australia's indigenous game
    In his chosen sport one in the Hall of Fame.... more »

  • Room For Self Improvement

    In me as a person heaps of room for improvement this is something that i never could deny
    But then such words does apply to others yes to many others this too does apply
    As you should know it never does cost money to join the judgemental society of the town
    The people never into self improvement who verbally like putting those down in their luck down... more »

  • Rosa

    'Tis sad to think her I never more will meet
    At the shopping complex, in the park or the street
    The lilt in her warm hello so lovely to hear
    We miss her from the town the lovely old dear... more »

  • Rose

    There's years of sorrow in her eyes those eyes as blue as sloes
    And her hair once dark is now quite gray she has a flattened nose
    She's known the wrath of angry man she took his angry blows
    But she once was young and beautiful the battered widow Rose.... more »

  • Rose From Bairnsdale

    Rose from Bairnsdale lives and works in inner Melbourne
    A four hour drive from her beloved Hometown
    And from ground floor office from where she works in Collins Street
    She hears the traffic passing up and down.... more »

  • Rose From Wonthaggi

    She told me how her father worked as a coalminer
    In Wonthaggi in South Giuppsland years ago
    Deep in the mine shaft tunnelling and digging
    The work was rough and hard and progress slow.... more »

  • Rose Of Camperdown

    With shoulder length wavy hair and eyes of brown
    She lives quite a way from her rural Hometown
    Down to earth one who does not yearn for renown
    Such a beautiful person Rose of Camperdown... more »