• Rose Of London

    She now lays in the cemetery though life for her was hell
    And her life a tragic story though that story I must tell
    She migrated to here from London in nineteen fifty two
    When she was only twenty brown haired with eyes of blue.... more »

  • Rosebank

    From the village of Rosebank the hills look so green
    A beautiful country as fine as i've seen
    A gem of the mountains on the higher ground
    Is this quiet little village with hills all around.... more »

  • Rosie In Her Late Seventies

    In her front garden on a sunny day her i often do see
    Tending her flower beds or trimming her hedge or pruning her rose tree
    Rosie in her late seventies to those who pass the way
    She always greet them with a smile and wish them a good day.... more »

  • Ross A

    Among the south western sculptors one to the fore
    Ross A in his opinions is one hard to ignore
    He says the World's greatest thinkers are often proven wrong
    On the side of theory he is one who belong... more »

  • Rosy

    In her younger years her shoulder length wavy hair was chestnut brown
    Rosy in her prime one of the pretty girls of the town
    Now in her late forties with a son of twenty three
    She is not the woman that she once used to be... more »

  • Rosy May

    A plump and round faced woman in her early forties with shoulder length brown hair that's turning gray
    The best loved person in the neighbourhood the happy go lucky Rosy May
    Her husband is Bert they have three school going children two girls and a younger boy
    A very happy family and the gift of life they do seem to enjoy.... more »

  • Rotorua The Thermal City

    In Rotorua the Thermal City you see steam rise all around
    In the parklands and town gardens hot steam coming from the ground
    Boiling mud pools, boiling spring lakes, bubble and steam everywhere
    If you go down to New Zealand make sure that you visit there... more »

  • Rough And Ready Johnny

    Rough and ready Johnny is one who looks rough
    But looks can be deceptive he is not in any way tough
    Tousled long brown hair and bushy brown beard
    He does indeed look like a man to be feared... more »

  • Rough Around The Edges

    'Tis not his fault if he's not a nice person
    His childhood years to say the least were tough
    He is one who has his own share of knowledge
    Though around the edges he seems a bit rough... more »

  • Rough As Guts

    A rough and ready sort of a bloke Rough as Guts is his nickname
    Drunk or sober he's in a good mood he always seems the same
    Never in a striped suit collar and tie formal clothes he never wear
    No airs and graces about him his type of man are are.... more »

  • Roving Tinsmiths And Fine Musicians

    They loved their pinto horses they loved their guinness stout
    Their women loved a drink too some see them as uncouth
    Those who had airs and graces and suffered of conceit
    But when it came to music, song and dance few with them could compete.... more »

  • Roy

    He is arrogant and haughty and headstrong
    The type who never think he can be wrong
    Just twenty one and all but at his prime
    And wisdom may yet come to him in time.... more »

  • Royal Watchers

    I pity them they do not seem to have much in their lives
    On their kind of people class distinction thrives
    On Princess Mary and her new born Prince too much to read, hear and see
    It seems all old baloney to judgemental me.... more »

  • Rozara

    Of life's great uphill battle such stories she can tell
    For the beautiful Rozara has been through living hell
    For one in her mid thirties she has known more than her share
    Of unhappiness and sadness in her moments of despair.... more »

  • Ruby Hunter

    In Killarney in Victoria Ruby Hunter passed away
    She was only fifty five years young to die as some would say
    A legendary singer and Archie Roach's soul-mate
    Australia's greatest Indigenous singing duo together they were great.... more »

  • Rufous Whistlers

    Once seen and once heard birds you never again can get wrong
    Rufous whistlers are known for their loud melodious song
    Why they sing when thunder or loud noise they do hear
    To even the well informed on birdlife not obviously clear... more »

  • Rumors Are Rumors

    Of rumors of the end of the World what have you to fear
    When every day we live to death we draw near
    The end of our life is the end of the World for us all
    This applies to all life forms the great and the small... more »

  • Rupert

    When his boss Gen was overseas of Rupert I took care
    And I found him such good company for dogs like him are rare
    We went for walks together which he seemed to enjoy
    For three months my four legged mate how fast the weeks did fly.... more »

  • Rural Aussie Migrants

    Suppose rural born and raised Australians who from Australia live far away
    Do think of their home countryside every day
    Nostalgia in the mind does not die easily
    With that I'm sure many migrants would agree.... more »

  • Rushy Fields

    Above the rushy fields where the waterways meet
    In the countryside just west of the Town of Millstreet
    A tiny musical speck in the clouds of gray
    The airborne skylark is caroling today... more »

  • Russell

    To be the top feline in the neighborhood is Russell's claim to renown
    Cherie Amor's big black and white tabby is the cat about town
    The other tom cats in the neighborhood of him live in fear
    That he is the boss cat does seem obviously clear... more »

  • Russell Thomas

    In the Moyne Shire and Warrnambool to many he is known
    But in Port fairy they claim Russell for their own
    In his years as a teacher there many pupils to better things he has inspired
    And there he is one who is greatly admired... more »

  • Ruth Pitter

    Ruth Pitter from Ilford a laureate of rhyme
    Her verses live on through the Seasons of time
    Though her poems are not quite as popular as they ought to be
    As a poet she was not what you would call ordinary... more »

  • Ruud And Turnbull

    Australia's P M Kevin Ruud and opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull many things in common share
    They are very wealthy fellows each of them a millionaire
    And neither of them did have a privileged childhood which they like to talk about
    Of the facts of their poor boy makes good story they never leave us in doubt.... more »

  • S O

    They are quite common English words and seen as rather rude
    And used by not the nicest of people when in a rotten mood
    When someone tell you to 'Sod Off' they are not complimenting you
    From these two words of just six letters many a brawl did ensue.... more »