• Sachin Tendulkar

    One of the World's greatest ever cricket players if not the greatest of them all
    The mighty little general often gets his bat on the ball
    And sweeps it over his opponents heads and out into the crowd
    And his Country's flags are waving and his fans are cheering loud.... more »

  • Sacred And Straw Necked Ibis

    Though different in colouring of similar family
    Straw necked ibis and sacred ibis in mixed flocks i often see
    Sacred mostly white with head and tail of dark brown
    Are birds often seen in the parks of the town... more »

  • Sad As It May Seem

    He is anti social that much he admit
    And he lacks in humor and he lacks in wit
    With his human frailties he constantly fight
    The one who will never be in the limelight... more »

  • Sad Faced Dan

    His heart is full of stress by stress he is weighed down
    The one known as sad faced Dan the saddest one in town
    He never laugh or smile he never crack a joke
    He must not like the World he seems a sad poor bloke... more »

  • Sad Faced Jim

    Despite what many may say life for some is not always fair
    At least not for those who have to live with their dark moods of despair
    Of how it feels to be happy they do not know
    Lucky those who do know of the warm inner glow... more »

  • Sad For Me

    Sad for me to think that as a boy i was nearer to the universal god than i am today
    The years have left me feeling bitter i look at life in a cynical way
    Some people with age seem to mellow with me it is not this way at all
    Though i do feel joy in old memories when happier days i recall... more »

  • Sad Thoughts To Melancholia

    Sad thoughts to melancholia does give rise
    And fill with tears the tear wells of the eyes
    Even in a happy crowd one can be very sad
    For life's happier moments one ought to feel glad... more »

  • Sad To Contemplate

    You may have three billion worth in assets with two billion in money to spare
    And be renowned far and wide as a known billionaire
    But you cannot stop time on you it does tick on
    And your best days in life to the forever gone... more »

  • Sad To Say

    Due to habitat destruction and pollution and Climate Change it does seem sad to say
    That more species of wildlife becoming endangered of extinction every day
    And most of this doubtless due to human greed
    Could it be that for the demise of our own kind we are planting the seed... more »

  • Sadie

    She pushes her shopping trolley along the side street
    Gray haired old Sadie with gaps between her teeth
    An octogenarian she lives on her own
    And of better days in life she surely has known... more »

  • Sadly Not Rare

    Politicians, bureaucrats, bankers and car salesmen things in common do share
    Some of them are not honorable and sadly not rare
    Though some is not all only true for to say
    The deceptive few make dishonesty pay... more »

  • Sadly The Humble

    Many will tell you that the humble in life never get to anywhere
    That they never become the successful of the big World out there
    In this age of self promotion to publicize your latest achievement is a natural thing
    And so many their own praises quite willing to sing... more »

  • Saffron Blue

    There is a woman her name is Saffron Blue
    And she looks young not more than twenty two
    But she is older other people say
    Still through her reddish hair there is no gray.... more »

  • Sages Few And Far Between

    Back in my prime years I recall my fastest pace not fast
    But I was that much fitter then though that too did not last
    My stomach sticking out a bit my hair is silver gray
    And time is catching up on me I've known a better day.... more »

  • Saint Mary Mckillop

    To Saint Mary McKillop of the cross many Australian Catholics pray
    If there is a heaven she is up there today
    She lived a saintly existence it does seem fair to say
    To help those in need of helping she went out of her way.... more »

  • Sally Of The Gold Coast

    A beautiful young woman of this little doubt
    Sally of The Gold Coast is living far south
    Of her home City in the sub tropics of beaches and sun
    But youth must have it's fling and travel for her is fun... more »

  • Sally Trench

    She led a convoy of trucks through war torn Bosnia
    With food for the children in refugee camps there
    On dangerous roads that were criss crossed with land mines
    The Sally Trench's of this World are rare.... more »

  • Salt Pan Country

    I've been through that coastal country where only saltbush grow
    The land of the huge salt pans like giant rings of snow
    In that vast part of South Australia revered as the Coorong
    To the people of the Dreamtime it always will belong.... more »

  • Saltbush Country

    The salt pans in the sunshine are gleaming as white as snow
    Down in the saltbush country where only saltbush grow
    No cattle to be seen for miles and just a few small flocks of sheep
    Land in the saltbush country to buy is very cheap.... more »

  • Saltpan Country

    Down in the Saltpan Country the saltpans white as snow
    You won't see many animals where only saltbush grow
    All through the thirsty Summer the days are warm and long
    In the dry and the bare countryside known as the Coorong... more »

  • Saltpans White As Snow

    Down in the Saltpan Country the saltpans white as snow
    You won't see many animals where only saltbush grow
    All through the thirsty Summer the days are warm and long
    In the dry and the bare countryside known as the Coorong... more »

  • Salute The Workers

    Salute the workers they built the Towns and Cities and made this Country what it is today
    And salute the miners, site workers and drainers and all dead workers who at peace now lay
    And salute the workers of our generation the working men and women nothing easy comes their way
    Who have to contend with useless right wing Governments who do begrudge them every raise in pay.... more »

  • Sam

    When compared to my neighbor the kind hearted Sam
    How self centered and selfish a person i am
    To help those in need of helping he goes out of his way
    One who does perform good deeds every day... more »

  • Sam Langford

    Sam Langford never was a World Champion though he was the greatest ever boxer some still say
    The World Champions of his era would not fight him as they feared the price would be too big to pay
    That the mighty Sam would take from them their title and he was one who was best to avoid
    For he had beaten all of the rated fighters and many reputations had destroyed.... more »

  • Sam Langford 'the Boston Terror'

    That Sam Langford was the greatest boxer never to become a World Champion of this little doubt
    He was fighting at a time when the color of his skin ruled him out
    Of ever becoming a World Champion though from lightweight to heavyweight he only fought the best
    And he was never found to be wanting when put to the test... more »