• All Things In Nature

    All things in Nature have a purpose and all life does inter-relate
    And only Nature herself it seem does not have a use by date
    And us humans are like Nature's Seasons to life we come and go
    And the more we learn of Nature the less about her we know we know... more »

  • All You

    All you who are self serving who take but never give
    You will not enlighten others by the way you choose to live,
    You cannot inspire in others the desire for a better life to lead
    If all you ever talk about is your own selfish need.... more »

  • All You Need Is Love

    All you need is love a song title of the Beatles though words are quite easily said
    But saying All you need is love to your baker will not get you a loaf of his bread
    Since he doesn't look at life in that way and his heart never rules his head
    He'll say your money will buy a loaf from me on love people cannot be fed.... more »

  • All You Need To Become Famous

    'Tis not easy to become one worthy of note
    Though you may even have been a Koroit Spud Poet
    That may gain you maybe some local renown
    Though you won't become the toast of the small rural town.... more »

  • Allow Him A Fair Go

    You have read about him yet him you do not know
    So you ought to respect his right to a fair go
    Since the judgemental newspaper journalist's article on him you did read
    You have come to the conclusion he's a bad one indeed... more »

  • Allow Him To Dream Of Fame

    In the World of Literature his will never be a renowned name
    And though he may be a Poetaster allow him to dream of fame
    He writes as good as some of the so called poets some credit he is due
    He is as good as most if the truth be known for poets as we know are few.... more »

  • Allow Him To Grieve

    For his past sorrows allow him for to weep
    Tonight again he will cry himself to sleep
    For the one he loved who at peace forever lay
    In the cemetery that overlook the bay... more »

  • Allow The Waterway

    Old Allow today in flood waters of brown
    Roars under the river bridge in Kanturk Town
    And on towards the Blackwater bank high does flow
    Where into a huge waterway it does grow... more »

  • Allow Yourself

    Allow yourself to feel contented if only for a short while
    If about your biggest worry you can manage a smile
    Then with your tribulations you can manage to cope
    The one who can smile under stress is one who lives in hope... more »

  • Alluring Goddess Of Poesy

    Alluring Goddess of Poesy I saw you in a dream
    You stood there tall and lovely beside a sunlit stream
    Your golden hair reached halfway down your back, you wore a snow white dress
    And I was spellbound by your beauty you beautiful Goddess.... more »

  • Almighty Mother Nature

    The Homo Sapiens who lived in caves on mountains
    Of the success of their descendants could not have visualized
    And even today the most intelligent species
    At their achievements even seemed surprised.... more »

  • Alone In The World In His Mid Seventies

    On medication for clinical depression the years have left him sad and gray
    Old Jim he is in his mid seventies he has known a far better day
    Three years ago his darling Kate died suddenly she was the great love of his life
    His soul mate and mother of his children and to him a devoted wife... more »

  • Alone In Your Room

    Alone in your room have you ever shed tears
    For the place far away of your younger years
    As you think of your young friends where might they be today
    Where the deceased are perhaps some of them lay... more »

  • Alone With Nature

    September just a few miles out of Belgrave
    And the gray shrike thrush pipes on a blackwood tree
    I climb the high paddock that skirts the woodland
    Alone with Nature my old dog and me.... more »

  • Along The War Avenue Of Honour

    Along the war Avenue of Honour a plaque to a dead soldier nailed to every tree
    Brave young men who died in battle their reward for their bravery
    They died in the war said to end all wars in the killing fields of World war one
    But many wars since and far too many bloody battles and peace in the World not yet won.... more »

  • Alphonse From Ostrava

    Alphonse from Ostrava of the Czech Republic from here far away
    Has not been back to his home City for many a day
    He arrived in Geelong in Victoria six years ago in May
    But with a year old daughter and an Aussie wife he is in Geelong for a long stay... more »

  • Always A Few

    You may be a marvellous person the most caring one in the town
    But always one to find fault with you and always one to drag you down
    A saying that I learned in my young years and a saying I will always recall
    That goes like you well may win many but you never can win them all... more »

  • Always Football

    Their worries in life would have to be small
    For their main topic when they meet is always football
    And what club this Season will win the premiership flag
    And give their loyal fans the right for to brag... more »

  • Always One Better

    You may be quite brilliant at whatever you do
    But remember there's always one better than you
    The World number 1 as number 1 does not stay
    Some one will displace them that's life as some say... more »

  • Always One Greater

    You may be a strong man quite as strong as two
    But remember there is always one stronger than you
    You may be the biggest and strongest in your side of the town
    And this seems a justifiable claim to renown... more »

  • Always One Worse Off Than You

    Nothing in life seems to be going your way
    And for you it has been another bad day
    Nothing seems to go right for you no matter what you do
    But remember there is always one worse off than you... more »

  • Always Remember

    I will always remember where my life's journey began
    Where i grew from a boy into a man
    Claraghatlea in Duhallow just west of Millstreet Town
    Where old Clara Mountain forever looks down... more »

  • Always Some Challenge To Meet

    For him it has not been a very good day
    From his place of work he has drawn his last pay
    On the business he worked for the banks did foreclose
    Life has it's good and bad times one has to suppose... more »

  • Always The Quiet One

    He is always the quiet one and he never talks loud
    One who never adds volume to the noisy crowd
    Declan is one who never has much to say
    He just lives his life in a calm and quiet way... more »

  • Always There's Some By Law

    You may be a good person of which there's little doubt
    But always there's some by law that's bound to catch you out
    You think you've put enough money in the parking meter but your watch is running slow
    And when you return to your car an hour later the look of surprise on your face show... more »