• Sean Radley Bound For Dublin

    Sean Radley bound for Dublin with some of his L T V back up team
    For to present The Late Late Show a thing of which some can only dream
    With his story researcher Mary Kelleher, cameras Ita and William Fitzgerald and one in Millstreet's Hall of Fame
    None other than Eily Buckley her's is a widely known name... more »

  • Sean Radley Is To Millstreet

    What Pele was to Brazil or Caesar was to Rome
    Sean Radley is to Millstreet the place I still call home
    And he's not been a warrior or been known for football
    But in that Town by Clara hill he's best loved one of all.... more »

  • Sean Radley Of Millstreet

    Sean Radley of Millstreet is in the Irish Broadcasting Hall Of Fame
    Such a humble man for one of a great name
    For at least four decades the Voice of Millstreet
    Yet none could ever accuse him of conceit... more »

  • Sean Radley's Amazing Images

    The wonder of it only does seem to grow
    Sean Radley's amazing images of Millstreet in snow
    Though hardly the place for to go to for to improve your suntan
    It is thanks for the great pics to the talented man... more »

  • Sean Radley's Gift

    I cannot say i ever see Sean Radley for Millstreet playing Hurling or Gaelic football
    His gift is in making other people happy perhaps the greatest human gift of all
    His thousands of images on the Millstreet Web Site viewed by Duhallow people Worldwide
    That he is a living North Cork cultural icon is something of him that cannot be denied... more »

  • Sean Radley's Night

    A man who deserves to be in the limelight
    On February the nineteenth at Noel C Duggan's Green Glens Arena 'twill be Sean Radley's night
    A likable character in every way
    We do need more like him is all one can say... more »

  • Seanie Murphy

    Seanie died in mid life unexpectedly and young
    He was a nice and gentle fellow who had a civil tongue
    For his mother Margaret and his siblings and his nephews and nieces this a sorrowed cross
    And his many friends too they will grieve at his loss.... more »

  • Seasonal Signs Of Nature

    When leaf buds are on the birch tree and you hear the goldfinch sing
    Though the weather may be damp and cool you know that it is Spring
    For the seasonal signs of Nature one need not look hard to see
    I cannot help but see them they are all around me... more »

  • Sebastian

    He walks up and down the market place as on his flute he blow
    The old tunes that he learned in school the music of long ago
    On the first saturday of every month for fifty years or more
    But never for money or for praise or never for an encore.... more »

  • Sebastiao Salgado

    His amazing and true to life images of malnourished people deceased, dying and ill
    Has made a champion of the poor of Sebastiao Salgado the great photographer from Brazil
    Perhaps one of the all time great photographers Worldwide famous and known
    One well worthy of the title of in a class of his own... more »

  • Security In Money

    He has made a few friends and he has made a few foes
    In that way no different to most others one would have to suppose
    To success in big business he is one who aspire
    The go ahead type many seem to admire... more »

  • Seems A Long Way From Here

    In the calm of the late evening the mosquitoes bite
    And the restless moths they are constantly in flight
    As they circle and circle the orange street light
    Seems a long way from here to Duhallow tonight.... more »

  • Seems A Shame

    It can be said of Donald J Trump he is no wilting flower
    Seems a shame that one wealthy arrogant human being should command such great power
    To back in the dark ages his sort of thinking belong
    Many will tell you his elevation to his Country's top job is democracy gone wrong... more »

  • Seems Hard To Trust One

    Seems hard to trust one who does not trust you
    Since trust is a thing that must be felt by two
    Trust much like love does not survive one way
    That it has to be mutual does seem true to say... more »

  • Seems So Unfair

    It is true we all breathe in the polluted air
    But life for so many people seems so unfair
    So many of the less fortunate are doing it quite tough
    And no shortage of the homeless and hungry and those sleeping rough... more »

  • Seems True To Say

    The beauty she creates for all toe enjoy
    And some of this beauty due to our greed wilfully destroy
    She supports and feeds all life forms including us humans from the great to the small
    Yet some of us does not respect her at all... more »

  • Selby's Woodland Creek

    Through undergrowth where tree fern grow
    Through Selby wood the brown creek flow
    From wooded heights it journey down
    To flatter parts near Belgrave Town.... more »

  • Self

    To your higher self you should always be true
    And always give credit to where it is due
    And in your words never put others down
    Leave this to the judgmental of the town... more »

  • Self Appointed Judges

    The one considered a public enemy is somebody's daughter or son
    But this does not give you the right to be the judge of this person or the judge of anyone
    Why do the job that government appointed judges are paid highly to do
    For to be anybody's judge is not up to you... more »

  • Self Conceit And Self Love

    Self conceit and self love are a different thing
    The self conceited expect others their praises to sing
    But those who love themselves love other people too
    Herein lay the big difference between the two... more »

  • Self Conceited And Self Opinionated

    Self conceited and self opinionated are like bonded sister and brother
    One might say of them they do go well together
    Humility with them is way out of fashion
    The love of self only is their only passion... more »

  • Self Conceited Joe

    He feels that he is a gift to woman kind
    But with self conceited Joe it is all in his mind
    He says of the town's best he can have his pick
    But his only lover Sally last year decided to give him the flick... more »

  • Self Doubt

    Many people have moments of self doubt though some more so than others
    And self doubt to be found in every family among sisters and brothers
    The teenagers who live nearby Lisa and her older brother Locky
    Are very different she is shy and he seems brash and cocky... more »

  • Self Doubt Is

    Self doubt is a thing many of seem to know
    A seed of the mind that from which low self esteem grow
    Deflationary to the ego is how it seems to be
    For an example of this look no further than me... more »

  • Self Doubt Is A Thing

    Have you ever wondered what life's all about
    And your worth as a person do you often doubt?
    Believe me on that you are not on your own
    Self doubt is a thing that so many have known.... more »