• Self Effacement

    Some people on themselves are harder than tough
    They convince themselves they are not good enough
    Though not lacking in talent they will never know of wealth and fame
    Due to their lack of self confidence which does seem a shame... more »

  • Self Important People

    Their own personal success stories even with strangers to them they do share
    Self important people are and were never rare
    For to meet their sort i never go out of my way
    Though i do happen to meet a few every day... more »

  • Self Imposed Outsiders

    If you are good at playing football or cricket you will at least know of local renown
    And be admired as famous in your rural hometown
    But if you do not play any sport or sing or play music few know of you by name
    Most non sporting or non entertainer people are strangers to fame... more »

  • Self Lauding

    We live in a time when self lauding for some people is the in thing
    Their own opinions only matter and their own praises they love to sing
    Without asking they tell you of their life achievements and of their recent every success
    As if their egos needed inflating others they want to impress... more »

  • Self Love

    Self love as we know is a necessary thing
    But leave it to others our praises for to sing
    And though good self promotion to succes often lead
    That depends on who you are or how bad is your need.... more »

  • Self Love Gone Wrong

    It is said of narcissism it is self love gone wrong
    To true love of self it does not or will never belong
    The one who loves self has love for to share
    And of the feelings and needs of others is aware... more »

  • Self Love In Moderation

    Self love in moderation is quite a good thing
    But leave it to others your praises to sing
    Though those into self promotion are no longer rare
    Of their sort of late i have met quite a share... more »

  • Self Love In Moderation Is Quite A Good Thing

    Self love in moderation is quite a good thing
    But leave it to others your praises to sing
    Though those into self promotion are no longer rare
    Of their sort of late i have met quite a share... more »

  • Self Opinionated People

    Self opinionated people I meet every day
    So uncompromising in their dogmatic way
    For to be innovative not in their thinking range
    The people who never does instigate change... more »

  • Self Praise Is No Praise

    Others will give you credit if credit you are due
    And that self praise is no praise happens to be true
    He told me without asking of his great job and his recent huge raise
    He did seem so willing for to sing his own praise... more »

  • Self Praise Is No Praise As The Wise One Does Say

    Self Praise is no praise as the wise one does say
    To me this is true since i see it this way
    Though some say that in the twenty first century if you do not self promote
    That you will never become one as worthy of note... more »

  • Self Praise It Is No Praise

    Don't tell me of how great you are to say that not for you
    For self praise it is no praise only happens to be true
    Just leave it up to others for to say how great you are
    Self adulation as you know doesn't ever get one far.... more »

  • Self Praise It Is No Praise Those Words I Recall

    Self praise it is no praise those words I recall
    And pride they will tell you comes before a fall
    And at times we all have to swallow our pride
    But when one door on us closes another opens wide.... more »

  • Self Promises Come Cheap

    I left that town by Clara hill one cold December day
    And Clara with the bracken face wore Winter cap of grey
    I travelled to a distant Land thousands of miles away
    But I vowed that I would return to greet the flowers of May.... more »

  • Self Promotion As Such

    It really does seem the in thing of today
    That many are into self promotion in quite a big way
    Suppose if you don't promote self others of you won't know
    The sapling deprived of sunlight to a tree does not grow... more »

  • Self Promotion Nowadays

    Self promotion nowadays now does seem the in thing
    So many their own praises do love to sing
    For success with others many are born to compete
    Success as is said can give rise to conceit... more »

  • Self Promotion Once Frowned On

    Of my life i do not have any success stories for to tell
    Who would want to know of one who pens doggerel
    But to meet people who sing their own praises i never walk far
    So many have me believe of how marvelous they are... more »

  • Self Promotion The In Thing

    We often can be our own worst enemy
    At least anyway that's how it is with me
    Perhaps that comes from a sense of low self esteem
    Negative thoughts on self worth can be destructive 'twould seem... more »

  • Selfish People Like You

    The praises of others you never do sing
    To live for self only is such a selfish thing
    Your selfish gene will stay in you till the moment you do die
    There is far more to human life than me, myself and I... more »

  • Selfishness On The Rise

    An old saying today that is relevant and not hard to recall
    Every man and woman for himself and herself and god for us all
    Words of promotion for selfishness would you not agree
    At least anyhow this is how it does seems to be... more »

  • Semaphore

    Far south in South Australia the Autumn days are cool
    And the terns dive in the shallows where the tiny fishes school
    And the small waves of salt water lap on the sandy shore
    And the silver gulls are calling on the beach at Semaphore.... more »

  • September

    In the home of the kangaroo in the Land of the far south
    In sky kilometers far from the waterways of the brown trout
    The sun shines in a sky of blue and gray
    And the nesting birds are singing in the Moyne Shire today... more »

  • September Day

    The wild birds of Nature chirp, whistle and sing
    On this beautiful evening in the early Spring
    The sun shining bright in a sky blue and gray
    It is such a marvelous September day... more »

  • September In Her Finest

    The sun is brightly shining the frogs sing in pond and drain
    These shy and tiny amphibians their songs tell us of rain
    And Spring is all around me the beauty of the Spring
    The wattles in their yellow flowers the birds whistle and sing.... more »

  • September In Millstreet

    Where old Clara Mountain as ever looks down
    On the green countryside bordering Millstreet Town
    In latter September in the Fall of the year
    And with each passing day cooler and wetter weather is near... more »